Scores, highlights of area golf leagues

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Brunswick Plantation LGA
The game April 22 was best of nine. Magnolia-Dogwood: 1. Geri Conroy (21.5), 2. Linda Rothenberger (23.5). Dogwood-Azalea: 1. Dianne Lucarelli (22), 2. Janet Iekel (25.5). Closest to pin: Dianne Lucarelli (Azalea No. 4); Mae Drezek (Magnolia No. 4). Birdies: Camille Cantello (Dogwood No. 4); Mary Helen Naecker (Magnolia No. 7); Alcina Davis (Dogwood No. 8).

On April 22 at The Thistle, Pete Scott, Bob Jaeger, Joe Gallo and a player by draw placed first at 166.Teams scored a gross and a net on the par 4s and par 5s and scored a gross and two nets on the par 3s. Sid Pennington, Karl Pettersen, Jody Serensits and a player by draw were second.
On April 14 at Possum Trot, Steve Maiorca, Karl Pettersen, John Ducey and a player by draw placed first at 156. Members scored a gross and a net per hole. Sid Pennington, Tony Languell, Greg Jensen and Joe Gallo placed second.
On Friday at Heather Glen, Pete Scott, Jim Kennedy, Steve Maiorca and Rich West and a player by draw placed first at 191. Teams scored two balls on the par 3s and par 5s and and a gross and two nets on the par 4s. Ron Doeblin, Sid Pennington, John Ducey and Joe Gallo were second.

Calabash Elks
Results April 24 of the league event at Carolina Shores. Flight A: Don Hunt, 64. Flight B: Bill Toomey, 64; Flight C: Paul Walsh, 69. Closest to pin: Jim Barker, 7 feet, 9 inches, at No. 17.

Carolina Shores Niners
March 21 results: Flight A gross was a tie between Jan Pecott and Ginny Ridinger. Jan Pecott won net. Flight B gross winner was Halla Cramer. Halla Cramer and Marg Bergan tied for net honors.
March 28 results: Flight A gross winner was Ursula Moore. Net winner was Jan Pecott. Flight B gross winner was Rose Mary Jones. Net was a tie between Halla Cramer and Mary Fran Ryon.
April 11 resuts: Flight A gross winner was Char Pietrondi. Net was a tie between Jan Pecott and Ginny Ridinger. In Flight B, Carol Hamilton won gross and net.
On April 18, Flight A winner of gross and net was Jan Pecott. Flight B winner of gross and net was Mary Fran Ryon.

Crow Creek MGA
On April 23, 11 three-man teams participated in a quota game. First at +9 were John Sparks, Paul Murray and Brian Nordberg. Second at +8 were Mike Travers, Bob Lesko and Ray Hickey. Third at +3 were John Pennell, John Buddemeyer and Tom Furgalack. Fourth at +1 were Wade Goyne, Ray Schatz and Mike Murphy. Fifth at -2 were Walt Fedyna, Artie Stoecker and Adrin Colville. Flight A: Mike Travers, +10; flight B: Artie Stoecker, +3; flight C, John Sparks, +5. The par-3 winners were Jay Bushell, Walt Fedyna, Bob Lesko and Brian Nordberg.

Crow Creek women
Results April 23. Flight 1 gross, Joan Hannah, 88. Net: Bev Ibbott, 68; Dorine Stoecker, 70. Flight 2 gross, Sandi Pilney, 98. Net: Marley Cohen, 70; Linda Pillion, 80. Flight 3 gross, Marsha Krug, 104, Net: Debi Sparks, 74; Ingrid Fallon, 80. Flight 4 gross, Sue Nordberg, 109. Net: Sharon Hall, 75; Sue Pennell, 79. Birdies: Bev Ibbott at 8.

DFC Friday group
Stableford results April 26 at Carolina Shores. First: Don Fidura, Jim Milstead, Ed Hobgood, Adam Peters (+2). Second: Bill Favro, Dick Turner, Rick Ellwanger, Russ Thompson (-0.5) Third: John Carlough, Ron George, Bill James, Bill Cleaver (-1). Fourth: Chaz Rowe, Mike Smith, John Monk, Kel Saunders (-4). Fifth: Duane Durbin, Nick Calderaro, Dick Carter, Paul Hourigan (-7). Superflight: Don Fidura (+7).

