Scores, highlights of area golf leagues

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The Beachcombers played a rain-shortened (nine holes) cha-cha-cha tournament Friday at Crow Creek. The winners with a score of 64 (-12) were Bob Brownley, Jim Ritter, Ed Nocella and Gary Gutheil. Second were Reese Evans, Bob Smith and Stu Cleveland at 72 (-4). Bob Brownley short a 47, net 30, and is golfer of the week.

Brierwood LGA
Game Feb. 19 was best nine holes. Flight A: First at net of 27 was Nancy Kumlin. Second at net 30 was Dee Bogart. Sue Janovic had fewest putts, 33. Flight B: Three players tied for first. Mickey Salerno, Maryann Nobes and Sharon Beavers finished at net 26. Cindy Northrup had fewest putts, 29.

On Feb. 18 at Glen Dornoch, members played a Stableford format. Joe Gallo was first on a match of cards over John Ducey at +1, Rich West took third at even.  Pete Scott was fourth at -1 and Bob Levan fifth at -4.
 On Feb. 20 at Heather Glen, Karl Pettersen, Sid Pennington, Bob Jaeger and John Ducey placed first at 194. Teams scored three balls on eight of the holes, two balls on seven holes and one on three of them. The team of Bob Levan, Tony Lonquell, John Tighe and Joe Gallo were second.

Calabash Elks
Results Feb. 20 at Carolina Shores. In the A flight: Gerry Wetherell was first with a net 67. In the B flight: Don Hammer was first with a net 64. In the C flight: Ralph Capuano was first with a net 75. Closest to the pin: at 7, Guy Lachapelle, 1 foot;  at 12, Paul Walsh, 18-0; at 17, Bill Malloy 12-0.

Carolina Bogey Busters
Results Feb. 19. Flight A gross: Bill Allen 78, Joe Burmer, Ed Bier and Larry Frazier 85. Flight B gross: Ralph Phillips and Steve White 99, Ray McDowell 100, Ron Watson 103. Flight A net: Bill Allen 65, Larry Frazier 69, Ed Bier 70. Flight B net: Tom O’Brien and Ralph Phillips 73, Malcolm Jaggard 74, Ron Watson 76. Closest to No. 7 pin: Charlie Dugan in flight A and Jaggard in flight B. Fewest putts: Allen 27, Bier 29, Phillips 32, Burmer and Frazier 33, Gerry Wetherell and Dick Wilson 34.

Carolina Shores Niners
In the Feb. 7 tournament in flight A, Rose Mary Jones was first in gross and net, with Patti Herdic second in each category. In flight B, Joanne Riedel won gross and net, with Halla Cramer coming in second.
On Feb. 14, the Niners played a cha-cha-cha tourney. The team of Marg Bergen, Carol Hamilton and Patti Herdic won on a match of cards (holes 1 and 4, to celebrate Valentine’s Day). Coming in second were Halla Cramer, Violet Collins and Joanne Riedel.
In the Feb. 21 tournament in flight A, Char Pietrondi won gross and net, with Rose Mary Jones coming in second. Flight B gross and net were won by Joanne Riedel, with Halla Cramer coming in second.

Crow Creek women
Results Feb. 19 (replace two holes with par).
Flight 1: Nancy Pennington 53, Helga Dopson 66, Judy Zaenglein 70. Flight 2: Sharon Hall 68, Ingrid Fallon 70, Lani Woolcott 73.

Grand Strand SMGA
The Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event Feb. 18 on the Farmstead Golf Links in Calabash. The format is stroke play with handicap and 112 golfers participated in nine flights. The following are the winners for this week: A flight: Dick Cole (76 gross), Keith Pluto (71 net). B flight: Charlie Hanlon (79 gross), Joe Zalasko (65 net). C flight: Rick Farrell (78 gross), Roddy Funderburk (68 net). D flight: Tom Franchine (81 gross), Jack Frischmann (69 net). E flight: Larry Etzkorn (85 gross),John Olson (68 net). F flight: Ed Dolan (85 gross), Nick Lanza (67 net). G flight: Neil Prota (95 gross), Phil Evich (69 net). H flight: Rick Smith (94 gross), Ron Tropauer (69 net). I flight: Dan Coll (104 gross), Leroy Phillips (70 net). Closest to pin: White tee: No. 3, Charlie Hanlon, 0 feet 1/16 inches; No. 6, Jim Mattei, 10-11; No. 12, Tony Giresi, 3-8; No. 15, Curt Parker, 6-10; No. 17, Paul Smotas, 9-7. Gold tee: No. 3, Dick Pearce, 5-2; No. 6, Bill Jones, 7-8; No. 12, Ken Bostic, 2-11; No. 15, Ed Dolan, 10-2; No. 17, Ed Wydro, 3-3.

