Scores, highlights of area golf leagues

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By Staff Report


Results reported by area golf leagues.



The Beachcombers played a two-nets tournament Friday, May 2, at Sandpiper Bay. Finishing first at 115 (-28) were Bob Smith, Hal Riebesehl, Bob Byrne and Gary Gutheil. Second were Tom Quick, Bob Brownley, Ed Redman and Bill McDavit at 125 (-18). Gross: Sid Silvers, 86; Scott McBean and Paul Michal, 88. Net: Riebesehl, 63; Smith and John Beairsto, 64; Ed Nocella, 65; Michal and Dan O’Connell, 66; Reggie Auten and Brownley, 67; McBean, 68; and Byrne, 69. Riebesehl is golfer of the week.


Brierwood WGA

Results April 29 of best nine, net scores. First flight: Sue Janovic, 22; Sherry Pittman and Sara Lula, 27. Hilda Hall chipped in on No. 11. Second flight: Cindy Northrup, 26; Mickey Salerno, 27.


Brunswick Plantation

Results of two-team fewest putts April 28. Azalea to Magnolia:Mae Drezek and Karen Buchelt, 62; Alcina Davis and Becky Seibert, 68. Magnolia to Dogwood: Barbara Patten and Kathy Lucyszyn, 70; Sue Kenny and Grace Byrne, 70. Chip-ins: Wanda Krasniewicz at Dogwood 5, Kathy Rosenberg at Dogwood 5, Denise Rochford at Azalea 3, Ellie Grant at Magnolia 5. Birdies: Pat Wish at Magnolia 6, Drezek at Magnolia 6, Byrne at Magnolia 2. Closest to pin: Trish Lemmon, Kenny and Lori Schneider.



In the reverse cha-cha-cha April 28 at Heather Glen, winners at 4-under-par 134 were Jim Kennedy, Steve Maiorca, Sid Pennington and Rich West. Second were Geoff Girling, Bob Levan, Barry Van der Meer and John Tighe. Third were Pete Scott, Joe Gallo, John Ducey and a player by draw.

In the Stableford First Tee Card event Wednesday, April 30, at Sandpiper Bay, shortened by rain, first at +5 was Gallo. Second was Ducey at +1. Third was Karl Pettersen at even. Fourth was Pennington at -1. Fifth was Tony Languell at -2.

In a reverse cha-cha-cha Friday, May 2 at Possum Trot, the winners at 138 were Pennington, West, Maiorca and Vince Yates. Second were Scott, Ducey, Dan Kutschman and Sam Faraq. Third were Gallo, Ron Doeblin, Bob Levan and Greg Jensen.


Crow Creek

Results April 29 of best nine doubled (front or back). Flight 1: Nancy Pennington, 63; Linda Pillion, 63. Flight 2: Marlene Schatz, 60; Kathy Hepfinger, 62. Flight 3: Sandie Lindell, 59; Sue Nordberg, 60. Birdies: Nordberg at 6, Sharon Hall at 8 and 11, Schatz at 11, Pennington at 11.



Stableford results Friday, May 2, at Crown Park. Jim Milstead, Bill Hertline, Paul Hourigan (+11.5); Chas Rowe, Al Thompson, Al Lawrie, Russ Thompson; Howie Murphy, Mike Naudus, Ed Hobgood and Ed Cooper; Bill Favro, Jack Gin and Duane Durbin; Larry Zub, Ron George, Charie Shreck and Bubba Prigge (+11); Adam Peters, Rick Ellwanger, Don Fidura, John Carlough (+10.5).

Adam Peters won the superflight (+13.5) and shot his age (74).


Grand Strand SMGA

The Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association played its weekly tournament April 28 on Diamond Back at Woodland Valley Country Club in Loris, S.C., and 96 golfers participated in seven flights. Flight A: Dennis Downes (82 gross), Tony Giresi (69 net). B flight: Bert Hayslip (88 gross), Raymond Hedlibridle (64 net). C flight: Bill Jones (81 gross), Dave Salisch (65 net). D flight: Gary Cohen (86 gross), Don Miller (65 net). E flight: Russ Case (86 gross), John Olson (67 net). F flight: Neil Prota (96 gross), Ed Eaton (65 net). G flight: Leroy Phillips (88 gross), Bob Lewis (62 net).

Closest to pin, white tee: No. 4, Dave Eckroth, hole-in-one (176 yards, using a 5-iron); No. 8, Gary Bergenty, 5 feet, 1 inch; No. 12,  Eckroth, 9-6; No. 16, Norm Fay, 16-9. Gold tee: No. 4, Ed Dolan, 1-8; No. 8, Peter Perog, 5-9; No.12, Bill Jones, 5-9; No. 16, Dave Pelletier, 5-10.


Lockwood Folly LGA

Results Thursday, May 1, of o-n-e-s. First: Gerry Brewer, 31. Second: Phyllis Johnson and Bobbi Platukis, 32.5.Third Carol Bowers, 33.


Meadowlands men

Stableford results April 22 at Meadowlands. Front nine: Bill Favro, John Cordier, Bruce Betner and Ed Synowiec (+10); Dick Puskar, Jim Marsh, Dick Klesius and Howard Ratcliffe (+6). Back nine: Favro, Cordier, Betner and Synowiec (+9.5); Puskar, Marsh, Klesius and Ratcliffe (+8). Overall: Favro, Cordier, Betner and Synowiec (+19.5); Puskar, Marsh, Klesius and Ratcliffe (+14); Gary Cohen, Spunk Gourley, Vinnie McGeachie and Fred Wagner (+4.5). Flights: A: Favro (+9), B: Gourley (+4), C: May (+5), D: Ratcliffe.