Grand Strand SMGA
The Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event April 22 at Island Green Country Club in Myrtle Beach, S.C., and 61 golfers participated in four flights. A flight: Austin Overby (83 gross), Joe Burmer (72 net). B flight: Mitch Jordan (79 gross), Jack Frischmann (66 net). C flight: Norm Melanson (87 gross), Leroy Phillips (66 net). D flight: Ron Tropauer (102 gross), Dave Buchholz (62 net). Notable closest to pin from gold tee: No. 2, Rick Ruiz, 5-10.

Lockwood Folly
Count all par 3s, all par 5s and one par 4. First at 30: Pat Armistead, Dianne Hoffman, Bobbi Platukis. Chip-ins: Bobbi Platukis, Sharon Van Dusen, Pat Armistead. Birdies: Bobbi Platukis, Dianne Hoffman.

Results April 23 at Farmstead. Front nine, first: John Crowder, Dick Carter, Spunk Gourley, Roger Rawley (+9.5) Second: Ed Hobgood, Bill McLoughlin, Bill Kasper (+7). Back nine, first: Jim Poole, Duane Durbin, Dick Klesius, George Stencel (+13.5). Second: Keath Heyn, Jim Marsh, Paul Hourigan, Bob McLeary (+7). Overall first: Jim Poole, Duane Durbin, Dick Klesius, George Stencel (+18.5) Second: John Crowder, Dick Carter, Spunk Gourley, Roger Rawley (+15) Third: Bill Favro, Dan Bruscella, Charley Barry, Russ Thompson (+10). Flight A: Ed Hobgood, Jim Poole (+4). Flight B: Dick Carter (+7.5). Flight C: Charley Berry (+5). Flight D and Superflight: George Stencel (+10).

Meadowlands Missfits
The Meadowlands Missfits Golf League played on April 22 at Farmstead. Flight 1, gross: 1. Grace Kim, 89, 2. Donna Phelps, 90, 3. Laurie Schatz, 93. Putts: Maryann Kelly, 38. Flight 2, gross: Eileen Reddy, 92. 2. Bev Ibbott, 93, 3. Marje Roach, 97. Putts: Anna Merritt, 32. Birdies: Laurie Schatz at 18.

Ocean Ridge couples
Results Sunday at Lion’s Paw (one gross on par 3s, two nets on others): 1: Colleen Plebanek, Linda Buck, Bob Plebanek, Roger Buck, -20; 2. Peggy Rowland, Bev Furman, Lynn Furman, Rich Kane, -14. Gross; Pat Brooks and Bob Plebanek, 87. Net: Pat Brooks, 66; Bev Furman, 68; Peggy Rowland, 69; Bob Plebanek, 68.

Ocean Ridge LGA
Net results April 22 at Tiger’s Eye: 1. Cathy Story, 70; 2. Colleen Plebanek, 71; 3. Joan Hill, 73. Chip-ins: Phyllis O’Connor at 12, Ginny Alger at 2. Gross: Cathy Story, 90.
Net results of 6-6-6 April 24 at Lion’s Paw. First at 124 were Priscilla Chambers, Sue Carano, Patti Dugan and Sue Houser. Second at 124 were Kathy Wicke, Jan Cameron, Judy Keegan and Juli Miller (player by draw). Third at 129 were Colleen Plebanek, Peggy Rowland, Phyllis O’Connor and Pam Bank (player by draw). Gross: Pat Brooks, 95. Net: Colleen Plebanek and Linda Buck, 64. Chip-ins: Grace Bradicich at 2 and 8, Juli Miller at 1, Susan Scott at 18 and Nancy Ward at 12.

