Scores, highlights of area golf leagues

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Brick Landing
On June 28, the Brick Landing Nine Is Fine played its monthly game day. The game was prediction. Each player had to predict the final score she would receive after nine holes of golf. Dottie Leelike was the winner with an exact prediction.

Brunswick Plantation
Results of Tennessee Waltz on June 27. 1. Grace Byrne, Paula Gaudette, Dianne Lucarelli, Trish Lemmon (136); 2. Alcina Davis, Kathy Lucyszyn, Sue Sadlon, Ginny Guille (136). Closest to pin: Lori Schneider (Azalea No. 4). Birdie Chip-in: Ginny Guille (Azalea No. 2). Birdies: Kathy Toeppner (Azalea No. 2); Lori Schneider (Azalea No. 2); Alcina Davis (Azalea No. 5). Chip-ins: Sue Sadlon (Azalea No. 8); Ginny Guille (Azalea No. 3). Golfer of the month: Lori Schneider, net 67.

Results of the three nets tourney June 25 at Pearl East Golf Course in Calabash.
First were Dick Gravelin, John Mitchell, Buster Donahue and Tom Leach at -29. Second were Jerry Wiles, Rick Barnard, Brian Mikesell and Bob Buttaro at -27.  Gross: Rich Michaels, 77. Net: Jerry Wiles, 64. Closest to pin: at 2, Tom Leach, 28 feet, 9 inches; at 5, Bob Buttaro, 36-2; at 12, Rich Michaels, 3-9; at 14, Denny Wise, 11-0.

Calabash Elks
Results of the Calabash Elks golf league match on June 27 at Carolina Shores. In the A flight, Jim Barker was first with a net 63. In the B flight, Bill Bowen shot a net 67.  In the C flight, Jim Filkins shot a net 65. Closest to pin: at 3, Bob Pidgeon, 6 feet; on 7, Bob Herre, 3 feet; on 12, Bill Russell, 3-5; on 17, Bill Tommey, 12 inches.

Calabash Tee-Birds
The Calabash Tee-Birds played their weekly modified Stableford match June 27 at Pine Lakes. First: Larry Clark, John Goss, and Pete McGerr at -9.5. Second: Bobby Hall, Ray Ketcham, Greg Gallus and Bill Hertline III at -10. Third: Benny Bruno, Billy McCormick, Bob Poulton and Don Bartoy at -10.5. Fourth at -16 were Billy James, Tom McCormack, Pat Perryman and Jerry Zimmerman.

Carolina Bogey Busters
Results June 26 at Eastport. Flight A gross: Charlie Dugan and Joe Burmer 87, Dick Wilson and Raleigh Putnam 88. Flight B gross: Ron Mayo 82, John Ciemniewski 90, Steve White 91. Flight A net: Eric Mayo and Charlie Dugan 70, Raleigh Putnam 71, Dick Wilson 73. Flight B net: Ron Mayo 62, John Ciemniewski 64, Steve White and Corbin Ledford 68. Closest to pin: at 15 in flight A, Raleigh Putnam; in flight B, Ralph Phillips. Fewest putts: Charlie Dugan 26, Joe Burmer 27, Steve White and Sean Watson 29, Dick Wilson 30, Corbin Ledford 31.

Carolina Shores men
Results Friday at Carolina Shores. The game was three lowest nets. First at 190 were Gary Hertling, Chester Drouin, Mike Donahue and a draw. Second at 193 were Fen Loomer, Dick Boyle, Jim Burke and a draw. Third at 195 were Joe Clark, Buddy Broadnax and two draws. Fourth at 196 were Mal MacRaild, Kerry Jarrell, Bill Marsh and Bob Barrett. Closest to pin at 7, Mike Donahue; at 12, Bill Marsh; at 17, Arnie Northrop.

