Preserve, don’t pave park

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To the editor:
“Nothing becomes rarer with time faster than undeveloped spaces. Humans have a tendency to push down mountains, cut down trees, fill in wetlands…and put down huge amounts of concrete or asphalt. Goodbye forever to those natural spaces.”
When I said this at a recent Sunset Beach council meeting, speaking in favor of the park purchase, my hope and belief was purchasing the park site would preserve the land and its trees in their natural state.
Now I hear the two design concepts presented by consultants contain an amphitheater and, I suppose, supporting parking or a war memorial. Do the survey results and other citizen inputs support these structures? If not, why are they proposed?
What about the trees? Can we build an amphitheater and supporting parking without cutting trees?
We have been repeatedly told trees would not be cut unless necessary for safety, but now I see in the park there are many trees marked with a big red X. Some marked trees are clearly dead, but others might be candidates for conservation.
If the town puts concrete, brick, asphalt or other “hard” structures on this piece of land, we will have lost forever an important preservation and conservation opportunity. We will have wasted the money we spent on this land.
If citizens wanted to build war memorials, amphitheaters and parking lots, we could have purchased cheaper property elsewhere.
Bird Island should serve as a model. We preserved it, and we did not damage it.
Nina Marable
Sunset Beach