Public has the right to know

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To the editor:

Shame on you, Sen. Bill Rabon and the North Carolina legislature. Anything said or any attitude expressed by a politician in relation to their job as an elected official should be public knowledge, regardless of the meeting being public or private. If the politicians’ opinions are expressed by him or her in the capacity of an elected official, then the public should have the right to hear this opinion directly from its source so they may be able to form their own opinion on what was said.

The recording of a political meeting concerning a purposed piece of legislation should have no bearing on whether that bill will be considered and voted on by the legislation. If Rabon found the bill to be less than perfect, he needs to tell us why and then present how he would correct its flaws.

Dogs in particular are our closest companions on this earth. They freely offer each and every one of us unconditional love and companionship. They are our eyes, our hands, they support our mental health and learning process, protect our homes and communities from crime, terrorism, drugs — must I go on to make my point?

The least we can do is to help protect them from those who view them as moneymaking machines that they will abuse, ignore and use up these wonderful beings just to turn a profit. I will stand up, demand compassion and protection for these animals from our lawmakers. Will you?

Marge Friesleben

Sunset Beach