School board needs more changes

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

School board needs more changes

To the editor:

I see the Brunswick County Board of Education has planned another school year without seeing the need for black teachers and administrators being hired or promoted to positions of any authority.

I would hope in 2008 there might be a better excuse than there were no “qualified blacks,” because I see administrators with two years’ experience in top positions.

I would like this board to seriously look at the tone they are setting for this school system in Brunswick County. There is no reasonable excuse for this action at this day and time.

I find this action offensive to the citizens of Brunswick County—black, white or non-white. We should move forward and not backward with this system because what hurts one child hurts others.

Remember these people today, tomorrow and on Election Day—this election, next election and every election from now on. Don’t let poor judgment on their behalf mess with our children’s future.

We have seen the ups and downs of racial bias in the past. It never brings any good, no matter what it looks like. Let’s not let it in now when it is easier to move forward together and leave the injustice of division behind us.

If we as citizens of Brunswick County turn our heads to this, it hurts our children and us when it comes to light, as it surely will.

We can’t go backward in a time as crucial as this to education for all, no matter what we do for a living or where we stay, or even what our faith might be. We have schools not yet built, but we already have principals for them. We have issues brought before this board a few years ago that have not been addressed that would improve this system.

We have a system that is still failing, but this board pays no attention to these factors. What is wrong with this equation? Where or when are our elected officials held accountable to all citizens and not just one person or persons?

There are some serious issues in this school system that need to be taken care of. You can’t cover them up with an outward show. Read different newspaper accounts of the school board’s last actions, and even they were surprised at this action.