Ocean Ridge couples
Results Sunday of two middle nets: 1. Ron Schneider, Jan Schneider, Sharon Benson, Maureen Craik, +1; 2. Roger Buck, Linda Buck, Ron Sisk, Debbie Sisk, +7; 3. Tom O’Connell, Shelly Haskins, Rich Kane, Peggy Rowland. Birdies: Sharon Benson at 2, Chappy Jones at ‘s 5 & 8, Peggy Rowland at 6, Debbie Sisk at 6, Frank Burianek at 17. Chip-ins: Guy Giancarlo at 5, Chappy Jones at 6 and 8, Peggy Jones at 12, Linda Burianek at 14. Gross: Ron Schneider, 89; Chappy Jones, 91. Net: Kathy Bassett, 66; Peggy Rowland, 68; Al Bassett 70.

Ocean Ridge women
Results Feb. 20 at Panther’s Run. Teams of four count two middle net scores. First at 144 was the team of Diane Wright, Deb MacFarlane, Maureen Craik and Kathy Bassett/Juli Miller (player by draw). Second at 149 was the team of Susan Scott, Susan Carano, Patti Dugan and Juli Miller. Third at 150 was the team of Pat Brooks, Grace Bradicich, Mary Faulkner and Diana Gruver. Gross: Karen McCloskey, 89. Net: Juli Miller, 63. Birdies: Juli Miller at 6. Chip-ins: Deb MacFarlane at 14, Grace Bradicich at 3, Susan Scott at 10.    

The Renegades of Carolina Shores
The Renegades played odd-numbered holes only Feb. 21. First: Laura Duncan (27). Second Debbie Creamer (27, match of cards). Third. Kathy Harniman (29). Gross: Sue Hensler (85), Lin Penta (96), Linda Mullins (97). Net: Lin Penta (66). Kay Craig (68). Kathy Harniman (69). Chip-ins: Laura Duncan 14, Martha Hannon at 17, Deb Courtemanche at 10 and Dolores Sanborn at 15. Birdies: Sue Hensler at 12 and at 4, Laura Duncan at 17, Martha Hannon at 17 and Karen Hertling at 3. Putts: Laura Duncan (28).

Sea Trail couples
On Feb. 24, the Sea Trail couples league played one best ball on odd-numbered holes and two best balls on even-numbered holes on the Jones Course. First at –21 were Gene Scheck, Denise Reiner, Bill Jones and Maureen Foley. Second at –16 were Bob Campbell, Mary Lou Dunbar, Ches Burton and Carol Humphries. Third at –14 were Ken Dunbar, JoAnn Barton, Ron Bombolis and Paula Jones. Fourth at  -13 were Mike Jerome, Virginia Foulds, Roy Cundiff and Jeanine Berger

Sea Trail LGA
Results Feb. 20 at the Maples Course. Convert worst hole to par. Flight 1: Bobbie deLagarde 66, Gayl Michael 67, Pat Demattia 72. Flight 2: Louisa Clatterbuck 66, JoAnn Barton 68, Pat Sutton 70. Flight 3: Dolores Doyle 66 (match of cards), Ruth Apalinski 66, Virginia Foulds 66. Flight 4: Paula Jones 63, Maureen Foley 70 (match of cards), Sandy Campbell 70. Birdies: JoAnn Barton No. 13, Pat Gooding No. 3, Paula Jones No. 17. Chip-ins: JoAnn Barton No. 13, Roz Dahlen No. 6, Debi Isley No. 4.

Sea Trail men
The format was four-man teams, three nets, Feb. 19 on the Maples Course. A flight: 1. Tony Novalis, Mike Campbell, Dan Morrin, Bob Craig, 189; 2. Eric Schultz, John Rastocky, Mike Hargreaves, Mike Bennett, 195. B flight: 1. Bill Jones, Jim Foley, John Johnsen, Bill Connor, 184; 2. Jim Hitchcock, Brad Dague, Dave Foulds, Frank Martorelli, 190; 3. Lee Sutton, Norm Melanson, Vince Brown, Earl Geary, 194.