Public restroom on OIB town board agenda

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By Brian Slattery

Ocean Isle Beach officials will discuss placing a second public bathroom on the island at the May 14 town board meeting.

Ocean Island Beach currently provides public restrooms at one location on the beach, the community center.

Town administrator Daisy Ivey said the board will consider locations for a second bathroom on Shallotte Boulevard on the east end of the island, next to the museum and playground in the center of the island and on Driftwood near the water tank on the west end.

“We’ve talked about restrooms at budget workshops the past few years,” Ivey said.

Ivey said the issue was discussed at the board of adjustment meeting April 25 to determine if the town could receive a variance from the flood ordinance if a restroom is built on the east end.

But Bob Pound, a Shallotte Boulevard property owner who lives in New York, became concerned when neighbors told him the restroom could end up in the median of the road, between Fifth and Sixth Street.

“That’s right in the middle of a residential neighborhood,” Pound said.

Cherri Cheek, who attended the board of adjustment meeting, said the location discussion has changed going into the town meeting.

“It was going to be discussed going between Fifth and Sixth Streets but since the board of adjustment meeting they have changed the area to off Seventh Street, in the median,” Cheek said.

“Now the first option is Seventh Street where the median ends. They are looking to put it at the end of the street at the edge of the residential property. The town is willing to work on this and consider other locations.”

Ivey said town officials have talked about the Sixth Street area and looked at the Seventh Street intersection, but now they are considering land closer to the ferry landing (park).

Pound is also concerned the town is planning a permanent structure instead of temporary restrooms.

 “I agree they should provide bathrooms, I just disagree with the location,” Pound said.

“If there was no other location, I’d understand. But there are better locations and better options. They can put port-o-potties at the location and move them at the end of the year.”

Ivey said temporary port-o-potties are not considered a good option because contractors do not clean them daily.

They have discussed a portable trailer type restroom, which could be placed at a location and under-skirted to look like a permanent structure.

The facilities they are considering would be used during the summer tourist season but could be winterized and locked up so it won’t require maintenance in the off-season, Ivey said.

“Nothing has been decided. It will be up to the board,” Ivey said.

“Permanent and portable (restrooms) will be part of the discussion.”


Brian Slattery is a staff writer for The Brunswick Beacon. Reach him at 754-6890 or bslattery@brunswickbeacon.com.