Scores, highlights of area golf leagues

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The Beachcombers played a two-man, one low net tournament Friday at the Pearl. The winners at 60 were Bob Byrne and Stu Cleveland. In second at 61 were Dan O’Connell and Larry Cecil. Lowest round: 78 by Reese Evans. Lowest net: Stu Cleveland, 63, and Jim Beairsto, 64. Beairsto is golfer of the week.

Brick Landing
The Brick Landing Ladies Golf Association played a game of odd holes March 29.  The first-flight winner was Dale Calhoon at 30.  Elsa Bonstein took second at 33 and Mary Biesack was third at 34. In the second flight, Ellen Rogoff was first at 35, Peg Agrimonti second at 36 and Sharon Brown third at 37.  Lois Huber was first in the third flightat 34.  Nancy Dickerson made a birdie at 2 and a chip-in at 14.

Brierwood WGA
Crossover results March 27. In the first flight, Hilda Hall and Dee Bogard tied for first at 27 and Sherry Pittman was second at 28. Sue Janovic had the fewest putts, 29.
In the second flight, Mickey Salerno was first at 27 and Cindy Northrup was second at 30. Mickey Salerno had fewest putts, 34. In the third flight, Rita DuGan and Marianne Nobes tied for first at 27 and Carol Fitz-Gerald was second at 29. Ruth Linder had fewest putts, 27. Hilda Hall had a chip-in at 12. Sue Janovic had chip-ins at 4 and 10, and Marianne Nobes had chip-ins at 3 and 9.

Brunswick Plantation
Results of match play March 26. First with 3 points: Janet Iekel, Pat Melvin, Camille Cantello. Second with 2.5 points: Louise Berber, Becky Seibert, Barbara Johnson. Third with 2 points: Geri Conroy, Wanda Woodlief, Barbara Berinoto, Grace Byrne. Closest to the pin: Camille Cantello (Magnolia 4) and Lori Schneider (Dogwood 4). Birdie chip-in: Nancy Smyka at Azalea 5.
Brunswick Plantation MGA
Stableford results March 27. Magnolia-Dogwood. 1. Jeff Hayden, Stan Drezek, Lou Berinoto, +3; 2. Steve Seibert, Al Sansone, Ron Ateshian, Mike Fiore, -3; Gary Kershner, Bob Gillespie, Ray Zera, Ace Kardoley, -12. Lowest round: Stan Drezek, 82. Dogwood-Azalea: 1. Steve Byrne, Gabby Grant, Ed Usher, +12; 2. Phil Meckling, Jerry Ingalls, Roger Pogoda, Bob Kogler ,+6. Lowest round: Steve Byrne, 76.
Stableford results March 29. Dogwood-Azalea: Doug Groves +14, Mike Fiore +12, Tom Lesniewicz +7, Lou Berinoto +7 (mc). Azalea-Magnolia: Brian Kantner +7, Bob Toeppner +5, John McGann +5 (mc). Closest to pin at Azalea 2, Walt Lina.

Results March 26 at Shaftesbury Glen. Pete Scott, Bob Levan, Joe Gallo and a draw placed first on a match of cards at 157. The teams scored a gross and net per hole. Second was the team of Steve Maiorca, Von Hincher, Ron Doeblin and a draw.
On March 28 at Glen Dornoch, Karl Pettersen, Steve Maiorca, Von Hincher and a draw placed first at 151. The format for the day was cha-cha-cha. Pete Scott, Bob Levan, John Ducey and Joe Gallo were second.
On Friday at Heather Glen, Jim Kennedy, Von Hincher, Steve Maiorca, Jen Dearborn and Joe Gallo placed first on a match of cards with 231. Jerry Rubin, Sid Pennington, Ron Doeblin, Bob Levan and John Ducey were second.

Calabash Elks
Results March 28 at Carolina Shores: In the A flight, Bill Malloy was first at 70. In the B flight, Mike Casper was first at 66. In the C flight, Bob Matteson, Jim Newmeyer and Bill Wilson were first at 66.
Closest to the pin: at 3, Bill Malloy, 12 feet. At 7, Jim Barker 12-0. At 12, Bob Ebert, 6-10. At 17, Jim Curtin, 9 feet.