Carolina Shores Niners
Results June 21. Betty Kibblehouse was first and Susan Jarrell second in flight A gross. Susan Jarrell was first in net and Betty Kibblehouse second. In Flight B, Joanne Riedel won gross and net.
In the tourney June 28, Betty Kibblehouse was first and Charlene Pietrondi second in flight A gross. Betty Kibblehouse was first in net and Charlene Pietrondi, Nancy Harthausen and Halla Cramer tied for second. In flight B, Mary Fran Ryon won gross and net. Ellie Girard was second in each category. Birdies: Rose Mary Jones at 2, Charlene Pietrondi at 3 and Betty Kibblehouse at 7. Chip-in: Violet Collins at 7.
Game of the day omit three worst holes. Betty Kibblehouse was first and Charlene Pietrondi second.

Crow Creek
Results of crossover on June 26. Flight 1: Sandi Pilney 26, Dorine Stoecker 30.5, Janie Massey 33.5. Flight 2: Lani Woolcott 24, Sandie Lindell 28, Sue Pennell 31. Birdies: Sandi Pilney at 13.

DFC Group
Stableford results June 29 at Brunswick Plantation: First: Paul Hourigan, Dick Turner, Duane Durbin, M. Bell, Ed Hobgood, Adam Peters, Al Thompson, Bill Cleaver (+4) Third: D. Carlough, Jim Milstead, Bob Wiltbank, Ray Wiltbank (+2). Fourth: Pat Finnegan Nick Caladaro, Bubba Prigge, Dan Bruscella, (+1). Super flight: Bob Wiltbank (+6.5).
Adam Peters, 72, shot a 71 on June 19 at Farmstead.

Grand Strand SMGA
The Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event June 25 at The Rees Jones Golf Course at Sea Trail and 93 golfers participated in five flights. A flight: John Webb (79 gross), Jose Mediavilla (67 net). B flight: Bill Kasten (77 gross), John Casey (64 net). C flight: Gerry Koy (85 gross), Ed Kobierowski (67 net). D flight: Walt Williams (85 gross), Roy Teasley (60 net). E flight: Ed Eaton (89 gross), Ed West (63 net). Closest to pin: white tee: No. 2, John Webb, 12 feet, 10 inches; No. 5, Don Pagoota, 9-2; No. 13, Rick Thren, 3-6; No. 17, Bill Kenny, 26-4. Gold tee: No. 2, Bill Wilson, 11-8; No. 5, Lenny Budd, 0-1; No. 13, Barry Nicol, 2-0; No. 17, Jim Harlow, 5-10.

Ocean Ridge couples
Results July 1 at Tiger’s Eye, count two nets per hole: 1. Ron Schneider, Jan Schneider, Jeanne Maxon, Peggy Rowland, -36; 2. Frank Burianek, Dusty Burianek, Virgil Nolan, Debbie Nolan, -27. Birdies: Jeanne Maxon at 1, 2 and 16; Ron Schneider at 11, 15, 17; Colleen Plebanek at 8. Gross: Ron Schneider, 81.  Net: Jan Schneider, 65; Bob Plebanek, 67; Debbie Nolan, 65; Dusty Burianek, 68; Peggy Rowland, 69.

Ocean Ridge LGA
Results of summer frolic (two net scores per team) June 20 on Panther’s Run. Winning team at -11 was Diane Wright, Frankie Neal and Kathy Giancarlo. Birdie: Bev Furman at 17. Chip-in: Juli Miller at 15. Gross: Sue Kane, 95. Net: Pam Bank, 71.
Results of two nets per team, minus two worst holes, June 25 at Tiger's Eye. Winning team: Carole Milnichuk, Michelle Sherwood, Deb MacFarlane and Peggy Rowland at -25. Birdies: Michelle Sherwood at 16 and Mickie Underhill at 2. Gross: Karen McCloskey, 85. Net: Deb MacFarlane, 64.
Results June 27 at Panther’s Run. Format: Teams count two nets, then throw out highest hole score and double the lowest hole score. First at 119 were Sally Duffy, Jan Cameron, Judy Keegan and Joyce Edwards. Second at 121 were Karen McCloskey, Linda Buck, Deb MacFarlane and Marie Best. Third at 123 were Cathy Story, Carole Schuster, Pam McCafferty and Margo Russell. Birdies: Carole Milnichuk at 16, Joan Graham at 11, Joyce Edwards at 16 and Sally Duffy at 17. Gross: Cathy Story, 85. Net: Mary K. Donahoe, 69.

