Scores, highlights of area golf leagues

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Brunswick Plantation
Results of League play on July 9 (red, gold and white golf tournament): 1. Grace Byrne, Mardell Ridge, Elllie Allen, Denise Rochford, 77; T-2. Moe MacDonald, Lucille Fisher, Pat Haniquet, Donna Stangroom; Sue Kenny, Janet Iekel, Kathy Casey, Celie Cionek, 78; 3. Mae Drezek, Kathy Lucyszyn, Ellie Grant, Pat Melvin, 79. Closest to pin: Ellie Allen (Magnolia 4); Kathy Casey (Dogwood 4); Toni Zimmerman (Azalea 4).

Calabash Elks
Results July 11 at Carolina Shores. In the A flight, Bill Malloy was first with a net 63. In the B flight, Jim Beairsto was first with a net 64. In the C flight, Bob Schuster was first with a net 64. Closest to the pin: at 3, Bill Malloy, 14 feet; at 7, Don Hunt, 2-4; at 12, Ralph Capuano, 1-9; at 17, Rich Gallose, 2-0.

Carolina Bogey Busters
Results July 3 at Brierwood. Flight A gross: Bill Allen 74, Ed Bier 84, Joe Burmer 85. Flight B gross: Sean Watson 93, Steve White 95, Ron Watson 96. Flight A net: Bill Allen 58, Ed Bier 68, Eric Mayo 70. Flight B net: Sean Watson 65, Ron Watson 68, Tom O’Brien 71. Closest to pin at 3: Ralph Phillips. Fewest putts: Allen 25, Sean Watson 26, Ron Watson 29, Al Harms 30, O’Brien 30.
Results July 10 at The Lakes. Flight A gross: Allen 79, Burmer 83, Bier 86. Flight B gross: Corbin Ledford 88, Ron Watson 99, White 101. Flight A net: Allen 63, Raleigh Putnam 70, Harms 70, Bier 70. Flight B net: Ledford 65, Ron Watson 71, Ken Hodous 74. Closest to pin: in A, Putnam; in B, Ron Watson. Fewest putts: Burmer 27, Ledford 28, Allen 28, Putnam 29, Mayo 29, Larry Frazier 30.

Carolina Shores
In the Carolina Shores tournament on July 5, Charlene Pietrondi was first gross and Patricia Herdic second in flight A. Patricia Herdic was first net and Charlene Pietrondi was second. In flight B, Ellie Girard won gross and net. Mary Fran Ryon was second in each.
On July 12, Betty Kibblehouse won gross and Violet Collins was second in flight A. Violet Collins was first net and Susan Jarrell was second net. In flight B, Joanne Riedel was first net and gross. Joyce Dunn and Mary Fran Ryon were tied for second gross and Mary Fran Ryon was second net. Chip-in: Halla Cramer at 11.

DFC Friday group
Stableford results at at Eagles Nest: First: Joe Nance, Ed Copper, Mike Naudus, Dick Turner (+21.5). Second: Nick Caldararo, Dan Bruscella, Bubba Prigge, Al Lowrie (+10). Third: Ed Peters, John B., Charlie Schreck, Adam Peters (+5.5). Fourth: Russ Thompson, Duane Durbin, Al Thompson, J. Carlough (+3). Fifth: Paul Hourigan, Chaz Rowe, Ed Hobgood Don Thompson, Don Fidura, Bill James, Tom Lynn, Bill Cleaver (-1). Super flight: Joe Nance (+7.5).

Stableford Results July 12. First at +11 were Bill Russell, Bob Lange and Bob Butkevicius. Second at +10 were Rich Michaels, Steve Jones and Don Clark. Third at +4 were Bob Davis, Ray Girard, Wil Garvin and Ray O’Donnell. Even were Rocco Gangemi, Roy Teasley and Ernie Weeks.
At -1 were Denny Wise, Bill Kasper, Ron Lavoie and Angelo Bertolozzi. At -5 were Mike Devereux, Mike Rivera, Joe Pagliaro and Tim Biser. Closest to pin: at 3 Ray Girard, at 6 Ron Lavoie, at 12 Bill Russell, at 15 Ray O’Donnell, at 17 Rich Michaels. Gross: Bill Russell, 79.

