Sad farewell to too many trees

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To the editor:
Sadly, some really beautiful trees, which once stood so magnificently in Sunset Beach Town Park, are gone, cut down last week in preparation for construction of the new park. Our tax dollars paid for the removal of these trees.
Town council had the trees evaluated and decided to remove them when presented with a report indicating they were damaged or diseased. But they have stood for generations, through many storms, and as one of the men who cut them down remarked: “These trees would still be standing long after we are gone.” I just do not understand why they had to go.
In my mind, this is a very painful lesson for all of us. For town residents, it should be a wake-up call to pay close attention to what town council is doing, study the issues, and work hard to make opinions known to individual council members. For the members of town council, who may be receiving many comments from angry residents, it should be a lesson in realizing there can be irreparable consequences to each decision made in every meeting.
I think it is very sad that these beautiful trees were sacrificed for a park so many residents do not really want.

Katie Hovermale
Sunset Beach