Questioning Holden Beach

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: After reviewing the minutes from the Town of Holden Beach’s last meeting, it makes me wonder. They claim to have a certificate of occupancy for the EOC building on Dec. 9, 2008, which allows them to use the building, deemed finished, but they have apparently not paid the contractor and have contacted his bonding company and are likely to attempt to receive a “settlement.”

If the building is complete and I have seen them use it, why was the contractor not paid?

In the Dec. 9, 2008, minutes, the contractor for town hall was commended and things were going well.

As of Jan. 13 this year, they have decided to fire that contractor and contact his bonding company. The minutes indicate they are installing carpet, which also means this building is complete. In the recent past, this is three contractors out of three that upon completion or near completion of their contracts/work were not paid and the bonding company for each has been asked to pay the town.

It seems like a shark smelling blood in the water. Holden Beach has developed a pattern that “lines their pockets.” I will let everyone in the construction business I know of know about their trade practices. I will present a FOIA request to the town for both dredging projects, the EOC and the town hall and will also request all documentation on the Holden Beach Pavilion.

Remember, the low bidder for this project was reported to be around $10,000 and the town wound up paying more than $100K for this.

Upon receipt, or the town’s failure to comply after the investigation, I will notify the attorney general’s office and possibly file suit against the town myself. They must be stopped!