School uniforms for select schools only

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: As the new school year approaches, many parents and students become anxious while the eager anticipation of meeting new teachers, friends and beginning a new grade level arises.

However, for students and parents of three Brunswick County elementary schools, that anxiety may easily be replaced with frustration.

From the first signs of construction, my child has insisted on learning about the progress of her new school, Town Creek Elementary. But if changes are not made, I will make the commute for her to attend Bolivia Elementary.

I was never contacted to vote on school uniforms, and after learning the policy was approved, it was only then that I received a typed three-page, front-to-back uniform policy (adopted June 2) that turns out to be simply a strict dress code.

We are in a recession, and not all parents can afford to purchase clothes under this strict policy.

Had this truly been a “uniform” policy, all clothes would be of the same quality. However, this policy only creates a field of comparison between economic backgrounds. The less fortunate families will not be able to afford to purchase the same quality or quantity of “uniform” clothes as others, and therefore there will be a significant difference between shades of clothes as fading occurs.

If such polices are to be rendered, they should be for the entire Brunswick County School System. Had all parents been provided details and a chance to vote, the outcome may have been a true representation.