In response to Kozelouzek letter

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To the editor:
Oh my dear Mr. Kozelouzek, you poor misguided man. Obama is the worst thing for the USA.
Yes, Obama inherited challenges—all leaders do. The test is to see how they rise to the challenges.
What has Obama done? For starters he still blames others.
As for action, with a Democrat majority in the House and Senate, he bails out the auto industry. Billions wasted and more to come.
He oversaw an $800 billion stimulus; results none, money wasted.
A trillion dollars has been wasted on loans to Green Energy companies whose owners are top Democrat contributors.
Obamacare was passed. Some $730 billion removed from Medicare with cuts beginning in 2013. Older than 65? Prepare for rationed care.
Fewer Americans are working than when he took office. Welfare rolls have increased 30 percent, and he is seeking to enroll more.
Illegal immigration has not been fixed.
No budget has been produced in four years.  
He spends $1 trillion more than the revenues each year.
Quantitative easing done by the Federal Reserve is leading to inflation.
Gasoline prices have doubled in his years. Oil and coal production is cut.
He has increased the national debt by more than $5 trillion since 2009.
He rules by executive order, fails to enforce laws passed by Congress, and uses regulations to choke businesses out of existence.
The results? He has not fixed the challenges, but is making things worse and driving America to financial ruin.
And you think this is great? Wise up, man!
Ruth Diefendorf
Ocean Isle Beach