Realtor doesn’t speak for all

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor:

I know your readers remember the letter to the editor Brad Vanderburg, manager of Century 21 Sunset Realty, wrote a few weeks ago regarding Mary Ann Bechtel opening her own business in the article a “Leap of Faith.”

Let me say empathically Vanderburg did not speak for me. The things he said were unprofessional for someone who is a manager of a real estate office.

I see this as a jealous opinion, not a statement of fact. He felt the Beacon was promoting Bechtel’s new business and passing by the “numerous others in the field of real estate who have been supporting the Beacon with years of advertising.” He even mentioned, “others in the field have expressed their disappointment at this lack of consideration.” Right!

Bechtel has worked for years to achieve the success she now enjoys. What really got my goat was his comment, “Of course, this letter is in no way a reflection against the agent for which the article was written.” But in the interest of “fairness and loyalty,’ he felt the Beacon should use more caution when promoting one agent in the business.

May I say again: He does not speak for me.

As a member of the real estate profession for more than 30 years, I have been there and done that.

I wish Bechtel the best in her new “leap of faith.” I am proud to know her and how hard she has worked to achieve this growth in her business. I have no reason to be envious of Bechtel or any other professional in our business.

I want to set the record straight. You go, girl! Keep the faith and God will continue to bless your business.

Betty M. Walker