Register now; vote early

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: With this election turning out to be one of the most important in history, I urge each person eligible to vote to do so. Change cannot occur without you.

If you are not registered to vote and are eligible, being 18 years of age on or before Nov. 4, 2008—please register now. The deadline to register is on or before 5 p.m. Oct. 10.

In North Carolina you cannot register to vote and then vote on the same day. You may register at the Brunswick County Board of Elections at the Government Center, Building F in Bolivia.

If you have a valid North Carolina driver’s license you may pick up a voter registration form at the driver’s license office in Shallotte to mail in. If you are new to the area and applying for your state driver’s license, then the driver’s license office will register you as you get your new license.

All area public libraries have voter registration forms that can be completed and mailed in.

Get registered, and check out the candidates and how they stand on issues important to you, not just what is shown on television. Pick up newspapers and read facts on how they have voted on issues.

We cannot continue in the same direction as the past eight years. We are a great country and we need to have hope, security of having a job and providing for our families. This is not just for the richor upper class—this is for all Americans. We have to have fair wages for jobs beingperformed. We have been stretched and stressed to the limits.

It will take some time but we can turn this country around and head in a positive direction again.

Absentee ballots start Sept. 15, being mailed out if you request a ballot. This year early voting is scheduled to begin Oct. 16, and run through Nov. 1, with the General Election on Nov. 4.

There will be eight sites for early voting this year—two more than in the past. I urge all to take advantage of early voting. Vote—be it early voting, absentee ballots for those not here during Oct. 16 - Nov. 4, or cast your vote at the General Election on Nov. 4.

For the disabled or handicapped voter, curbside voting is available.

The most important thing is to get registered now. If your child will be 18 on or before Nov. 4, express to him or her your concerns for their future. Have them register and vote. This is an important step for young people.

If every American eligible took time to register and vote, then “We the People” could truly say we have spoken. It may never be more important than now. The future of our children and the future of our country depend on it. Make your voice heard.