Safe food handling

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By Myra Burgess
Family Nutrition Program Assistant
Expanded Foods & Nutrition Program
County Cooperative Extension

Make sure the temperature in your refrigerator is less than 40 degrees. Keep a thermometer in the refrigerator and check it often. Adjust the thermostat to a cooler setting if necessary.
Examine foods and all date labeling. Buy foods with the longest period to the expiration date. Don’t buy food items if the packaging is damaged. Throw away foods that don’t look and smell fresh. A change in the odor or appearance of foods is often a sign of spoilage. Throw away eggs with cracked shells.
The Expanded Food and Nutrition Program (EFNEP) is a federally funded program offered to limited resource families with young children through the Cooperative Extension Service. The program focuses on helping families improve behaviors in dietary intake, nutrition and food safety practices.