Rabon owes puppy mill bill to taxpayers

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To the editor:

Who wants to pay more taxes that are funding an abusive, horrific business: The business of over breeding dogs in inhumane conditions?

North Carolina has become one of the leading states in puppy mill breeding. We have people moving here from Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee and South Carolina to set up these breeding prisons because their state is putting a stop to such a disgusting practice. We are known for being the leaders in such an inhumane act and, to top it off, our own Sen. Bill Rabon, a veterinarian, is the person who could help make a difference — but won’t. He is in a position to help put a stop to or at least put some regulations on these disgusting operations, but refuses to help the very creatures that kept him in business for many years.

North Carolina has more than 250 puppy mills. For every puppy mill that has to be cleaned up, it’s you and me and, ultimately, the dogs, that end up paying. It costs taxpayers more than $100 to euthanize one dog. These puppy mills produce and harbor very sick, suffering dogs; the dogs end up paying with their lives!

Don’t we spend enough of our money on other taxes? Do you really want to fund these breeding hellholes without even having a say? Please let Rabon know we demand he vote in favor of HB930 and remind him it is his duty to represent us, the people.


Didi Younginer

Oak Island