Patients' Choice Act is a good bill

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: I read with interest Terry Bailey’s response to Eric Edgerton’s letter to the editor and can only note Mr. Bailey has obviously not read Senators Burr and Coburn’s Patients’ Choice Act.

If he had, he would have read the Choice Act would guarantee all Americans, regardless of age or health status, can get health insurance coverage by ending the practice of “cherry picking” when insurance companies choose to cover only healthy patients.

It would adjust risk across insurance companies through an innovative reform called State Based Health Exchanges, which would be a voluntary, one-stop marketplace of insurance plans—rather like the choices members of Congress enjoy themselves. And if you choose to purchase your health insurance through the new state exchange, you cannot be denied because of pre-existing conditions.

The Patients’ Choice Act also addresses Tort Reform, which the proposed Obamacare does not take into consideration.

The Choice Act also would give tax credits immediately to Americans regardless of how much they pay in taxes—$2,200 for individuals or $5,700 for families would be shifted from corporations and employers into the pockets of people to supplement their coverage by their employers or, if they are unemployed, help the cost of buying insurance. The Choice Act would provide affordable healthcare and does so without adding billions of dollars in new debt or taxes.

I suggest, Mr. Bailey, you delve into facts before you respond again. Stop trying to spin the administration’s lies to an already panicked public.