Rouzer concedes to McIntyre

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By Laura Lewis, Reporter

North Carolina Republican Sen. David Rouzer has conceded this year’s 7th-District Congressional election to Democratic incumbent Mike McIntyre.

Rouzer officially conceded Wednesday night following a recount of the Nov. 6 race in the 12 counties composing District 7, including Brunswick County.

“Now that the recount has been completed and the tally of votes is

official, we can move forward satisfied that each vote was counted properly and accurately,” Rouzer said. “I have called Congressman McIntyre to congratulate him on a hard-fought victory, and I wish him well as he joins a new Congress that will be dealing with very difficult issues facing our country.”

The outcome of the recount showed McIntyre still ahead of Rouzer by 654 votes, a margin of about .19 percent. Rouzer was well within the margin to request a recount if the difference between the two candidates was within 1 percent.

“During the past two weeks, I have been humbled by the outpouring of support from friends, volunteers and supporters around the district and throughout the state,” Rouzer said. “To all of those who have encouraged me to run again in 2014, your sincerity means a lot. With the Christmas season upon us, I am setting any thoughts of my political future to the side, refocusing on growing my distributorship and consulting businesses while enjoying the farm and the holidays with family and friends.”