Calabash Tee-Birds
The Calabash Tee-Birds played their weekly modified Stableford match March 28 at Land-O-Lakes. Two teams tied for first at +13: Larry Clark, Tony Nye and Woody Jackson, Billy James, Frank Marrone, Lefty Lewis and Teddy Tattersall. Second: Bobby Poulton, Benny Bruno, Greg Gallus and Lee Harrison at +12.5. Finishing third at +3.5 were Ken Anthony, Rich Murray, Pat Perryman and Ken McGuire.
Carolina Bogey Busters
Results March 27 at The Valley at Eastport. Flight A gross: Joe Burmer 79, Ed Bier 85, Dick Wilson 85, Al Harms 89. Flight B gross: Corbin Ledford 91, Tom O’Brien 96, John Ciemniewski 100. Flight A net: Joe Burmer 68, Ed Bier 71, Dick Wilson 72. Flight B net: Corbin Ledford 67, Tom O’Brien 69, John Ciemniewski 76. Closest to pin at 13 in A, Harms; in B, Steve White. Fewest putts: Hodous 29, Bill Allen 29, Tom Ditzler 30, Ledford 31, Raleigh Putnam 32, Charlie Dugan 32.

Carolina Shores men
Results March 30 of a two-week, two-man captains choice tournament March 16 and March 23 at Carolina Shores. Flight A, first at 101 were Mal MacRaild and Leo Jarmusz. Second at 120 were George Bridges and Bob Fyock. Flight B, first at 110 were Glenn Ikens and Joe Broderick. Second at 111 were Bill Harniman and Ed Dupuis. Flight C, first at 115 were Mike Fedak and Jim Powell. Second at 117 were Art Hahl and Gary Hertling. Flight D, first at 118 were Bob Bosman and Jim Barnett. Second at 120 were Arnie Northrop and Mike Devereux.

Washington scores ace
Jim Washington scored a hole-in-one March 27 on the 111-yard 12th hole at the Carolina Shores Golf and Country Club. He used a 9-iron.

Carolina Shores Niners
In the Carolina Shores Niners tourney March 23 in flight A, Violet Collins and Betty Kibblehouse tied for first in gross. Second in gross was Rose Mary Jones. Net winner was Violet Collins. Rose Mary Jones was second. In flight B, Joanne Riedel was first in gross and net.
In the Carolina Shores tourney March 29, in flight A Betty Kibblehouse was first in gross and Pat Herdic was second. Pat Herdic was first in net and Rose Mary Jones and Halla Cramer tied for second. In flight B, Beverly Shaw and Joanne Riedel tied for first in gross. Beverly was first in net and Joanne Riedel second. Beverly Shaw had a chip-in at 5.

Crow Creek golf
On March 27, nine four-man teams participated in cha-cha-cha. First -21 were Jim Atchley, Carl Graves, Bob Klopp and Chris Yentema. In second at -18 were Bruce Eck, Artie Stoecker, Gene Bellando, Jerry Zimmerman. In third at -16 were John Pennell, Tom Dyott, John Huntey, David Garrett. In fourth at -16 (lost third-place by tiebreaker) were David Hannah, Paul Murray, John Kulzer, Dennis Pilney. Individual winners: A flight, Peil Pennington, 80-68; B flight, Paul Murray, 81-66; C flight, John Huntey, 89-69; D flight, Marvin Spohn, 97-68.

Crow Creek women
Results March 27. First flight, gross: Joan Hannah. Net: Linda Dyott. Fewest putts: Judy Zaenglein. Second flight, gross: Joan Zimmerman. Net: Sue Pennell. Putts: Judy Kraut. Third flight, gross: Lisa Severine (mc). Net: Marsha Krug. Putts: JoAnne Philpott.
Joan Hannah had birdies at 13 and 16.

DFC group
Stableford results Friday at Woodland Valley: First: Dan Bruscella, Jim Millstead, Mike Siene (+4). Second: Don Thompson, Bill Cleaver, Dick Turner, Charlie Schreck (+2). Third: Ron George, Rick Ellwanger, Bunky Smith, Ed Peters (-1.5). Fourth: Larry Zub, Bob Wiltbank, Bill Favro (-4.5). Fifth: Nick Calararo, Bill Southard, Bubba Prigge, Joe Nance (-7). Sixth Pat Finnegan, Mike Naudus, Russ Thompson, Tom Lynn, Adam Peters, Don Fidura, Bill James, Al Thompson (-8.5). Super flight: Ron George, Mike Siene, Dick Turner (+8.5).

