Proud of church for taking a stand

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To the editor:
In his recent letter, John Comparetto attacks St. Brendan Church for its campaign to reduce gun violence.
By focusing his argument on the [Catholic] pedophilia scandal, Comparetto tries to deflect attention from the debate. English composition students learn to avoid this fallacy in logic. A skilled writer/debater doesn’t attack people; he presents and defends ideas.
Newtown killer Adam Lanza was a law-abiding citizen before he picked up assault rifles and high-capacity magazines legally purchased by his law-abiding mother.
People kill people, but they do the most damage with guns, especially assault weapons. We have regulations on our vehicles, including required liability insurance.
Gun violence costs taxpayers millions of dollars. Why should some of us pay for the damage done by those who insist on keeping dangerous weapons for their personal use?
Churches have a long history standing up for social justice and moral issues. Diminishing gun violence is a moral issue. I am proud of my church for taking a stand.
Mary Hood Hart
Sunset Beach