Meadowlands men at Farmstead

Stableford results April 29 at Farmstead: Front nine: John Crowder, Bruce Betner, Vincent McGechie and Bill Rudnick (+9.5); Bill Favro, Jim Williams, Bill Prince and Fred Wagner tied with Spunk Gourley, Jim Marsh and Tim Byrd (+8) Back nine: Crowder, Betner, McGechie and Rudnick (+14); Favro, Williams, Prince and Wagner (+13.5). Overall: Crowder, Betner, McGechie and Rudnick (+23.5); Favro, Williams, Prince and Wagner (+21.5); Keath Heyn, Charlie Barry, Roger Rawley and Howard Ratcliffe (+14.5). Flight A: Jim Brink (+9.5); B: Williams (7.5); C and superflight: McGechie (+11); D: Ratcliffe (+6.5). 


Meadowlands/Farmstead women

Results April 28 of Par 4s doubled.Flight 1: Mary Ann Kelly, 67l Nancy Puskar, 74; Judy Hardin, 74. Flight 2: Eileen Reddy, 59; Marje Roach, 70; Nancy Griffin, 72. Flight 3: Pat DiRisio, 69; Dorine Stoecker, 77; Peggy Acree, 78. Flight 4: Bonnie Johnson, 65; Sue Nordberg, 72; Barb Finn, 76. Birdies: Nancy Andrews at 3, M.J. LaBant at 6 and 12, Pat Hamrick at 12, Puskar at 17, Donna Phelps at 18. Chip-ins: Phelps at 18.


Ocean Ridge

Stableford results April 28 at Lion’s Paw. First at 156 were Carole Schuster, Mickie Underhill, Peggy Rowland and Kathy Bassett. Second at 154 were Susan Carano, Jan Cameron, Patti Lawson and Phyllis O’Connor (player by draw). Birdies: Michelle Sherwood at No. 6 and Sylvia Thorne a chip-on at No. 11. Chip-ins: Schuster at 12 and Underhill at 17.  Gross: Carano, 92. Net: Kathy Giancarlo and Jan Cameron, 63. 


Players Golf Association

Results of three nets Thursday, May 1 at Meadowlands. Rich Michaels, Dick Pearce, Bob Davis and Gary Cohen, 188; John Calabrese, Bob Butkevicius, Ernie Weeks and Howard Radcliff, 195; Bill Russell, Wil Garvin, John Cordier and a player by draw, 198; Bill Favro, Gary Cohen, Denny Wise and a player by draw, 198; Paul Groves, Bob Lange, Bill Kasper, Scott Berman 207. Closest to pin: at 5, Davis; at 8, Michaels; at 11, Berman; at 15, Pearce. Gross: Favro and Michaels, 81.


Michaels scores eagle

Rich Michaels eagled the par-5 399-yard 14th hole at Meadowlands on Thursday, May 1, using driver, 5-iron and sand wedge.



Results April 29. Sand to Piper gross:Judy Nicoletti, 78; Pat Reilley, 88; Jacquie Bridge, 94.Sand to Piper, net: Peggy Donawick, 66; Ann Pollack, 69; Judy Hanna, 72.Piper to Bay, gross:Ann Leahy 105, Barb Bartholomew, Bev Sarkasian and Karen Spinelli, 112.Piper to Bay, net: Brenda Goldsmith, 76; Bette Casagranda, 79; Sandy DeLaCruz, 81 Chip-ins:Donawick at Sand 1, Pollack at Sand 7.Birdies: Sonja Zeoli at Piper 3, Nicoletti at Piper 6, Reilley at Piper 8, Candy Jones at Piper 6, Bridge at Sand 2.



Results Thursday, May 1, at Carolina Shores. Karen Hertling, 93; Donna Watkins, 97; Sharon Clark, 101. Net: Hertling, 68; Clark, 70; Debbie O’Dell, 71. Putts: Hannon and Dottie Meader, 30. Chip-ins: Dolores Sanborn at 17, Susan Jarrell at 1, Sue Greiner at 2.    Birdies: Sanborn at 17.


Sea Trail couples

Fifty-two members of the Sea Trail Couples Golf League compete in the battle of the sexes April 27 on the Maples Course. The women won 16-8 with two matches all square.


True Lies

Results Saturday, May 3, at Beachwood of two nets: Jim Bozzone, Bob Rigoli and Allen Butterfass, 117; Mark Segar, Ron Gag’ner and Dennis Sullivan, 122; Charlie Dugan, Ralph Wojtowicz and Dave Stralkowski, 128. Closest to pin: Bozzone (two), Rigoli and Stralkowski.


Winding River WGA

Results of odd and even April 29 at Carolina National Golf Club  Flight 1: Jane Schlesser (32), Mary Shreffler (34), Susan Hadenchuck and Diana Wells (36). Flight 2: Mimi Benson (33), Lynne Rice (34) and Suzanne Charles (36). Flight 3: Lois Godfrey (32), Mary Schuler (33) and Janet Gorman (37). Flight 4: Carole McNeil (33), Donna Agopsowicz (35) and Ceil Washo (36).

Marilyn Greenfield scored a birdie and Connie Koch had a chip-in April 29. Cathy Mack had a birdie and a chip-in on April 29. On May 1, Penny Sillery and Marlene Stapelfeldt scored birdies and Randi Fischer scored a chip-in.