Remember puppy mill bill at ballot box

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To the editor:

Supporting N.C. businesses is admirable, but supporting businesses that subject innocent dogs to inhumane conditions for profit isn’t moral, nor is it good for North Carolina.

According to the Department of Agriculture, North Carolina is home to about 250 puppy mills. Why so many? This is one of the few states that have no regulations in place to protect dogs in puppy mills from horrific conditions and painful neglect.

House Bill 930, overwhelmingly passed by the N.C. House and endorsed by the governor and first lady, would provide dogs kept in puppy mills the bare minimum of what could be considered humanely acceptable. Additionally, nearly 90 percent of N.C. voters want to see this bill pass.

Sadly, our own state senator is one of the few legislators who oppose HB 930 and has vowed to “kill it.” It is dishonorable and unethical to have the power to do what is good and just yet make the choice not to. Let us remember our legislator’s actions, or lack thereof, come election time.


Jerome Bannister

Carolina Shores