Put a stop to animal cruelty

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To the editor:
Wake up, Brunswick County! This type of letter needs attention. I’ve read about it before, and still nothing is done. I’ve lived here most of my life, and it’s happening as I write. I want answers.
Why is there so much animal cruelty here? Hunting dogs are treated like trash. Some puppy-mill pups that end up hunting and then are no longer useful get put out or the dog leaves on its own. When this happens, the dog gets lost, is hungry and sickly and quite often becomes someone else’s worry, and – depending on how sickly the animal is – may not live (of course, care and treatment is at someone else’s expense).
I’ve seen what could have been very beautiful animals. They’ve come to my home for love, food and shelter. But by the time these animals get to me, or I see them, they are nearly dead from hunger.
What is wrong with you people? You should be ashamed.

Renee Smith