Proud of Sunset Beach

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To the editor:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Sunset Beach Town Council members and township manager Gary Parker for the great job they are doing in trying to keep Sunset Beach the beautiful beach town we’ve all grown to know and love.
The lovely birthday party at Sea Trail in March and the picnic at the beach in May were just two examples of the lovely things they’ve helped organize for the residents. And Sunset Beach Park is a thing of real beauty. Each time I go there, I’m so grateful to the council members and township employees who worked so diligently to get that piece of land for us. There is no more beautiful place on earth, except maybe Sunset Beach itself.
I can only imagine the reaction of the park naysayers if there had been an Applebee’s or a McDonald’s built on that beautiful space. The entirely new beach parking lot, gazebo area, and walkover to the beach are beautiful, spacious, and user-friendly for all. And lastly, the new bathrooms are clean and air-conditioned, and far superior to the disgusting outhouses we were forced to use for so many years.
A huge thank-you to Sunset Beach Town Council, Gary Parker, and all the other township employees who work every day, despite so many mean, untrue and negative comments, to make Sunset Beach a town we can be proud to call home.
Donna Piatek
Sunset Beach