Scores, highlights of area golf leagues

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By Staff Report

 Results reported last week by area golf leagues.




The Beachcombers played their second round of four of the young guys against the old guys tournament Friday, April 4, at Sandpiper Bay, and the young guys won 22-8. Low scores: Sid Silvers, 77; Tom Culverwell, 88; Scott MacBean and Gary Gutheil, 89. Net: Silvers, 63; Culverwell, 65; and Bob Cecil, 69.

This was a match play tournament with one point for the front, one point for the back and one point for the overall. Gutheil 2.5 beat Jim Ritter 2.5-0.5, Silvers beat Hal Riebesehl 3-0, Dan O’Connell beat Dick Cecil 3-0, MacBean beat Paul Michal 3- 0, Ed Nocella beat Bob Smith 3-0, Culverwell beat Jim Beairsto 3-0, Roy Laster beat Bob Smith 3-0, Bob Cecil beat Larry Cecil 3-0, Brett Dunham beat Bud Dunham 2-1 and Ed Redman beat Tom Quick 3-0. Halfway through the tournament , the young guys lead the old guys 39-5 20.5. Silvers is golfer of the week.


Brierwood MGA

Results April 3 of one gross score, one net score event: 1. Al Bloom, Bernie Gruzlewski, Chuck Hornfeck and Paul Salerno, 140 (-4); 2. Dave Capitano, Gary McDaniel, Bob Nobes and Dennis Shea, 143 (-1); 3. Jack Bubb, Dave Harper, Tom Kronyak and Mike Prokop, 148 (+4).


Brierwood WGA

Net results April 1. Format was substitute par for one hole on front and on back, full handicap. First flight: Nancy Kumlin, 63; Cindy Northrup, 64. Kumlin chipped in at No. 17 and made a birdie at No. 9. Northrup chipped in at Nos. 2 and 8. Second flight: Jean Billie, 64, Marianne Nobes and Carol Fitz-Gerald, 73.


Brunswick Plantation

Results for March 31 of two-team relay. Azalea-Magnolia: 1. Lori Schneider and Barbara Berinoto, 72. 2. Barbara Johnson and Alcina Davis, 73. Dogwood-Azalea: 1. Evelyn Claus and Linda Rothenberger, 85. 2. Dianne Lucarelli and Carrie Wilson, 86. Birdie: Karen Buchelt, Azalea 2. Chip-in: Berinoto at Azalea 2 and Azalea 3. Closest to pin: Davis at Azalea 4.



Joe Gallo, Jim Kennedy Mike Deveruex and Greg Jensen won the CFAG event March 31 at Possum Trot. The format was two scores on the par 4s and the par 5s and three scores on the par 3s. They shot a 155. In second were Arnie Northrop, John Tighe, Mike Fedak and Jody Serensits. In third were Steve Maiorca, Ron Doeblin, Bob Levan and John Ducey.

The format Wednesday, April 2, was cha-cha-cha at Meadowlands. The winning team of Serensits, Tony Languell, Ducey and Greg Jensen scored a 158. Second were Gallo, Karl Petersen, Levan and Maiorca.

The format Friday, April 4, was a net and a gross on each hole at Heather Glen. Serensits, Dan Kutschman, Bryant Barger and Paul Coscia who won with a score of 146. Second were Ducey, Geoff Girling, Sid Pennington and a player by draw. Third were Jim Kennedy, Gallo, Tighe and Jensen.


Calabash Elks

Net results of the league event Wednesday, April 2, at Carolina Shores. Flight A: Bill Malloy, 67. B flight: Mike McCormack, 70. C flight: Jim Filkins, 69. Closest to pin: at 3, Don Hammer, 9 feet; at 12, Tom Klink, 5-0; at 17, Herb  Johnson, 7-0.


Carolina Bogey Busters

Results April 1 at Brierwood. Flight A, gross: Joe Burmer, 83; Dick Wilson, 90; Ed Bier, 92. Flight B, gross: Ralph Phillips, 95; Malcolm Jaggard, 97; Steve White, 97; Ron Watson, 102. Flight A, net: Al Harms, 72; Burmer, 73; Wilson, 75; Charlie Dugan, 75. Flight B, net: Phillips, 71; Jaggard, 71; Ken Hodous, 72; Sam Konrad, 73.

Putts: Burmer, 23; Harms, 27; Hodous, 28; Konrad, 30; Dugan, 31; Wilson, 31.