Ocean Ridge MGA
Results (two gross) April 22 at Tiger’s Eye: 1. (+16, by match of cards) Jim Story, George Brooks, Roger Buck and Gene Jenkins; 2. (+16) Rich Liggera, Andy Carden, Bob Larkin and Paul Jensen; 3. (+18) Roger Bevan, John Olio, Bob Larkin (player by draw) and Hugh Carano. Closest to pin: at No. 6, Bob Larkin; at No. 11, Jim Story. Gross: Jim Story, 76; Bob Larkin, 83; Roger Bevan, 84; Lyle Tripp, 85; John Sebra, 87.
Results (two nets) April 22 at Panther’s Run: 1. (-27) Ed Sandidge, Bert Kuthe, Bob Fatzinger and Rick Linblom; 2. (-25) Larry Wright, Lou Stamboni, Dick Atkinson and Lynn Furman; 3. (-22) Jim Miller, Tom Waldron, Glenn Hess and Robert Houser.
Results (five-club limit) April 24 at Lion’s Paw. Flight A, white tee: Rick Wheaton 71, Gordon Wicke 75 and Rod Peterson 77. Flight B, white tee: George Brooks 69, Gary Prock 73 and Paul Jensen 74. Flight A, gold tee: Guy Giancarlo 73, Ed Sandidge 75 and Joe Coffini 76. Flight B, gold tee: Lynn Furman 72, Rich Kane 72 and Bob Plebanek 77. Closest to the pin at No. 3, gold tee: Joe Coffini; at No. 17, white tee, Kevin Fitzgerald.
Stableford results April 25 at Farmstead: (+30) Rich Michaels, Gary Cohen, Bob Lange, Dick Pearce; (+29) Bill Favro, Nick Samela, Jack Haught, Bob Martin; (+27) Tim Biser, Tom Eisenhauer, Roy Teasley, Steve Jones; (+22) Bill Russell, Jim Marsh, John Calabrese, Scott Berman; (+21) Denny Wise, Ron Lavoie, Ken Locatelli, Wil Garvin. Closest to pin: at 3, Ken Locatelli; at 6, Jim Marsh; at 12, Wil Garvin; at 15, Denny Wise; at 17, Ron Lavoie. Gross: Tom Eisenhauer, 77.

The game Friday was two-man best ball, net, on the Bay to Sand Course. First with a 56 were Don Moore and Tom Townsend. Second at 57 were Ed Apalinski and Louie Valenzuela. Third at 59 were Chris Christie and Mike Donovan. Fourth at 60 were Ralph Bowman and Don Capretta. Closest to the pin: at No. 5 Bay, Chris Christie; at No. 2 Sand, Jim Creighton.

Renegades of Carolina Shores
Results of two nets April 25 at Carolina Shores: 1. Betty Weaver, Karen Hertling, Linda Mullins, Jean Falls, 138; 2. Geri McTighe, Jane Jordan, Donna Watkins, Carol Groner, 140; 3. Dee Gillin, Laura Duncan, Debbie O’Dell, player by draw; 143. Gross: Sue Hensler, 86; Karen Hertling, 96; Marlene Cleary, 100. Net: Karen Hertling, 67; Carol Groner, 69 (match of cards), Dee Gillen, 69. Putts: Karen Hertling, 30. Chip-ins: Debbie O’Dell at 11, Marlene Cleary at 17, Karen Hertling at 4, Jean Falls at 5, Lois Howard at 12.

Sandpiper Bay MGA
April 24 was a qualifying round for the President’s Cup. Sand to Piper, gross: 1. Chris Christie, 78; 2. Jim Creighton, 81; 3. Denny Sams, 82; 4. Doug Stokes, J.J. Whalen, Gordy Coulson and Jack Hinte, 85. Net: 1. Tony Hanna 63; 2. Mike Donovan, Mike Casagranda and Tom Ioven, 64.
Bay to Sand, gross: 1. Garry Cofer, 75; Al Hooker, 78; Don Moore, 83; Lee Parker, 87. Net: 1. Ed McTighe, 62; 2. Al Bowman, 63; 3 Billy Sirk, 64; 4. Brian Westcott and Tom Townsend, 66.

Sea Trail LGA
Results April 24 at the Byrd Course. Convert worst hole to par. Flight 1: 1. Bobbie deLagarde, 63; 2. Mary Alice Jerome, 65; 3. Jo Anne Larson, 66. Flight 2: 1. Gayl Michael, 65 (match of cards); 2. Karen Rastocky, 65; 3. Kathy Grossi, 65. Flight 3: 1. Mary Lou Miller, 62; 2. Roz Dahlen, 63; 3. Jeanine Berger, 64. Flight 4: 1. Madeline Dubas, 64; 2. Ruth Apalinski, 66; 3. Virginia Foulds, 68. Birdies: Mary Lou Miller at 16, Roz Dahlen at 3, Judy Pusey at 3, Madeline Dubas at 11, Karen Rastocky at 7, Jeanine Berger at 11, Gloria Lee at 16. Chip-ins: Flo Hill at 5, Mary Alice Jerome at 17.

