Scores, highlights of area golf leagues

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 The Beachcombers played at Lion’s Paw and Charlie Shore had the low gross, 84, and the low net, 67. Team (one low net on par-5s, two low nets on par-4s and three low nets on par-3s): Reggie Auten, Ed Kinney, Stu Cleveland and Bob Smith at 18-under. Golfer of the week was Charlie Shore.


The Brick Landing Plantation Ladies Golf Association played a blind holes game May 20. Keith Webb and Irene Dowdy tied for first in the first flight with 36s. Barbara Karkut was third with a 39. The second-flight winner was Sharon Brown with a 37. Shirley Dowd placed second with a 38 and Sharon Deutsch was third with a 41. Ellen Rogoff took first in the third flight with a 35. Pat Baumgardner was second with a 37 and Lois Huber third with a 39. Shirley Dowd had a birdie on No. 15. Bernice Logan had a birdie chip-in on No. 15 and a chip-in on No. 5.


At 1-under par, the team of Nancy McGlothlin, Deloris Gausch, Ron Arvidson and Bob Nobes won the Brierwood nine-hole mixed scramble May 19. Liz Boyer, Sharon Beavers, Odie Johnson and Wayne McGlothlin were second and the team of Glen Green, Marianne Nobes, Bob Hopkins and Morris Hall were third.


The format for the Brierwood WGA event May 18 was even holes. In flight 1, Hilda Hall and Sue Janovic tied with a low net of 37. Hilda Hall had fewest putts, 27. In flight 2, Cindy Northrup and Sandy Bloom tied with a low net of 40. Fewest putts: Sandy Bloom, Marianne Nobes and Janice Owens, 36. Hilda Hall had a chip-in on No. 2.


The third golf tournament of the Brunswick Ladybirds was played May 12 at St. James Members Club. The results are as follows:

First flight, low gross: 1. Mona Dye (Brierwood), 76; 2. Dale Calhoon (Brick Landing),  80. Low net: 1. Bev Ibbott (Meadowlands), 82; 2. Judy Hardin (Meadowlands), 84. Fewest putts: Ann Phlegar (Carolina National), 28. Second flight, low gross: 1. Keith Webb (Brick Landing), 84; T-2. Penny Sillery (Carolina National), Gwen Jerome (Meadowlands), 85. Low net: 1. Mary Jane Labant (Meadowlands), 85; 2. Rochelle Simpson (St. James), 89. Fewest putts: Irene Dowdy (Brick Landing), 33. Third flight, low gross: 1. Gayle Mitchell (St. James), 86; 2. Sue Todd (Oak Island), 89. Low net: 1. Sharon Burns (The Lakes), 94; 2. Judith McCormack (St. James), 95. Fewest putts: Penny Crawford (Meadowlands), 32. Fourth flight, low gross: 1. Geri Conroy (Brunswick), 89; 2. Mary Schussler (Magnolia Greens), 90. Low net: T-1. Rosemarie Fassbender (Carolina National), Carole Schuster (Ocean Ridge), 95; 2. Pat Copple (Oak Island), 97. Fewest putts: Patty Kelly (St. James), 30. Fifth flight, low gross: 1. Peggy Acree (Meadowlands), 96; 2. Sue Sadlon (Brunswick), 99. Low net: 1. Barbara Paolicelli (Carolina National), 100; 2. Val Ratchford (Ocean Ridge), 101. Fewest putts: Cindy Northrup (Brierwood), 37. Sixth flight, low gross: 1. Mary Hankes (Ocean Ridge), 91; 2. Carrie Wilson (Brunswick), 95. Low net: T-1. Mary Ward (Lockwood Folly), 97;  Kay Gregory (Lockwood Folly), Karen Entwistle (Carolina National), 98; 2. Judy Reid (Oak Island), 100. Fewest putts: Tie between Gerry Brewer (Lockwood Folly), Marianne Nobes (Brierwood), 38. Seventh flight, low gross: T-1. Lynn Moore (St. James), Barbara Pezanowski (St. James), 98; T-2. Mimi Benson (Carolina National), Diane Lucarelli (Brunswick), 99. Low net: 1. Cathy Sazani (St. James), 100; 2. Ellen Rogoff (Brick Landing), 103. Fewest putts: Evelyn Claus (Brunswick), 32. Eighth flight, low gross: 1. Lana Stanley (Magnolia Greens), 94 ; 2. Ruth Linder (Brierwood), 103. Low net: 1. Colleen Garner (Magnolia Greens), 71; 2. Darla Powell (St James), 72. Fewest putts: Inge Ehner (Magnolia Greens), 35.


