Rights are at stake

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To the editor:
On a Friday a few weeks ago when all those in favor of staying within the law of the traditional family were urged to support Chick-fil-A, a pro-family organization under fire, my family in Philadelphia stood in a line that wrapped around one Chick-fil-A twice.
The line was orderly, polite, upbeat and slow. More than once, comments were overheard that were not at all anti-gay marriage, but which were very anti-suppression of freedom of speech.
Think about this:
If Joe and George walked into a Chick-fil-A in their wedding finery, they would receive the same courteous service, the same top-notch dinners, and they would dine in the same squeaky-clean, friendly, atmosphere.
The real issue here is not gay discrimination, but freedom of speech, which is the sovereign right of every United States citizen.
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel stated that Chick-fil-A has no place in his city, but Emanuel has no place in family-friendly Chick-fil-A, not with his mouth.
Emanuel also stated Chick-fil-A’s values were not Chicago’s values, which was big news, since most people were not aware that Chicago, with its political corruption, drug wars and over-the-top youth-homicide rate, had any values.
Be careful when you vote this November. Not only are your constitutional rights at stake, but maybe your access to the best “fast food” you are likely to find this side of heaven.
Alice Ditzler
Sunset Beach