Public apology, resignation are warranted

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: I wish I could sign Tracey’s petition 100 times. What’s wrong with the civil servants of today is that they don’t take seriously their obligation to be above reproach while eyes of the public are on them.

Mr. Gilbert, cheating on your wife doesn’t cause you humility. Setting an adulterous example to the children you serve doesn’t cause you to bow your head in shame and remorse.

I’ve yet to see evidence of an apology; regardless, your indiscretions have forced the hands of the taxpayers who pay your salary. You lose your job for letting us down. End of story.

We forgive you, your wife apparently forgives you, but the consequences of your actions cannot be omitted.

We teach this valuable life lesson to our children, and it would be shameful if we didn’t uphold the same standard with grown-ups.

Repent, move on and make room for school board members who have a bit more self-control. A public apology would also be in order, giving an example to our children on how to act when they’ve broken the rules.