Grand Strand SMGA
The Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event on July 9 at Indigo Creek Golf Club in Murrells Inlet, S.C., and 84 golfers participated in six flights. A flight: Monte Beebe (77 gross), Bill King (71 net). B flight: Joe Burmer (89 gross), Jose Mediavilla (74 net). C flight: Chuck Brown (81 gross), Bob Butkevicius (65 net). D flight: John Iredell (80 gross), Angelo Bertolozzi (63 net). E flight: Jerry Nadley (90 gross), Ed Dolan (65 net). F flight: Dave Baxley (102 gross), Richard Randolph (67 net). Closest to pin, white tee: No. 3, Karl Pettersen, 9 feet 1 inches; No. 6, Neil Soeder, 12-6; No. 11, Wayne Johnson, 7-4; No. 15, Wayne Johnson, 9-1. Gold tee: No. 3, Curt Miel, 4-9; No. 6, Duane Durbin, 5-4; No. 11, Duane Durbin, 9-1; No. 15, George Martin, 3-0.  

Meadowlands Missfits
Results of point quota July 9. Flight 1. Judy Hardin, +9; 2. Marje Roach, +7; Flight 2: 1. Pat Jackson, +10; 2. Kaz Ratcliffe, +7. Flight 3: 1. Jane Glemming, +12; 2. Pat DiRisio, +6. Birdies: Judy Hardin and Nancy Andrews on 4; Lorraine Heroux, Sue Durbin and Jane Glemming on 6; Kaz Ratcliffe on 5; Jane Glemming on 12; Libby Spivey on 15 and Yvonne Kaldahl on 17. Chip-ins: Nancy Andrews and Jane Glemming on 4; Lorraine Heroux on 6; Judy Hardin and Yvonne Kaldahl on 7 and Barb Sammons on 17.

Ocean Ridge Sunday couples
Results from Panther’s Run (two net scores, one from men and one from women): 1. Howard Ray, Ruth Ray, Rich Kane, Sue Kane (-18); 2. Tom Best, Marie Best, Bill Heeks, Doris McLaughlin (-11). Birdies: Rich Kane at 2; Ron Schneider at 16. Gross: Ron Schneider, 82. Net: Howard Ray, 68.

Ocean Ridge LGA
Results July 9 at Panther’s Run. Team counts one net score per hole and then throw out the highest score at the end. Winning teams tying at 55 were the team of Jeanne Maxon, Doris McLaughlin, Peggy Jones and Joan Marsh and the team of Ginny Alger, Carole Schuster, Susan Carano and Diana Gruver Birdies: Doris McLaughlin at 1 and Jeanne Maxon at 6. Chip-in by Peggy Rowland at 3. Gross: Jeanne Maxon, 90. Net: Doris McLaughlin and Carole Schuster, 73.

Stableford Results July 12 at Farmstead. First + 11 were Bill Russell, Bob Lange and Bob Butkevicius. Second at +10 were Rich Michaels, Steve Jones, Don Clark. Third at +4 were Bob Davis, Ray Girard, Wil Garvin and Ray O’Donnell. Even were Rocco Gangemi, Roy Teasley and Ernie Weeks. At -1 were Denny Wise, Bill Kasper, Ron Lavoie and Angelo Bertolozzi. At -5 were Mike Devereux, Mike Rivera, Joe Pagliaro and Tim Biser. Closest to pin: at 3 Ray Girard, at 6 Ron Lavoie, at 12 Bill Russell, at 15 Ray O’Donnell. At 17 Rich Michaels. Gross: Bill Russell, 79.

Net scores Friday. Dean Montgomery, 63; J.J. Whalen, 65; Al Hooker, 66; Al Paynter, Mike Casagranda, Ed Apalinski and Jim Emerson, 67. Closest to the pin. At 6 Piper, Don Capretta. At 5 Bay, Al Hooker.

