Residents should check shelter for lost pets

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: Recently, after going to Brunswick County Animal Services twice, I was happy to find my lost puppy “Buddy.”

Shelter workers do a great job of taking care of lost and found pets. They need people to go out there in person and look for their pets.

Describing them on the phone and actually seeing them are two different things. One person’s description of his or her pet may be opposite of what another person sees.

I had completely misled the workers about my pet. I described him as a retriever, reddish brown and solid in color, when in fact he is a spaniel with blonde areas on his body.

Please go in person and see if your pet is at the shelter. The shelter is about two miles from U.S. 17 in Supply.

Workers there are so happy to assist you. Many pets there are sad and keep waiting for their owners to come get them. Remember to take a picture of your pet so they can be identified easier should they be picked up later on.