Carolina Shores

Keith Rogerson, Joe Broderick, Ron Pecina and Fen Loomer won the league event Friday, April 4. The format was one gross and one net. They shot a 136. Second were Glenn Ikens, Vince Hammerl, Dick Boyle and Joe McDonough (137). Third by a match of cards at 138 were Jay Leskowicz, Jim Powell, Jack Bendy and Bob Bosman. Bill Marsh, Bob Fyock, Mike Donahue and Leo Jarmusz were fourth. Fifth at 141 were Bob Barrett, Phil Anderson, Jim Burke and Roger Thompson. Sixth were Mal Mac Raild, Kerry Jarrell, Bill Harniman and Dorsey Bouque.


Grand Strand SMGA

The Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association played its weekly tournament March 31 at Lockwood Folly Country Club. The format is stroke play with handicap and 83 golfers participated in eight flights. Flight A: Jim Cokinos (85 gross), John Webb (74 net). B flight: Joe Burmer (92 gross), Tony Languell (77 net). C flight: John Stokley (78 gross), Bill Jones (71 net). D flight: Tom Franchine (90 gross), Jeff Adams (74 net). E flight: Ed Dolan (93 gross), Fred Welch (77 net). F flight: Charles Radcliff (95 gross), Steve Anthony (75 net). G flight: Jack Davison (99 gross), Joe Lux (76 net). H flight: Bill Harbin (92 gross), Ed Carney (74 net). Closest to pin, white tee: No. 2, Rick Thren 15 feet, 7 inches; No. 11, Cokinos, 30-0; No. 16, Languell, 14-0. Gold tee: No. 2, Steve Anthony, 16-1; No. 6, Jim Harlow, 41-9; No.11, Bill Harbin, 8-6; No. 16, Stokley, 13-0.



Stableford results April 1 at Farmstead: Front nine: Bob Claffey, Jim Boone, Vincent McGeachie and Richard Smith (+9); Bill Favro, Jim Marsh, Roger Rawley and Rick Rickert (+7.5). Back nine: Bob Wiltbank, Spunk Gourley, Jack Monahan and Bill Prince tied with Rick Ellwanger, Jim Brink, Larry May and Bill  Kasper (+6). Overall: Claffey, Boone, McGeachie and Smith (+13); John Crowder, Charlie Pahl, Bill Tenza and Howard Ratcliffe tied with Wiltbank, Gourley, Monahan and Bill Prince (+11). Flight A: Claffey (+6). Flight B (and superflight): Gourley (+7.5). Flight C: John Cordier (+5.5). Flight D: Prince (+5).


Ocean Ridge LGA

Results March 31 at Lion’s Paw of two nets of each team of three. First: Jan Cameron, Doris McLaughlin and Judy Keegan. Second: Maureen Craik, Lori Bonnington and Mickie Underhill. Chip-ins: Underhill at 14, Sharon Benson at 8 and 15. Birdies: Craik at 6. Chip-in Birdie: Patti Lawson at 6. Gross: Craik, 96. Net: Cameron, 68.



Lockwood Folly

Rick Wolff scored a double eagle on the third hole at Lockwood

Folly.  He hit his second shot into the hole on the par-5, third hole on March 31.



Stableford results Thursday, April 3, at Farmstead. Denny Wise, Roy Teasley, Wil Garvin, Bob Caffey, +21; Bob Lange, Paul Groves, John Calabrese, Scott Berman, +17; Tim Biser, Gary Cohen, Dick Pearce,+12; Bob Davis, Art Williams, Steve Jones, Ray O'Donnell, +9; Bill Favro, Bill Russell, Dom Cersosimo, Howard Ratcliff, +5; Ron Lavoie, Bob Butkevecius, Jack Haught, Bill Kasper, +3. Closest to the pin: at 3, Williams; at 6, Favro; at 12, Roy Teasley; at 15, Caffey, at 17, Butkevicius. Gross: Caffey, 75.



Result of even-number holes April 3 at Carolina Shores: 1. Blanche Johnson, 35; 2. Kathy Hahl, 37; 3. Debbie Creamer, 38. Gross: Sue Keck, 94; Karen Hertling, 97; Jean Falls, 99. Net: Falls, 69; Hahl, 70; Debbie Creamer, 70. Putts: Hahl, 30. Chip-ins: Hertling at 9 and 16, Linda Mullins at 16, Ilse Bateman at 6, Debbie O’Dell at 7 and Sharon Clark at 11. Birdies: Sue Keck at 9.


Sandpiper Bay Piperettes

Results of par 3s and par 4s. Play all 18 holes but count only the net par 3s and net par 5s for the game score. Bay to Sand: Ann Pollack, 32.5; Joyce Westcott, 34; Ann Leahy, 34.5; Judy Destefon, 35. Sand to Piper: Bernice Morris, 41; Candy Jones, 42.5; Ann Adams, 44; Mary Ard, 44.5; Mary Featherstone, 45.5; Betty Swain, 46. Birdies: Morris at Piper No. 8. Chip-ins: Adams at Piper No. 6.


