Planet Fun hosts bowling tourney

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Twenty-four bowlers from two states competed in Planet Fun’s first scratch sweeper. The champion was Ken Shealy, finishing with a 223.6 average. 

The runner-up was Richard Chmura with a 216 average.

Jason Fitzgerald was third, with a 220 average. Chris Arcaro was fourth with a 212.1 average and Tony Todd was fifth with a 207.2 average. Ken Shealy also won the top qualifier bonus by leading the 10 games of qualifying with a 2,236 score (223.6 average). 

The first game of the roll-off pitted Arcaro against the smooth rolling, Hall of Famer Tony Todd. Arcaro ended the exciting match by getting two clutch strikes in the 10th frame .

The victory advanced Arcaro to face PBA champion Chmura. The second match was over quickly, as Arcaro lost his reaction and Chmura made some great shots early in the match. 

Chmura advanced to face Fitzgerald, but his reaction had changed from qualifying. Chmura kept rolling one good shot after another to easily claim that game and set up a title match between himself and the tournament leader, Hall of Famer Ken Shealy. 

After six frames, the match was virtually tied, with both players throwing great shot after great shot. Then Chmura left a couple of single pins. Shealy continued the great bowling to put the title match out of distance and bring home the championship.