A poetic look at the economy

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor:

With pen and paper, I seek to address

A nation of many now found in distress

Where mighty men strive to hold their composure

In a time of recession and record foreclosure

Where a sinking market leaves us to doubt

If the government can save with another bailout

Where debts rise quickly up to one’s neck

That just can’t be paid with a welfare check

Where we watch as poverty reaches a pinnacle

Where women fear and men grow cynical

And the helpless starve while the lucky are fed

A day’s wages for a loaf of bread

A fattened nation now grows lean

The steak is replaced with rice and with beans

And they cry for change for this season to pass

But only see change as they roll in for gas

They ask: “Who’ll be our savior and who will be our guide

What more can be done? What’s something we’ve not tried?”

Remember this nation was built on a rock

His name is called Jesus, not McCain or Barack

And He is greater still than Capitol Hill

Or any greedy politician’s spill

A beacon of light who makes all things new

He has instructed us clearly just what we should do

If we, God’s people, are called by His name

Which walk in darkness and lie down in shame

Would humble ourselves and seek to pray

For forgiveness of our wicked ways

He has promised us He is faithful to hear

And his Word is so very clear

That by His ever-gracious hand

He will heal this dying land

Laura Powell