Scores, highlights of area golf leagues

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Brierwood WGA
Results of best net nine April 2. First flight: Dee Bogard, 25; Mickey Salerno and Sara Bayton, 30. Sue Janovic and Dee Bogard had fewest putts. 32. Second flight: Cindy Northrup, 27; Ruth Linder, 29. Sandy Bloom had fewest putts, 33.

Brunswick Plantation Ladies’ Golf League
Results April 1 for game of one, two, three. Winning team with a score of 121: Becky Seibert, Mary Ann Savarese, Diane Tufts, Jeffrie Ritchie. Birdies: Becky Seibert, Dogwood 4. Chip-ins: Mary Ann Savarese, Dogwood 7; Evelyn Claus, Azalea 9. Chip-in birdie: Theresa Georgens, Azalea 9. Closest to pin: Becky Seibert, Dogwood 4; Ellie Grant, Dogwood 7; Kathy Toeppner, Azalea 2.

On Monday at Heather Glen, the team of Ron Doeblin, Steve Maiorca, Rich West and John Tighe placed first at 154. Format was cha-cha-cha. Second were Jim Kennedy, Bob Levan, John Ducey and Joe Gallo.
On Wednesday at Crown Park, Steve Maiorca, Jody Sersensits, Bob Levan and Joe Gallo placed first at 212. The teams scored a gross and net on the odd-numbered holes and a gross and two nets on the even-numbered holes. Karl Pettersen, John Ducey, John Tighe and a player by draw took second.
On Friday at Heather Glen the team of Jim Kennedy, Steve Maiorca, John Ducey and Bob Levan took first at 159. Second were Ron Doeblin, Karl Pettersen, Sid Pennington and Joe Gallo.

Calabash Elks
Results April 3 at Carolina Shores. In the A flight: Russ Russo was first with a net 64. In the B flight, Bob Herre and Fred Ortiz tied for first with a net 68. In the C flight, Ray Richard was first with a net 63. Closest to the pin: on 3, Bill Malloy, 13 feet; on 7, Mike McCormack, 7-0; on 12, Mike Casper, 6-10; on 17, Jim Beairsto, 11-0.

Calabash Tee-Birds
The Calabash Tee-Birds played their weekly Stableford match April 3 at Diamond Back. First: John Goss, Bobby Poulton, Bill James and Rick Ballweg at -1. Second: Bill Hertline, Bill Hertline Jr., Chris Kozempel and Lee Harrison at -5. Third: Benny Bruno, Tony Nye, Greg Gallus and Tom Mack at -5.5. Fourth at -6.5 were Teddy Tattersall, Woody Jackson and Frank Marrone.

Carolina Bogey Busters
Results April 2 at Eagle Nest. Flight A gross: Bill Allen 86; Ed Bier 87, Charlie Dugan 90, Dick Wilson 90. Flight B gross: Steve White, 88, Ralph Phillips 91, Ron Watson 108. Flight A net: Charlie Dugan 70, Ed Bier 72, Bill Allen 73 Flight B net: Steve White 65, Ralph Phillips 66, Ron Watson 80. Closest to pin at 18 in flight A, Ed Bier; in flight B, Steve White. Fewest putts: Dick Wilson 31, Al Harms 34, Bill Allen 34, Eric Mayo 35, Ralph Phillips 35.

Crow Creek
League results April 2 (best nine holes). Flight 1, gross: Steffany Gamsby, 92. Net: Bev Ibbott, 69; Dorine Stoecker, 70. Flight 2, gross: Nancy Pennington, 98. Net: Marley Cohen, 71; Sandi Pilney and Sandie Lindell, 74. Flight 3, gross: Sue Pennell and Ginny Ridinger, 100. Net: Sue Pennell and Ginny Ridinger, 64; Lisa Severine, 71. Birdies: Nancy Pennington at 8, Bev Ibbott at 11.

DFC Friday group
Stableford results April 5 at Eastport: First: Duane Durbin, Nick Calderaro, Pat Finnegan, Dick Carter (+10.5). Second: Dick Turner, Russ Thompson, Paul Hourigan, Ron George (+9). Third: Don Fidura, Bill James, Mike Naudus, Bill Cleaver (+4.5). Fourth: Dan Bruscella, Bob Wiltbank, Jim Milstead, Al Thompson (-2). Fifth: Ed Hobgood, John Carlough, Adam Peters, Bubba Prigge (-2.5). Superflight: Dick Carter (+11).