On Friday, Brunswick Plantation hosted another Fun Day of golf with 68 women from Black Bear, Brunswick Plantation, Crow Creek, Long Bay, River Hills and Sandpiper Bay golf leagues. Closest to the pin: Dianne Lucarelli, (Brunswick Plantation) had a hole-in-one at Dogwood No. 4. Sandy Owens (Brunswick Plantation) was closest at Dogwood No. 8. Longest putts: Sheila Clause (Long Bay) at Dogwood No. 3, Carol Christie (Sandpiper Bay) at Dogwood No. 9. Closest to the squiggly line: Linda Schottman at Dogwood No. 5, Karen Spinelli at Dogwood No. 7.


On May 17 at Meadowlands, Jerry Rubin and Joe Gallo placed first after a nine-hole rain out with a 34. The two-man teams scored one net per hole. Ron Doeblin and Cliff Musselman were second. Sid Pennington and John Methvin were third.

On May 19 at Meadowlands, George O’Connell, Rich West and Cliff Musselman won with an 86. Three three-man teams scored one net on the par-3 and par-4 holes and two nets on the par-5s. Hugh Chinn, Boomer Needham and Joe Gallo were second.

On Friday at Meadowlands, members scored individual nets. John Methvin placed first on a match of cards with an 85. Joe Gallo was second and Ron Doeblin was third. Methvin had three skins. Doeblin, Jerry Rubin and Cliff Musselman each with two skins.


Results of the match May 19 at Carolina Shores: A flight, Kerry Jarrell, 66: B flight, Guy Lachapelle, 68: C flight, Herb Broughton, 66. Closest to the pin: No. 3, Jim Newmeyer, 6 feet; No. 7, Earl Stone, 11-0; No. 12, Bill Toomey 8-0; No. 17, Jim Shuster,  2-6.


On May 21, the Calabashers played a Stableford match at the Cypress Bay Golf Course. The winning team was Ron Perry, Kenny Sass, Phil Smith and John Duthie with 3 points.


The Calabash VFW played its weekly modified Stableford match May 17 at Arcadian Shores. First: Charlie Gurreri, Bobby Hall and Ray Barno at +14. Second: Chet Burton, John Koester, Tommy McCormack and Vince Krasniewicz at +12.5. Third: Bob Quinlan, Ken Anthony, Larry Clark and George Berts at +11. Finishing fourth at +4.5 were Andy Ward, Bill Nemeth and Bruce Kertcher. John Koester, Larry Clark and Lee Harrison had one skin each. Low rounds of the day were Tony Nye, 78; Andy Ward and Rick Ballweg, 81; Larry Clark 82.


Results May 18 at Brierwood. Gross A: Larry Frazier, 82; Dick Wilson, 83; Bill Allen, 85. Gross B: Eric Mayo, 94; Don Cherry, Ray McDowell, 98; Ron Watson, 101. Net A: Raleigh Putnam, 66; Larry Frazier, Dick Wilson, Jim Burke, 68. Net B: Don Cherry, 63; Ray McDowell, Eric Mayo, Ron Watson, 70. Closest to the pin: front side, Jim Burke; back side, Don Cherry. Fewest putts: Steve White, 28; Jack Bendy, 29; Dick Wilson, Larry Frazier, Jim Burke, 30; Eric Mayo, 32.


Results of the net event May 20. 1. Barb Kassner, 65; 2. Marie Strickler, 66. Fewest putts, Barb Juergens and Barb Kassner, 29. Birdie: Marie Strickler, No. 16. Low gross: Marie Strickler, 79. Low net: Barb Kassner, 65.


Results Friday at Carolina Shores. The game was one ball on the par-5s, two balls on the par-4s and three balls on the par-3s. First at 104 were Ed Morris, Mal Raild, Mike Fedak and Joe Broderick. Second at 108 were Tony Sneska, Ron Buck, Joe Clark and John Kain. Third at 112 were Arnie Northrop, Bill Harniman, Nick DePalo and J. Vulpus. Low gross: George Balbach, 77. Low net: Mike Fedak, 61. Closest to pin at No. 3, George Balbach; at No. 7, Joe Clark; at No. 12, Ron Buck; at No. 17, Tony Sneska.  Gross-score skins: George Balbach (three), Tony Sneska, Ron Buck and Mike Fedak. Net skins in flight A: Ed Morris (two), George Balbach, Ron Buck and Bill Harniman. In flight B: Bob Fyock, Joe Broderick and J. Vulpus.


On May 18, the Crow Creek WGA played the game t-e-n. Flight 1: 1. Bev Ibbott; 2. Charlotte Darrow. Flight  2: 1. Marsha Krug; 2. Joan Zimmerman. Flight 3: 1. Sue Pennell; 2. Lynne Henry.


