Questions need for park

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: As a long-time year-round resident of Sunset Beach, I question the “need” for a park and boat ramp, just as I question the “need” for the sewer project. There is a nice boat launch nearby at Ocean Isle Beach and Brunswick County is developing a park on Old Georgetown Road.

At the town council meeting on Sept. 14, Councilman Steiner launched a filibuster extolling the “need” for Sunset Beach to purchase a tract of land for $5.5 million. The town has previously purchased a tract of land for the same purpose.

Now, Mr. Steiner claims the previously purchased land is far inferior to the tract he has steam-rolled through the council.

The $5.5 million of our tax dollars Mr. Steiner wants to spend is almost double the $2,565,300 tax value of the parcel. Mr. Steiner also noted, like many of us, he doesn’t plan to live here forever and this park will increase our property values and when he or his children sell his home it will sell for a greater value.

Mr. Steiner, if unlike most of us, you don’t intend to live here forever, I suggest you get out of our government and make room for someone who has the best interest of the majority of residents at heart.

I applaud councilmen Sherrill and DeVita for their attempts to squash this extravagant proposal. Join the Sunset Beach Tea Party on Nov. 3: Throw Steiner, Bobinski and Klein overboard.