Ocean Ridge men
Results June 25 at Lion’s Paw (two nets on even-number holes and three nets on odd-number holes: 1. David Roth, Terry Zuk, Kurt Lindstrom, Vinnie Barilla, -26; 2. Beau Glanton, Earl Miller, Bob Fatzinger, Bob Ludman, -24.
Results June 25 at Tiger’s Eye (floating mulligan): Flight A: Ed McCloskey, 77 gross. B: Rick Wheaton, 64 net. C: Rich Kane, 67 net. Closest to pin: hole 2, Greg Kent; hole 17, Wayne Underhill. Gross: Ed McCloskey 77, Richie Liggera 78, Greg Kent 77. Net: Roger Buck 64; Rick Wheaton 64; Wayne Underhill 69; Rich Kane 67; George Briggs 67.
Results June 27 at Panther’s Run (two nets on odd-number holes and three nets on even-number holes, on holes 9 and 18 use two nets and one gross): 1. John Goryance, Bill Bixler, Ed Gruver, Tom Best, -22; 2. Wilbur Browning, Joe Quaglia, George Woodard, Glenn Hess, -20; 3. Nelson Johnson, Wayne Underhill, Rich Kane, Fred Bank, -18; 4. Jim Miller, Terry Zuk, George Briggs, Hugh Carano, -17 (mc); 5. Richie Liggera, Roger Buck, Lyell Tripp, Carl Schuster, -17. Closest to pin: Hole 17, Tom O’Donnell; hole 8 (second shot, par 4) Wayne Underhill and Richie Ligerra tied, 6-2.

Players Golf Association
Results June 28 at Possum Trot (one gross and two nets: Bob Davis, Bob Lange, Ray  O’Donnell, a draw, 195; Rich Michaels, Ron Lavoie, Roy Teasley, Wil  Garvin, 208; Bill Russell, Ernie Weeks, Angelo Bertolozzi and Steve Jones; Rocco Gangemi, Mike Devereux, Joe Pagliaro and Don Clark, 211; Bob  Butkevicius, Denny Wise, Mike Rivera, Bill Kasper, 216. Gross: Bob Davis, 76.

Friday Rebels
On Friday, the Rebels played the Piper and Bay Courses at Sandpiper Bay. The game was individual Chicago. Bob Eason, +10; Doug Stokes, +9; Al Hooker and Ed Apalinski, +6; Gene Forte, +5. Closest to pin: Norm Burgess at Piper 6, Mike Casagranda at Bay 3.

Sandpiper Bay
The game June 27 was two-man best ball. Piper to Bay: First was a tie at 58 by John Radziewski and Robert Schenck (who scored a net double eagle on Piper 7) who tied with Wayne Purdy and Tony Hanna. Second was a 59 by Doug Stokes and Lee Parker. Third was a 60 by Walter Perron and Mike Phipps. Sand to Piper: First with a net 61 were Chris Christie and Mike Casagranda. Second was a tie at 62 by John Donnelly and Jim Kearns; Al Hooker and Tom Ioven. Third was a 63 by Doug Williams and Mike Donovan.
Game June 25 was 1-2-3. Sand-Piper: First at -26 were Hal Foley, Al Bowman, Jim Kearns and Bob Schenck. Piper-Bay: Tying for first at -21 were J.J. Whalen, Bill Snyder, Mike Matlock and Tom Ioven; Ed Kilgoar, Doug Williams, Tom Townsend and Bill Spellicy.

