Piperettes play Christmas scramble

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The Piperettes played their end-of-the-year Christmas Scramble Dec. 4 at Sandpiper Bay  Golf and Country Club. Sixty members participated in the scramble.
Sand to Piper flight: 1. Candy Jones, Bonnie Whitaker, Carol Townsend and Lorraine Dobson, 71; 2. Judy Nicoletti, Dee Gajderowicz, Joanne Orendorf and Arlene Hernandez, 73; 3. Barbara Swanson, Peggy Donawick, Joyce Westcott and Brenda Goldsmith, 74.
Piper to Bay flight: 1. Joanne Clements, Marilyn Oliver, Claire O’Brien and Bernice McRoberts, 76; 2. Ella Mae Brooks, Michaela Richardson, Carol Haack and Barb Bartholomew, 77; 3. Kathy Manning, Sharon Pies, Ro Martere and Judy DeStefon, 78
Closest to pin: Sand 2, Ann Adams; Sand 6, Candy Jones; Sand 8, Beverly Sanford; Piper 3, Diane Rauch; Piper 6, Barb Swanson; Piper 8, Noelle Kehrberg; Bay 3, Joanne Clements; Bay 5, Ann Leahy.
The golf tournament was followed by the end-of-the-year awards luncheon. Birdie pins were awarded to members who had their first birdie with the Piperettes in the 2012 season:  Ann Adams, Beverly Sarkisian, Joanne Perron and Bernice McRoberts. Most birdies: 1. Judy Nicoletti, 10; 2. Noelle Kehrberg, nine; 3. Bernice Morris, six.
Lowest gross: 1. Beverly Sarkisian, 61; 2. Sandy DeLaCruz, 62; 3. Karen Spinelli, 63. Lowest net: 1. Judy Nicoletti, 78; 2. Joanne Clements, 82; 3. Barbara Swanson, 84. The most improved golfer for 2012 was Joanne Clements, who reduced her handicap to 13.7 from 18.3.