Rate increases are too much

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: Were you born yesterday? No? Well, here is another question that probably is just as difficult to answer.

If the weather disasters that are anticipated by a commission recommending home insurance rate increases fail to materialize, will the insurance companies refund to you any premium increases?

Well, if you answered that question as you did the first, you just passed Politics As Usual 101! However, it is clear commission members and many of our legislators believe you should answer the first question with a “yes” and ignore the second.

What is the basis of the proposed insurance rate increases? Guess work? Computer models? Fear? Economic downturn? Greed? How about all of the above?

There is absolutely no reality associated with rate increases as proposed. If disasters should occur, then lets have rate increases proportionate to the legitimate claims made.

Tell Jim Long, the state insurance commissioner at (800) 546-5664, and your legislators just what you think.