Results July 12 at Carolina Shores. The game was toss out two worst holes each nine. Beverly Farmarco (51), Sue Hensler (52 mc), Lin Penta (52), Donna Powers (52). Gross: Sue Hensler (84), Beverly Farmarco (91), Carolyn Bosman (95). Net: Kay Craig (64 mc), Dee Gillin (64), Lin Penta (66). Birdies: Sue Greiner at 17, Geri Mctighe at 12, Marlene Cleary at 3, Sue Hensler at 3. Putts: Beverly Farmarco, Carolyn Bosman, Karen Hertling, Dee Gillin (30).

Sandpiper Bay MGA
Results of 1-2-3 July 11. Piper-Bay: 1. Al Hooker, Tony DeMarte, Jim Kearns and Dick Eby, -25; 2. J.J. Whalen, Gene Forte, Bill Pohlman and Mike Casagranda, -20. Bay-Sand: Bill Snyder, Al Bowman. Vince Niland and Chuck Maglio -18; 2. Charles Richardson, Mike O’Brien, Burnie Flower and a draw, -17.
The format July 9 was three nets per hole. In Bay to Sand and tying for first at -23: Jim Creighton, Vince Niland, Bill Pohlman and Tom Luckett; Don Moore, Ed McTighe, Dean Montgomery and Ralph Bowman. Tying for second at -17: Al Hooker, Tom Townsend, Gary Pollock and Al Paynter tied with J.J. Whalen, Barney Evangelista, Mike Casagranda and Pat Dibble.
Sand to Piper: Hal Foley, Marv Pethtal, Bill Sirk and Tom Ioven, -22; Frank DeStefon, Al Bowman, Bob Arace and Burnie Fowler, -17; Don Capretta, Chris Christie, Doug Williams and Chuck Maglio, -12.

Sea Trail LGA
Results July 11 at the Jones Course. Flight 1, gross: JoAnne Larson 88, Gayl Michael 92. Net: Debi Isley 72, Louisa Clatterbuck 78 (mc). Flight 2, gross: Denise Kenny 91, Bobbie deLagarde 94 Net: Mary Lou Miller 70, Louise Sensenig 71. Flight 3, gross: Pat Lupi 96, Virginia Foulds 101. Net: Carol Humphreys 66, Donna Morris 73. Closest to pin: at 2 Debi Isley, at 5 Maureen Foley, at 13 Bobbie deLagarde, at 17 Pat Lupi. Birdies: Bobbie deLagarde No. 13. Chip-ins: Nancy Santisi at 1, Denise Kenny at 10, Donna Morris at 2.

Sea Trail MGA
Sea Trail men played two-man teams, better net ball, July 10 on the Maples Course. A flight: 1. Dick Brawley, Steve Wilson, 59; 2. Mike Luff, Bill Jones, 60; 3. Dennis deLagarde, Ron Dubas, 61; 4. Lou DeVita, a draw, 63. B flight: 1. Gene Scheck, Dan Morrin, 61; 2. Brian Blaine, Bob Miller, 62; 3. Mike Campbell, Gene Method, 63 (mc); 4. Al Bayley, Bob Perna, 63. C flight: 1. Norm Melanson, Bob Thwaites, 58 (mc); 2. John Olson, Dave Salisch, 58; 3. Ralph Gardner, Bill Muckridge, 59; 4. Ron Jenei, Paul Laputka, 61. D flight: 1. Bob Craig, Harry Rogers, 57(mc); 2. Jack Dambaugh, Larry Tedesco, 57; 3. Wayne Hellmann, George Spinatsch, 60; 4. Pat Dowd, Bob Forrester, 61.

Sea Trail Niners
The Sea Trail Lady Niners played their July Couples tournament July 15 on the front of the Jones course. The winners were Marlene and Tom Glick and Ann Roberts and Dan Davis. Seconds were Susan and Wally Hartsburg and Dee and Paul Horgan. Third were Liz and Bud Brandt and Cheryl and Dale Schutt.