Sea Trail Niners
Results April. Front nine: 1. Ben and Babe Madura and Dick and Katie Bodner; 2. Dale and Cheryl Schutt and Gregg and Darlene DeCrane. Back nine: 1. Claire and Bill Walsek and Jack and Sally Dambaugh; 2. Wendell and Pat Booth and Doug and Carol Morrell.

Sea Trail couples
Results of two nets Sunday on the Jones Course: 1. (-26) Paula Jones, Loretta DeVitta, Wayne Hellmann and Mike  Jerome; 2. (-25) Maureen Foley, Joan Mason, Roz Dahlen and John Barton. Third (-24) Virginia Foulds, Mary Lou Dunbar, Jim Gooding and John  Markatos.

Thistle men
Three best-ball net event April 23. Front nine: 1. Brownie Cordell, Royal Philpott, Tom Vandeventer, Jim Wallace, -15; 2. Jeff Blumengold, Ralph Eckley, Al Fuqua, Jim Wallace, -6. Back nine: 1. Jeff Blumengold, Ralph Eckley, Al Fuqua, Jim Wallace, -6; 2. Larry Gray, Reece Hoben, Ed Tuttle, Jim Wallace, -2. Overall 1st Brownie Cordell, Royal Philpott, Tom Vendeventer, Jim Wallace, -12; 2. Jeff Blumengold, Ralph Eckley, Al Fuqua, Jim Wallace, -9. Gross: Ralph Eckley, 77.
Three best-ball net event April 26. Front nine: 1. Brownie Cordell, Larry Gray, Dan Northrup, Jimmy Trotter, -6; 2. Bill Creekmore, Ralph Eckley, Bill Malloy, Ed Tuttle, -3; Back nine: 1. Bill Creekmore, Ralph Eckley, Bill Malloy, Ed Tuttle, -11; 2. Brownie Cordell, Larry Gray, Dan Northrup, Jimmy Trotter, -9. Overall: 1. Brownie Cordell, Larry Gray, Dan Northrup, Jimmy Trotter, -15; 2. Bill Creekmore, Ralph Eckley, Al Fuqua, Ed Tuttle, -14. Gross: Ed Tuttle, 76; Dan Northrup, 78.

True Lies
Results April 27 at Cypress Bay (net 1-2-3): 1. Rich Segotta, Carmen Federico, Bob Roberson and Ron Gag’ner, 124; 2. Larry Bender, Ralph Wojtowicz and Dennis Sullivan, 126; 3. Bob Rigoli, Ollie Guthrie and Roger le Brun, 126; 4. Mark Segar, Allen Butterfass, Rick Joy and JC Peloquin, 136; 5. Jim Bozzone, Mike Fagan, Ralph DePinto and Charlie Dugan, 141. Closest to pin: Ralph Wojtowicz, Rich Segotta, Ollie Guthrie and J.C Peloquin.

Winding River WGA
Results of the member-member event April 23 and April 25 at Carolina National. Champions, net: Rose Marie Fassbender and Carole McNeil, 119; 2, Chris Trickett and Carol McAndrews, 122; 3. Wendy Burroughs and Penny Sillery, 123; 4. Janet Gorman and Bobbie Walker, 125; 5. Donna Agopsowicz and Colleen Brosh, 126; 6. Cathy Mack and Marianne Caruana, 128; 7. Diana Wells and Bobbie Graham, 129. Champions, gross: Martha Webster and Connie Koch 166.
Closest to pin: Egret No. 5, Char Hopkins; Heron No. 8, Karen Entwistle; Heron No. 5, Mary Shreffler; Ibis No. 5, Randi Fischer. Chip-ins: Colleen Brosh, Sue Mukoda, Bobbie Walker, Janet Gorman, Nora Sandor, Penny Sillery. Birdies: Sue Mukoda, Donna Fish, Colleen Brosh, Char Hopkins, Mary Shreffler, Penny Sillery, Chris Trickett.