Readers unhappy with gas price increases

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: This country’s big oil corporations have been ripping off the American people in the past months and getting away with it. This is due to lobbyists in Washington paying off our elected politicians not to do anything.

This is a terrible thing for us and for our country as a whole. This has now trickled down to the local oil companies and our local gas stations.

We are still under the emergency management of Tropical Storm Hanna and the prices of commodities are not supposed to go any higher than they were 60 days before this was put in affect.

According to AAA, as of Saturday night on the news, the national average of gas had risen 8.3 cents per gallon. In the town of Shallotte, it has gone up as much as 30 cents and some as high as 43 cents and is still rising.

These stations and dealers are price gouging the area residents. That is all it can be called. These other stations, which were already making a good profit on the gas in their tanks, raised their profit margin up another 30-plus cents. This is a disgrace when our economy is already in shambles.

I want everyone to think twice about getting gas from gougers and spend your money at the places that held their prices until they had to refill their tanks.

If we don’t do something about things like this, nobody will. We don’t have a government that helps us. Let’s quit this price gouging now!