Results March 21 at Crown Park. Front at +11.5 and overall at +16.5: Gerry Speck, Donnie Studds and Dave Way. Back +6.5: John Bowles, Ted Peters, George O’Connell and Bill Soucy. Closest to pin, Gerry Speck, 5 feet, 6 inches.
Results March 23 at Possum Trot: Front at +8: Randy Carpenter, Bob Mecleary and Jerry Way. Back at +13 and overall at 14.5: Bruce Hence, John Parisi, Dave Way and Stan Kwasny. Flight winners: A, +4.5, John Koester; B, +3.5, John Parisi; C, +14, Dave Way. Closest to pin at 8, Randy Carpenter, 9-4; at 16, Dave Way, 6-4.
Results March 28 at Crown Park. Front at +5½: Donnie Studds, Ray Seger, Randy Carpenter and Ralph Steele. Back at +4½ and overall +7: Gerry Speck, Hank Beuke, John Parisi and Jerry Way. Closest to pin at 13: Ed Kerr, 8-9; at 18, John Parisi, 11-6.
Results Friday at Sandpiper Bay. Front at +6 and overall at +8: Gerry Speck, Ray Ketcham and Fred Langston. Back at +3: Bruce Hence, Stan Kwasny, Willy O’Keefe and Jim Simmons. Flights: A, +6½, Stan Kwasny; B, +3½, Ray Ketcham, C, +4, Fred Langston. Closest to pin: at 6, Gerry Speck, 4 feet, 6 inches; at 8, Bruce Hence, 6-5.

Foxy Ladies
Foxy Ladies had their first outing for 2012 at Sandpiper Bay Golf and Country Club on March 29. The format was two best net balls of the foursome. Two teams tied with the score of 122. Winning by a match of cards was Judy Myers, Carol Bowers, Pat Morris and Sandy Bloom. Second went to the team of Laura Botto, Mike Richardson, Nancy McGlothlin, and a draw (Sandy Bloom).

Grand Strand MGA
The Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event on March 19 at Oak Island Golf Club in Caswell Beach and 101 golfers participated in five flights. The following are the winners for this week: A flight: Monte Beebe (72 gross), Gary Amidon (64 net), B flight: Bill Greenway (76 gross), Gene Gordon (64 net), C flight: Bill Harbin (80 gross), Larry Etzkorn (62 net), D flight: Ron Quinn (79 gross), Ron Rainey (61 net). E flight: Harold Puckett (92 gross), Dick Zinser (67 net). Closest to pin: White tee: No. 3, Bill Malloy, 19 feet 0 inches; No. 7, Dick Dorsey, 10-0; No. 12, Bill Malloy, 7-5; No. 17, John Stokley, 20-9. Gold tee: No. 3, Larry Rush, 3-2; No. 7, Dick Zinser, 2-9; No. 12, Bob Shatto, 7-8; No. 17, Bill Harbin, 6-2.

Lockwood Folly women
Scramble results March 22: 1. Gail Krug, Carolyn Puckett, Pat Suter, Kay Teagardner; 2. Susann Thompson, Bobbie Platukis, Mary Ann Haas, Mary Ritterbusch; 3. Judy Galletto, Debie Worley, Jeanne Mavis, Melissa McGougan.

Ocean Ridge couples
Results Sunday at Tiger’s Eye (two-person teams, select one best net score per hole): 1. Bob and Colleen Plebanek, -15; 2. Roger and Linda Buck, -13; 3. Don and Peggy Rowland, -11. Birdies: Don Rowland, at 7; Rod Peterson, at 10; Bob Plebanek, at 3. Gross: Al Keegan, 78. Rod Peterson, 80. Net: Colleen Plebanek, 63; Rich Kane, 64; Don Rowland, 69.

Ocean Ridge men
Results March 19 at Lion’s Paw (one gross and one net score per hole). 1. Jim Story, George Brooks, Rick Wheaton, Eric Edgerton (-9); 2. Doug McKeever, Roger Buck, Ron Hiserodt, Bob Ludman (-7mc); 3. Ed McCloskey, Darrell Jordan, Bill Prophet, Ted Pounds (-7mc); 4. Chuck Gibson, Joe Quaglia, Ralph DiVito, Glenn Hall (-3). Closet to pin at 17: Howard Johnson team.
Results March 21 at Panther’s Run (three nets on par 4s, two nets on par 5s, and one gross on par 3s). 1. Beau Glanton, Ron Sorice, Bill Smith, Bill DeHaan (-19); 2. Joe Quaglia, Bob Theiss, Rich Scaler, Bob Ludman (-17).
Results March 21 at Tiger’s Eye. A flight, two-man teams, one gross per hole: Bob Callihan and Ed McCloskey, 73. Lowest overall gross: Bob Callihan, 77.
Flights B, C, D, lowest 18-hole net score. B: 1. Gordie Wicke 64, mc; 2. Doug MacDonald, 64; 3. Richie Liggera, 64. C: 1. Ed Gruver, 69, mc. 2. Bob Dugan; 3. Bob Simon, 70. D: 1. Wayne Underhill, 70; 2. Frank Burianek, 71. 3. Fred Bank, 73.