Sea Trail couples

Forty-eight members of the Sea Trail Couples Golf League played a two-nets tourney March 30 on the Maples Course. First at -22 were John and JoAnn Barton and Gene and Diane Scheck. Second at -19 were Bill and Paula Jones and Ron and Madeline Dubas. Third at -18 were Bill and Gail Miller and Charlie and Sharon Winters. Fourth at -18 were Lou and Loretta DeVita and Dick and Muriel Saunders.


Sea Trail LGA

Results April 2 at the Byrd Course. Flight 1: Gross: Mary Alice Jerome, 86, Mo Spada, 86. Net: Mary Bergere, 69; Nancy Flaherty, 70. Flight 2: Louisa Clatterbuck, 91; Marylou Dunbar, 96. Net: Paula Jones, 69; Coralea Lander, 73. Flight 3: Jeanine Berger, 100; Denise Kenny, 100. Net: Birgit Carpenter, 68; Donna Morris, 72. Flight 4: Cheryl Campbell, 106; Muriel Saunders, 114. Virginia Foulds, 75; Sandra Campbell, 81.

Birdies: Roz Dahlen at 2, Clatterbuck at 3, Spada at 3 and 9, Campbell at 7, Lyn Costner at 18, Sandy Reynolds at 16.

Chip-ins: Roz Dahlen at 2, Jerome at 10, Sharon Winter at 13, Debbie Isley at 13, Jones at 6, Foulds at 2, Campbell at 7, Reynolds at 1, Georgia Brockway at 1 and 15. Closest to pin: Lander at 2, Gayle Michael at 7, Reynolds at 16.


Sea Trail men

Results of the gross score, net score tournament April 1 at the Byrd Course. Flight A, gross: Mike Depauw and Pete Skalak, 73. Net: 1. Ron Dubas, 64; 2. Lou DeVita, 65. B flight, gross: 1. Gary Fagan, 85; 2. Mike Bennett, 91. Net: Mike Hargreaves, 68; Charles Diehl, 73. C flight, gross: 1. Gene Scheck, 83; 2. Bill Jones, 84. Net: 1. Jim Foley, 71; 2. John Barton, 73. D flight, gross: 1. Bo Sellers, 85; 2. Jim Gooding, 88. Net: 1. Vince Brown, 67; 2. Tony Imondi, 69. E flight, gross: 1. John Johnsen, 88; 2. Dick Sellers, 93. Net: 1. Joe Carpinello, 70; 2. Tom Robbins, 73. F flight, gross: 1. Frank Martorelli, 87; 2. George Bartley, 94. Net: 1. Mike Pozdol, 68; 2. Jerry Tanner, 73 (match of cards).


True Lies

Results of two Saturday, April 5, at Beachwood: Carmen Federico, Rich Borakove, Mark

Segar and a player by draw, 110; Charlie Dugan, Butch Cretera, Rick Joy and Dennis

Sullivan, 116; Jim Bozzone, Ken Dierks, Rich Segotta and Allen Butterfass, 120.

Closest to pin: Carmen Federico (2), Rich Segotta and Dennis Sullivan.


Winding River WGA

The Winding River Women’s Golf Association at Carolina National Golf Club played on April Fools’ Day a game of gross score minus age. Flight 1: Linda Bergstrom (19), Diana Wells (22), Marilyn Greenfield and Terry Miller (24). Flight 2: Susan Hadenchuk (26), Dawn Cloutier (28) and Colleen Brosh (33). Flight 3: Carol Rogers (24), Carol McAndrews (25) and Mary Schuler (39). Flight 4: Sue Mukoda (35), Vicki Duke (35) and Marlene Stapelfeldt (37).

Rogers and Bergstrom had birdies on April 1 and Suzanne Charles, Chris Trickett, Lois Godfrey and Stapelfeldt had birdies on April 3. Rogers, Ronnie Oehme and Maggie Holcomb had chip-ins on April 1 and Mimi Benson chipped in on April 3. Mil Crane chipped in on April 1 and April 3.


Church tournament

Shallotte Presbyterian Church will play its annual community charity golf tournament in memory of Jerry Oakley on May 24 at the Fazio Course at Barefoot Resort and Golf. The golf begins at 9 a.m. Breakfast, buffet lunch and free range balls are included in the price of $75 per golfer. There will be closest to the pin and long drive contests. Prizes will be awarded in various divisions. For more information, call Ed Kazan at 579-3384 or email kazan@atmc.net.