Sandpiper Bay Men’s Golf Association completes member-member tourney

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The final round of the SBMGA member-member annual tournament was played April 14. The tournament was two days with four flights playing a range of nine-hole matches. Day one had the group playing a nine-hole, two-man best-ball match followed by a nine-hole total score for the two-man team match.
On the second day, the group played a nine-hole, two-man scramble followed by nine holes of individual match play. This resulted in a total of five nine-hole matches, each worth one point per hole (one-half point for a tie) and an additional one point for the winner of the nine-hole match.
The highlight of the tourney was Doug Stokes’ hole-in-one on the par-3, 140-yard third hole of the Piper Course. Stokes used his No. 5 hybrid and his playing partner was Wayne Purdy.
Flight one: Don Moore and Ed Killgoar, 27.5 points. Billy Sirk and Lance Harding tied with Herb Wheelock and Bob Eason, 26.5 points. Bob Nicoletti and Mike Finkelstein, 25 points. Flight two: Gary Swanson and Chris Christie, 32 points. Ron Robichaud and Barney Evangelista, 29 points. J.J. Whalen and John Radziewski, 26.5 points. Dan Capretta and Bill Snyder 25.5 points. Flight three winners: Joe Cramer and Norm Burgess, 31 points. Frank McCarron and Bobby Bryce tied with Ed McTighe and Mike Donovan, 29 points. Jack Hinte and Mike Casagranda, 26.5 points. Flight four winners:  Joe McIlroy and Tom Luckett, 32.5 points. Dave Boyles and Luis Valenzuela, 27.5 points. Jack Dobson and Ron Donley, 27 points.  Burnie Fowler and Dean Montgomery, 26.5 points.
Closest to the pin winners on the Sand Course, April 12: No. 2, Sam Milora; No. 6, Doug Stokes; No. 8, Sam Milora. Sand Course, April 14: No. 2, Frank McCaron; No. 6, Al Hooker; No. 8, Doug Stokes. Piper Course, April 12: No. 3, Bob Eason; No. 6, Chris Christie; No. 8, Chuck Denny. Piper Course, April 14: No. 3, Doug Stokes (hole-in-one); No. 6, Bob Eason; No. 8, Ed Killgoar. Bay Course, April 12: No. 3, Joe Cramer; No. 5, John Wilkes. Bay Course, April 14: No. 3, Al Hooker; No. 5, Bob Knisley.
Tournament skins winners, Flight one: Sam Milora at Bay 1, Herb Wheelock at Bay 2, Stan Olpalka at Bay 6, Bob Nicoletti at Sand 2, 6 and Bay 9, Bob Eason at Piper 5, Ed Killgoar at Piper 9, Gene McDonald at Sand No. 7. Flight two: Bill Snyder at Bay 6, Don Capretta at Sand 4. Flight three: Bobby Bryce at Bay 1, Doug Stokes at Piper 3, Frank McCarron at Piper 5. Flight four: Luis Valenzuela at Bay 4,  Mike Matlock at Bay 6 and 8, Joe McIlroy at Bay 9, Hal Foley at Sand 2.