Ocean Ridge Men
March 26 at Lion’s Paw, three 3 net scores: Larry Wright, Bill Hall, Jim Mitchell, Ted Pounds (-24); 2. Vince Barbera, Wayne Underhill, Lynn Furman, Rick Reuter (-23).  
March 26 at Tiger’s Eye, count three net scores: 1. Ed McCloskey, Greg Kent, Kevin Fitzgerald, Hugh Carano (-21); 2. Bob Callihan, Richie Liggera, George Brooks, George Briggs (-20); 3. Al Keegan, Howard Johnson, John Olio, George Willbrandt (-19).
March 28 at Panther’s Run, count the two middle net scores: 1. Nelson Johnson, Mel Scott, Dick Jania, Clyde Crowl (-5, mc);  2. Joe Quaglia, Rick Wheaton, Lou Stamboni, John Pugh (-5); 3. Guy Giancarlo, Walt Stachura, Bob Fatzinger, Dave Rosenfeld (-1, mc); 4. Chuck Gibson, Terry Zuk, George Willbrandt, Ralph DiVito (-1); 5. Russ Burdette, Wally Milnichuk, Pete Williams, Bill DeHaan (-1). Gross: Dennis Miller, 75; Mel Scott, 79.  Net:  Rick Wheaton, 65; Dave Rosenfeld, 64; Bill DeHaan, 67; Frank Burianek, 67. Ed Sandidge, 67. Closest to pin: at 6, Phil Harrington team; at 17, David Stuart team.

Players Golf Association
Results March 20 at Meadowlands of Reverse cha-cha-cha. Ron Lavoie, Bob Lange, Wil  Garvin, a draw, 118; Bob Davis, Roy Teasley, Bill Kasper, a draw 119; Mike Deveriux, John Calabrese, Bob Martin, Ray Girard, 119; Jake  Mathieu, Joe Pagliaro, Rich Reinecke, 121; Rich Michaels, Ernie Weeks, Don Clark, Steve Jones, 122; Bill Favro, Bill Russell, Angelo Bertolozzi, blind, 126. Gross: Bob Davis, 76.
Eagles: On the fourth hole, a par 5 of 380 yards (seniors tee), Ron Lavoie used driver and an 8-iron to reach the green and sank the putt.
On the 14th hole, a par 5 of 399 yards (seniors tee), Rich Michaels used a driver and a 6-iron to reach the green and sank the putt.
On the 18th hole, a par 5 of 409 yards (seniors tee), Bill Favro used a driver and a 6-iron to reach the green and sank the putt.

Results March 20 (omit one hole on each nine, subtract full handicap, low net wins). Sand to Piper: 1. Pat Hannigan, 51; T-2. Sandy DeLaCruz, Jane Duvall and Judy DeStefon, 52; 5. Noelle Kehrberg, 54; 6. Ann Pollock, 55; T-7. Candy Jones, Betty Swain, Bette Casagranda, Bernice Morris, Ann Leahy and Brenda Goldsmith, 56. Piper to Bay: T-1. Nancy Dubosar, Ella Mae Brooks and Beverly Sarkesian, 57; T-4. Fran Killgoar, Laurie Maesano and Linda Pohlman, 58; T-7. Diane Rauch and Barb DeMore 59. Birdies: Bernice McRoberts, Piper No. 5; Diane Rauch, Piper No. 3; Ella Mae Brooks, Piper No. 1; Noelle Kehrberg, Piper No. 5; Karen Spinelli, Piper No. 6. Chip-ins: Noelle Kehrberg, Piper No. 5; Ann Leahy, Piper No. 2; Pat Hannigan, Piper No. 1; Bernice McRoberts, Bay No. 8; Nancy O’Shea, Bay No. 8; Claire O’Brien, Bay No. 8; Ella Mae Brooks, Piper No. 1; Madonna Snyder, Piper No. 7; Linda Pohlman, Bay No. 7.
Results March 27, Bay-Sand, gross: 1. Judy Nicoletti 79, 2. Bernice Morris 87, 3. Joanne Clements 88. Net: T-1. Mary Dickerson and Kathy Manning 68, 3. Jacquie Bridge 69. Piper-Bay, Gross: Jane DuVall 103, 2. Karen Spinelli 106, 3. Ann Adams 111. Net: 1. Ann Pollock 70, 2. Sandy DeLaCruz 72, T-3. Bev Sarkisian, Bette Casagranda and Judy DeStefon 74. Birdies: Judy Nicoletti, Sand No. 7, Sand No. 8 and Bay No. 6; Noelle Kehrberg, Sand No. 2.