Sea Trail LGA
Sea Trail LGA member-guest tournament results June 27. (Texas scramble one net,theme "Under the Tuscan Sun.”) Prosecco flight: Marti Kennedy and Micki Underhill, 58 (mc), Loretta DeVita and Mary Ann Seely, 58; Joan Mason and Geri Conroy, 59. Chianti flight: Debi Isley and Leanne Young, 59; Jenni Barratt and Dawn Horne, 61 (mc), Pat Gooding and Denni Maynard, 61.
Sangiovese flight: Dorrie McGurn and Peg Frankford, 60; Bobbie deLagarde and Lori Schommer, 61 (mc); Lynn Wiedman and Ruth Siedman, 61. Marsala flight: MaryLou Dunbar and Anne Gruemmer, 61; Sue Shackleton and Ruby McMillen, 64; Flo Hill and Nancy Giresi, 65.
Valpolicella flight: Cheryl Campbell and Pat Steinke, 60; Kate Goodrich and JoAnn Abrams, 64; Linda Hogan and Charlotte Darrow, 68 (mc). Closest to line on No 1: guest, Denni Maynard; member: Lorraine Kazan. Closest to pin at 2: Member Joan Mason, 16 feet, 2 inches.
Closet to pin No. 13: guest Judy Meyers scored a hole-in-one.

Sea Trail men
Sea Trail men played an individual Stableford format June 26 on the Byrd Course. A flight: 1. Bob Craig, +5; 2. Jack Dambaugh, +3; 3. Bill Narath, +1 (mc); 4. Jim Halla, +1; 5. Bob Thwaites, even; 6. Patrick Dowd, -1. B flight: 1. George Scheidle, +8; 2. John Hogan, +6; 3. Roy Cundiff, +5 (mc); 4. Ron Poston, +5; 5. Dick Bodner, +5; 6. Pete Hauver, +4; 7. Frank Martorelli, +3 (mc); 8. Jerry Tanner, +3.

Sea Trail mixed couples
The Sea Trail mixed couples group played a two-nets event June 24 on the Maples Course. First: Ken Dunbar, Mike Jerome, Diane Carcich, Cheryl Campbell, -26. Second: Gregg Barrett, Nick Carcich, Karen Rastocky, Kay Evans, –23. Third on a match of cards: Ron Bombolis, Don Pusey, Marge Layden, Denise Reiner, –22. Fourth: Scott Bernreuther, Roy Cundiff, Loretta Devita, Ellen Bombolis.

Winding River WGA
WGA Winding River golf results of the sixes game June 26: Diana Wells, Colleen Brosh, Chris Trickett, Barb Rainey, 120 points; T-2: Penny Sillery, Mary Schreffler, Karen Entwistle and Jane Erdtmann; Linda Bergstrom, Donna Agopsowicz, Roni Robertie and Joanne Lynch, 124 points; T-3: Connie Koch, Carol McAndrews, Cathy Genander and Pat Wepprecht; Marilyn Greenfield, Lois Godfrey, Linda Gelinas and Carole Loof; Dawn Cloutier, Margo Skinner, Sue Mukoda and Dottie Peters, 125 points. Chip-ins: Donna Agopsowicz, Carol McAndrews, Cathy Mack. Birdies: Louise Widmyer, Roni Robertie.

Kronberg scores eagle
On June 25, Carolina Shores resident Bob Kronberg scored an eagle-3 on the 484-yard par-5 11th hole at Leopard’s Chase Golf Club using a 3-wood from the tee, a 3-wood from the fairway sinking the putt.

Budwine second in CPGA tourney
Morning showers during the first round and mild winds during the second round provided a true test of golf for the competitors June 26-27 in the Callawassie Island Senior Open at the redesigned Callawassie Island Club in Okatie, S.C.
Robert Linville, PGA of Greensboro, was the winner with rounds of 71-74—145. Linville had an incredible first round in extremely difficult conditions, shooting 1- under-par and overcoming a triple bogey on one of the hardest holes on the course. His 145 total was good enough to hold off John Budwine, PGA of Apex, who finished with a 72-76—148. Budwine is a former pro at Brick Landing.