Puppy mill bill ignored

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: The N.C. puppy mill bill has again been ignored. I am disappointed in N.C.’s legislators. Elected officials are more interested in organizations with lobbying efforts (NRA/AKC) than the interest of voters.

The taxpayers of N.C. will pay for the cleanup of these mills. The breeder will make money by selling puppies. The puppy mill dogs will continue to live a life confined, without basic care until they can no longer produce puppies. Then, they will be taken to your local animal control, where you–the taxpayer—will pay to euthanize them.

Each puppy mill closed down in N.C. will cost you and I, as taxpayers, to clean up the mess left behind. Look at the expense to Wayne County’s taxpayers to clean up the recent puppy mill bust there.

If you buy a puppy from a reputable breeder, they will ask you more questions than you will ask them. They will want you to see where their dogs live; they will “interview” you. There are reputable breeders and they should be ashamed to be in the same category as the puppy mills with their lobbying efforts in this legislation.

Responsible breeders or hunters have nothing to fear from this bill. I have lost all respect for AKC/NRA organizations.

If you thought your elected officials were listening to you—think again. It seems only special interest is acted upon.

I will remember this when I vote. Never buy a puppy without seeing both parents and where they live. Never buy over the Internet or from a pet store.