Grand Strand SMGA
The Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event April 1 at Lockwood Folly Country Club and 64 golfers participated in four flights. A flight: Dave Eckroth (82 gross), Jack Elliott (68 net). B flight: J.T. Taylor (83 gross), Gary Cohen (69 net). C flight: Duane Durbin (89 gross), John Olson (70 net). D flight: Rick Smith (95 gross), Jack Davison (73 net). Closest to pin from white tee: No. 2, Tony Giresi, 6 feet 6 inches; No. 6, Karl Pettersen, 30-5; No. 11, Joe Burmer, 3-11; No. 16, Joe Burmer, 9-0. Gold tee: No. 2, Ken Rheault, 7-11; No. 6, Jim Murnane, 3-9; No. 11, Bill Harbin, 1-2; No. 16, Bill Harbin, 14-9.

Stableford results April 2 at Farmstead. Front nine: First: Gary Cohen, Adam Peters, Dick Carter, Mike Naudus (+11.5). Second: Ted Fletcher, Tony Mantini, Bruce Betner, Russ Thompson (+6). Back nine, first: Gary Cohen, Adam Peters, Dick Carter, Mike Naudus (+5). Second: Dick Puskar, Jim Poole, Pat Lavacca, W. Curtis Brenk; Bob Mackey, Bob Wiltbank, Leo Lico, Rick Rickert (+3). Overall, first: Gary Cohen, Adam Peters, Dick Carter, Mike Naudus (+16.5). Second: Ted Fletcher, Tony Mantini, Bruce Betner, Russ Thompson (+4). Third: Bob Mackey, Bob Wiltbank, Leo Lico, Rick Rickert (+3). Flight A: Steve Lawson (+5). B flight: Adam Peters (+8.5). C flight: Leo Lico (+4.5). D flight and superflight: Mike Saudus (+9).

Ocean Ridge couples
Results of two nets Sunday: Roger Buck, Linda Buck, Frank Burianek, Dusty Burianek, - 21. Most fairways hit: Tom O’Connell, Nancy O’Connell, Guy Giancarlo, Peggy Rowland, 48. Birdies: Guy Giancarlo at 1, Sue Kane (chip-in birdie) at 1, Kathy Wicke at 6, Peggy Rowland (chip-in birdie) at 6, Ron Schneider at 8. Chip-ins: Linda Buck at 14. Gross: Ron Schneider, 86; Frank Burianek, 87; George Brooks, 87. Net: Kathy Wicke, 65; Peggy Rowland, 67; Frank Burianek, 66, Tom O’Connell and Rich Kane, 69.

Ocean Ridge men
Results April 1 at Panther’s Run (two-man teams, one net): 1. Doug McKeever, Rick Wheaton, Guy Giancarlo, and Bob Ludman (-28); 2. Mike Mahoney, Greg Kent, Fred Bank, and Gene Jenkins (-24); 3. Rich Liggera, Bob Larkin, Dom Decando and Earl Miller (-22). Closest to the pin from gold tees, Ted Pounds; from white tees, Mike Mahoney. Gross: Doug McKeever (75), Ed McCloskey (76) and Bob Callihan (79). Net: Guy Giancarlo (61), Rick Wheaton (63), Ted Pounds (63) and John Wehner (65).
Stableford results April 3 at Panther’s Run. 1. At 120, Nelson Johnson, Larry Wright, John Olio and Chuck Fitzgerald; 2. At 117, Ed McCloskey, Bill Carter, Hank Vogt and Al Bassett; 3. At 115, John Sebra, Frank Burianek, George Woodard and Bob Ludman: 4. At 113, Rich Liggera, Ralph Divito, Bill Walker and Hugh Carano.
Closest to pin at No. 2, Bill Johnston, 3 feet, 7.5 inches; at 11, Guy Giancarlo, 7-3. Net: 62, John Sebra; 64, Charlie Augone; 65, Joe Quaglia; 66, Rich Liggera; 67, Ed McCloskey, Hugh Carrano, Bill Hall, Kevin Fitzgerald; 68, Frank Burianek; 69, John Olio and John Wehner.

Game April 2 was crossover. Compare net score on the first nine with the score on the second nine. Take the better score on each hole. Piper to Bay: 1. Karen Spinelli, 26; 2. Ethel Nobles, 27; 3. Ann Leahy, 28; 4. Mary Stern 29; T-5. Judy DeStefon and Joyce Westcott, 30. Sand to Piper: 1. Joyce Labonte, 25; 2. Ella Mae Brooks, 25.5; 3. Ginny Milora, 26; T-4. Bernice McRoberts and Barb Bartholomew, 26.5. Birdies: Ella Mae Brooks, Piper No. 6; Mary Dickerson, Piper No. 5; Candy Jones, Piper No. 6. Chip-in: Betty Swain, Piper No. 8.

On April 5, a group of 11 braved the cold and wet conditions at Sandpiper Bay and played Chicago. (One golfer played one hole and left.) There was a three-way tie for first at -6 among Tom Townsend, Louie Valenzuela and Stan Opalka. Closest to pin on Sand No. 8 was Wayne Purdy.