Crown Park Stableford results, May 19: Winning the front at +5 and overall at +2.5 were Ted Peters, Jerry Way and Mickey Blaze. Winning the back at +1.5 were Ed Kerr, Jack Christensen, Jim Simmons and John Bowles. Closest to pin: At No. 8, John Bowles, 4 feet, 5 inches; at No. 18, Jim Simmons, 8-4.

Crow Creek Stableford results, Friday: Tying for first at +7 was the team of Donnie Studds, John Flohr, Jerry Way and Bob Meclery and the team of Ed Kerr, Fred Welch, Fred Langston and Jim Simmons. Winning the back at +8.5 and overall at +9 were Gerry Speck, Jack Christensen, Hank Beuke and Mickey Blaze. Flight winners: A, Gerry Speck, +9.5; B, Hank Beuke, +3.5; C, Woodie Woodgered, +7. Closest to pin: At 8, Gerry Speck, 2-2; at 11, Ed Kerr, 6 inches.


Results of the modified Stableford match May 18. A: Roger Geitzen, Tony Mantini, +10; Ted Fletcher, Keith Heyn, +3.5; Bill Blewitt, Adam Peters, +2.5. B: Bill Southard, Bob Wiltbank, +8.5; Bill Favro, Jim Marsh, +3; Pat Finnigan, Dan Bruscella, +0.5. C: Ed Dodson, Roger Rawley, +6; Larry Zub, Richard Smith, +6; Dick Puskar, Pat Weese, +.5. D: W.C. Brenk, Bruce Betne, +8; Paul Hourigan, Dan Andrews, +8; Gary Sessi, Glen Haffield, +4. Individuals: A, Keith Heyn, +6.5; B, Bob Wiltbank, +9.5; C, Richard Smith, +5; D, W. C. Brenk, +6. Superflight: Bob Wiltbank, +8.5.


Lockwood Folly Ladies May 20 scramble results: 1. Laura Botto, Kathy Spinoso, Mary Ward, Katherine Balas; 2. Jan Kelley, Karon Manor, Gerry Brewer, Mary Ann Haas; 3. Carolyn Puckett, Barbara Esposito, Sharon Van Dusen, Pat Morris.


On May 19 at Panther’s Run, the Ocean Ridge Ladies Golf Association played a three blind mice event. First: Linda VanHorn, Linda Buck, Joan Marsh and Carol Dunham, 107. Second: Patsy Mays, Carole Schuster, Peggy Jones and Karen Browning, 108. Third: Kathy Giancarlo, Skip Lindstrom, Betty Coffini and Patsy Mays (draw), 111.  Fourth: Carole Milnichuk, Nancy MacDonald, Val Ratchford and Judy Keegan, 112.

Birdies: Carole Schuster at 1, Sue Kane at 2. Karen Browning had a chip-in at 1, Linda Buck at 3, Joan Marsh at 14, Grace Bradicich at 4 and Sue Kane at 16. Chip-in birdies: Peggy Jones at 2, Jan Cameron at 11, Pam Bank and Peggy Rowland at 6. Low net: Carole Schuster, 67. Low gross: Patsy Mays, 89.


Results May 19 at Panther’s Run (players’ choice of tee box, six holes front tee, six holes middle, six holes back): 1. Doug MacDonald, Dick Sherwood, Hugh Carano, Mike Sullivan (-25); 2. Don Bridwell, Dave Arnold, Bob Hartman, John Olio  (-21, match of cards); 3. Craig VanHorn, Sandy Lonsinger, Paul Socha, Fred Bank (-21); 4. Phil Harrington, Joe Quaglia, John Pugh, Norm Fitzgerald (-19).


Modified Stableford was the event May 20 at Farmstead Golf. First with 21 points were John Calabrese, Bill Kasper and Joe Pags. Second with 17 points were Bill Favro, Ernie Weeks, Bob Butkevicius and Jack Gorman. Third with 12 points were Bob Davis, Nick Samela, Bob Lange and Jim Marsh. Fourth with one point were  Bill Russell, Don Clark and Roy Teasley. Closest to the pin: Bill Russell at 3 and 6, Jack Gorman at 12 and Bill Favro at 17. 


Modified Stableford points was the game Friday. Blind draw partners formed the teams.  First with 15 points were Tony DeMarte and John Radziewski. Second with 14 were  P.J. Jones and Mike Casagranda. Third with 10 points were Joe Cramer and Don Moore. Fourth with 9.5 points were Phil Whitaker and Jack Hinte. Fifth with 9 points were Al Hooker and Mike O’Brien, Sam Milora and J.J. Whalen and Wayne Purdy and Harvey Stratton. Mike Casagranda took all the skins. Closest to the pin: Sam Milora at Bay No. 3 and Don Moore at Bay No. 5.