Net results Friday at Sandpiper Bay.First at 64 were Wayne Purdy, Gene McDonald and John Hannigan. Second was a 67 by Ralph Bowman. Third at 68 were Tim Thompson and Ed Apalinski. Closest to the pin: at 8 Sand, John Radziewski; at 8 Piper, Bob Newkirk.

The Renegades
The Renegades played on March 29 at Carolina Shores. The format was count all par 4s. Top finishers: Beverly Farmarco (34), Lois Howard (37, mc), Pauline Millosky (37). Gross: Beverly Farmarco (87), Donna Watkins (96, mc), Lois Howard (96). Net: Beverly Farmarco (61), Debbie O’Dell (63), Kathleen Hahl (65). Chip-ins: Beverly Farmarco at 17, Nancy Sneska at 6, Kathleen Hahl at 6, Evelyn Wuthrich at 6, Pauline Millosky at 14. Birdies: Debbie O’Dell at 3, Beverly Farmarco at 2, 3 and 17. Putts: Laura Duncan, Beverly Farmarco, Dee Gillin and Donna Watkins (32).

Sandpiper Bay MGA
Format March 28 was count the best net ball of a two-man team. Piper to Bay: First: 55 Jack Dobson and Tom Ioven. Second: 57 Jim Kearns and Dean Montgomery.  Third: 59, tie, Mike Matlock and Greg Scalzi; Tony Hanna and Bill Pohlman. Fifth, 60, Charlie Richardson and Tom Townsend.
Format March 26 was count three best balls on the par 3s, three on the par 4s and all four on the par 5s. Piper to Bay: With the round of the day and taking first at -29 were Burnie Fowler, Barney Evangelista, Bob Eason and Bill Snyder. Coming in second at -22 were Bill Spellicy, Bob Zambri, Vince Niland and Don Moore. Third at -18 were Jack Dobson, Joe McIlroy, Al Bowman and Chris Christie. Bay to Sand: Taking first at -24 were Frank Alcaraz, Frank Gajderowicz, Don DeMore and Al Hooker. Second at -21 were by Lee Parker, Bob Arace, John Hannigan and Jim Creighton. Third at -16 were Jim Kearns, Dean Montgomery, Bob Nicoletti and a draw.

Sea Trail LGA
Results March 28 at the Maples Course: 1. Linda Perna, Jeanine Berger, Mary Lou Miller, Madeline Dubas, net 105; 2. Pat Gooding, Flo Hill, Jo Cambria, Janet Keppler, net 107; 3. Judy Pusey, Joan Scheidle, Donna Morris, Ruth Apalinski, net 113 mc.
Birdies: Mary Lou Miller at 17, Linda Perna at 3 and 8, Diane Carcich at 4, Joan Mason at 12, Pat DeMattia at 14, Judy Pusey at 1. Chip-ins: Linda Perna at 3, Jeanine Berger at 8, Gayl Michael at 4.

Sea Trail couples
On March 25, the Sea Trail Mixed Couples Golf Association played a one best net men and one best net women game on the Byrd Course. First: John Markatos, George Scheidle, Marge Layden and Libby Wilson. Second: John Barton, Dave Foulds, Diane Carcich, Sandy Campbell. Third: Wayne Hellmann, Tom Layden, Mary Cundiff and Jenni Barratt.

Winding River WGA
The format at Carolina National Golf Club was criers: Game committee pulled nine holes after play. Flight 1: Margo Skinner 34, Penny Sillery 35, Marilyn Greenfield 35.5, Mary Shreffler 36. Flight 2: Susan Desloge 35, Susan Hadenchuk 36, Colleen Brosh 36, RoseMarie Fassbender 37. Flight 3: Evelyn Buckner 34, Mary Stankewicz 37, Cathy Genander 37.5. Flight 4: Kathy Andrew 29.5, Chris Trickett 30, Vicki Duke 32, Dottie Peters 33. Birdies: Dawn Cloutier, Marianne Caruana and Linda Gelinas.