Sandpiper Bay MGA
The format April was throwaway (one hole per player may be thrown out). Count all four players’ score for the round. First at -45 were Andy Thorndyke, Jack Robbins, Louis Valenzuela and Jack Dobson. Second at -41 were Al Hooker, Jack Hinte, Lee Parker and Chuck Maglio. Third at -39 were Ralph Bowman, Ralph Bowman Jr., Mike Matlock and Tom Ioven.

Sea Trail LGA
Results April 3 at the Maples Course. Flight 1, gross: Pat DeMattia, 87, Gloria Wimmer 91; Net: Bobbie deLagarde, 70; Mary Alice Jerome 73. Flight 2, gross: Kathy Grossi, 89; Mary Lou Dunbar, 94. Net: Flo Hill, 70; Jo Ann Barton, 70. Flight 3, gross: Ruth Apalinski, 98; Paula Jones, 100. Net: Birgit Carpenter, 69; Carol Humphreys, 73.
Closest to pin: Sandy Campbell at 3, Pat Gooding at 5, Marge Layden at 11, Pat Gooding at 17. Birdies: Pat DeMattia at 13, Paula Jones at 18, Sandra Campbell at 3. Chip-ins: Mary Alice Jerome at 7, Mary Lou Dunbar at 2, Mary Lou Miller at 11, Paula Jones at 18, Birgit Carpenter at 4.

Sea Trail men
Sea Trail men played April 2 on the Jones Course. Awards were given for either gross or net in flights. A flight, gross: 1. Lou DeVita, 86; 2. Mike Luff, 90. Net: 1. Bill Muckridge, 75; 2. Charlie Hanlon, 80. B flight, gross: Mike Bennett, 93; 2. Jack Dambaugh, 97. Net: 1. Mike Hargreaves, 77; 2. Jim Halla, 84. C flight, gross: 1. Eric Schultz, 85; 2. John Barton, 87; 3. Bo Sellers, 90 (match of cards); 4. Bill Jones, 90. Net: 1. George Hill, 69; 2. Dick Sellers, 70; 3. Jim Hunt, 73; 4. Jim Hitchcock, 75. D flight, gross: 1. Howard Van Dusen, 91; 2. Frank Martorelli, 94; 3. Stan Tempsick, 98; 4. Jerry Tanner, 99. Net: 1. Tony Imondi, 66; 2. Larry Tedesco, 67 (match of cards); 3. Ches Burton, 67; 4. Earl Geary, 69.

Thistle men
Two best-ball net event on March 2. Front nine: Mike Allocco, Bill Malloy, David Stuart, -6. Back nine: Tying for first was the team Mike Allocco, Bill Malloy and David Stuart and the team of Brownie Cordell, Ed Gurski and Jimmy Trotter, -6. Overall: Mike Allocco, Bill Malloy, David Stuart, -12. Low score, gross: Ralph Eckley 78.
Three best-ball net event March 5: Front nine: Mike Allocco, Bill Malloy, Jimmy Trotter, Randy Weller, -11. Back nine: 1. Ralph Eckley, (player by draw) Jim Helm, Royal Philpott, Ed Tuttle, -13; Overall: 1. Mike Allocco, Bill Malloy, Jimmy Trotter, Randy Weller, -20. Low scores, gross: Jimmy Trotter 76, Paul Smotas, 77.

True Lies
Results April 6 at Beachwood: 1. Carmen Federico, Butch Cretera and Rick Joy; 2. Rich Segotta, Bob Roberson, Tom Drobish and Ralph Wojtowicz; 3. Bob Rigoli, Charlie Dugan, Ralph DePinto and Leo Getgen; 4. Jim Bozzone, Larry Bender, Dennis Sullivan and Rich Borakove; 5. Ken Dierks, Mike Fagan, Mark Segar and Roger Le Brun; 6. J. C. Peloquin, Ron Gag’ner, Catfish Stowe and Ray Dowling. Closest to pin: Mike Fagan, Leo Getgen, Rich Segotta and Rich Borakove.

WGA Winding River
WGA Winding River golf results April 2 (gross score on even-numbered holes, net on odd-numbered holes: Flight 1: 1. Connie Koch; 2. Marilyn Greenfield; 3. Jane Schlesser. Flight 2: 1. Mimi Benson and Maggie Holcomb; 2. Joanne Lynch. Flight 3: 1. Donna Agopsowicz; 2. Donna Fish, Nora Sandor, Pat Terwilliger. Flight 4: 1. Kathy Andrew; 2. Carole Loof; 3. Mary Schule . Chip-ins Dawn Cloutier, Carole Loof, Ronnie Oehme, Diana Wells. Birdies: Diana Wells, Marilyn Greenfield.