The game last week at Carolina Shores was o-n-e-s. The winner was Pat Soule (30), followed by Geri McTigue (31) and Martha Hannon (32). Low-gross winners were Bernice Morris (87), Donna Watkins (90) and Carol Groner (97). Low-net winners were Donna Watkins (61), Martha Hannon (63) and Kathy Harniman (65). Sharing fewest putts honors were Bernice Morris, Laura Duncan and Kathy Harniman, all with 30. Bernice Morris had a chip-in birdie on No. 17. Donna Watkins had a birdie on No. 2 and Carol Groner had a birdie on No. 3. Chip-ins: Bernice Morris on No. 5, Dee Gillin and Sharon Clark on No. 1.


The game of the day May 19 was count one gross and two net scores per hole. Bay To Sand flight: A -24 by Don Capretta, J.J. Whalen, Norm Burgess and Chuck Maglio took first. Al Hooker, Gene McDonald, Mike O’Brien and a blind were second at -21. Piper to Bay flight: Ed Killgoar, Charles Richardson, Doug Williams and Joe McIlory were first at -21. Second at -15 was a tie between the team of Mike Finkelstein, Wayne Purdy, John Grossglass and Frank Testa and the team of Bill Snyder, Guy Tavel, Bob Hamlin and Bill Lester.  Sand to Piper flight: Phil Whitaker, Harvey Stratton, Bill Pohlman and a blind were first at -12. Chris Christie, John Hannigan, Al Paynter and Jack Dobson were second at -11.


Results of the event May 19 at the Maples Course (count odd-number holes front, even-number holes back): 1. Marti Kennedy, 35.5. 2. Jo Larson, 36. 3. Pat DeMattia, 37. Second flight: 1. Mary Lou Miller, 36.5. 2. Bobbie deLagarde, 38.5. 3. Susan Shackleton, 40.5. Third flight: 1. Denise Reiner, 37. 2. Joyce Hellman, 39. 3. Gloria Lee, 42 (match of cards).

Birdies: Ruth Apalinski, No. 1. Julie Burton, No. 3. Jo Larson, No. 1. Susan Shackleton, No. 3.  Bobbie deLagarde, No. 8.  Flo Hill, No. 11. Pat Sutton, No. 13.  Susan Shackleton, No. 15.  Marti Kennedy, No. 16. Chip-ins: Betsy Slover, No. 2. Judy Pusey, No. 2. Ruth Apalinski, No. 3. Julie Burton, No. 7. Gayl Michael, No. 7. Pat Sutton, No. 13. Susan Shackleton, No. 15. Betsy Slover, No. 17. 


Sea Trail Men’s Golf Association played its annual three-round team match play tournament April 27, May 11 and May 18. 1. White team, 1,543 points; 2. Green, 1,477.5; 3. Blue, 1,470.0, 4. Red, 1,448.5. White team: Captain Jim Gooding, Ron Dubas, Gary Fagan, Tony Imondi, Bill Connor, Bud Brandt, Eric Wieda, Niels Kass, Norm Melanson, Tom Robbins, Bon Bombolis, Dave Ashley, Roy Cundiff, Bob Miller, Dick Lehrer, Cliff Fowler, Dan Davis, Lee Sutton, John Bowles, Jerry Tanner, Nick Forlidas, Kurt Hugelmeyer, Tom Layden.

An individual low-net tournament was also played May 18 on the Maples Course. A flight: 1. John Barton, 69; 2. Lou DeVita, 70 (match of cards); 3. Mike Depauw, 70; 4. Bill Narath, 73. B flight: 1. Dick Sellers, 68; 2. Jim Arendt, 69; 3. Frank Martorelli, 71; 4. Jim Foley, 72 (mc). C flight: 1. Wayne Hellmann, 66; 2. Ralph Kennedy, 68; 3. Bob Perry, 71; Marv Peters, 74. D flight: 1. Len Steiner, 70 (mc). 2. Dave Ashley, 70; Bob Perna, 74 (mc); Charlie Schorpp, 74. E flight: 1. Stan Tempsick, 67 (mc); 2. Norm Melanson, 67; 3. Alan Pitts, 69; George Spinatsch, 70. F flight: Ralph Gardner, 73; 2. Tony Imondi, 74 (mc); 3, Ed Seidel, 74 (mc); 4. Mike Pozdol, 74.


The winning team in the Stableford match May 19 at Carolina Shores was Jim Barnett, Charlie Harless, Ed DuPuis and John Kain, who finished with nine points. All four players posted positive numbers. Second, third and fourth places were by a match of cards as the three teams finished with 7 points. Second went to Nick DePalo, Tony Languell, Mr. Peterson and Dick Boyle. Third was the team of Leo Jarmusz, Don Currutt, Joe Fioravanti and Jim Burke. Fourth went to John Baron, Ron MacDowell, Mal Mac Raild and Joe McDonough.