Scores, highlights of area golf leagues

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The Beachcombers played a three nets tournament Friday at Crow Creek. The winners with a score of 193 (-23) were The “Maryland Boys” Larry Cecil, Bill McDavit, Tom Culverwell and Joe Cheseldine. In second were Gary Gutheil, Stu Cleveland, Sid Silver and Jim Beairsto with at 209 (-7). Gross: Gary Gutheil 81 and Tom Culverwell 89. Net: Larry Cecil 64, Tom Culverwell and Gary Gutheil 65 and Ed Nocella and Bill McDavit 69. Gary Gutheil is golfer of the week.

Brunswick Plantation
Results of league play (yellow ball) Aug. 6. Magnolia-Dogwood: Susan Kenny, Maryann Savarese, Kathy Rosenberg, Pat Melvin (140). Azalea-Magnolia: Lori Schneider, Geri Conroy, Trish Lemmon, Gerry Gosselin (139). Closest to the pin: Helen Kaehler (Magnolia 4). Chip-in: Gerry Gosselin (Magnolia 2). Birdie: Helen Kaehler (Magnolia 4).

On Aug. 6 at Shaftesbury Glen, members played a Stableford format with Sid Pennington placing first with 4 points. Others: Pete Scott with 1 point, Bob Jaeger with -2 points, Joe Gallo with -4 points and Ron Doeblin with -5 points.
Friday at Possum Trot, Jim Kennedy, Ron Doeblin, Bob Jaeger, Karl Petersen and Joe Gallo were first at 229. The five-man teams scored one gross and three nets on the par 3s, a gross and two nets on all others. Placing second were Pete Scott, John Ducey, Jody Sernesits, Sid Pennington and Cliff Musselman.

Carolina Bogey Busters
Results Aug. 7 at Brierwood. Flight A gross: Joe Burmer 82, Tom Ditzler 86, Raleigh Putnam 87, Ed Bier 87. Flight B gross: Steve White 91, Ron Watson 104. Flight A net: Al Harms 68, Eric Mayo 69, Tom Ditzler 69, Raleigh Putnam 70. Flight B net: Steve White 67, Ron Watson 77. Closest to pin: at 17, Harms. Fewest putts: Dick Wilson 26, Bier 29, Mayo 30, Harms 30, Burmer 33, Putnam 33.

Carolina Shores Niners
In the Carolina Shores tournament in Flight A on Aug. 2, Charlene Pietrondi was first  in gross and Susan Jarrell was second. Susan Jarrell was first in net and Rose Mary Jones was second.
In flight B, Beverly Shaw was first in gross and net. Ellie Girard was second in both categories. Halla Cramer chipped in at 5.
In the Carolina Shores tourney Aug. 9, Char Pietrondi was first in gross and first in net in flight A. Violet Collins was second in gross and Rose Mary Jones was second in net. In flight B, Beverly Shaw was first in gross and Margie Pettersen was second. Margie Pettersen was first in net and Beverly Shaw was second.

DFC Friday group
Stableford results at Eagle Nest: First: Bubba Prigge, Chaz Rowe, Duane Durbin (+9). Second: Don Fidura, Dan Bruscella, Bill James (+7.5). Third: Charlie Schreck, Rick Ellwanger, Ray Wiltbank (+5.5). Fourth: Russ Thompson, Bill Cleaver, Al Thompson (+3). Fifth: Al Lowrie, Adam Peters, Mike Myself (+1). Sixth: Pat Finnegan, Paul Hourigan, Bill Southard (-3.5) Super flight: Chaz Rowe (+5.5).

First Tee
Results of summer tour event Aug. 6 at Lockwood Folly Country Club. High school boys: Greg Hensley 78, Holden Patterson 82, Zack Flaccavento 85. Middle school boys: Tucker Vaughn 47, Jayla Rogers 51, Nick Caison 53. High school girls: Cameryn Smith 95, Janzen Jones 112.

Grand Strand SMGA
The Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event Aug. 6 at The Tradition Golf Club in Pawleys Island, S.C and 93 golfers participated in five flights. A flight: David Reid (76 gross), Jack Frischmann (66 net). B flight: Curt Miel (79 gross), Gene Gordon (67 net). C flight: John DeBona (85 gross), Duane Durbin (70 net). D flight: Sam Lozier (90 gross), Jack Davison (67 net). E flight: John McCloy (92 gross), Ed Barber (66 net). Closest to pin, white tee: No. 2, Barry Pryor, 5 feet 4 inches; No. 5, John Webb, 12-9; No. 12, Ken Bostic, 10-0; No. 15, Bill King, 5-3. Gold tee: No. 2, Rich Larsen, 11-5; No. 5, Nick Samela, 3-7; No. 12, Dave Baxley, 6-1; No. 15, Paul DeSautels, 8-9.

Results of the Lockwood ladies’ T’s and F’s event. Trish Benardo and Debi Worley tied for first at 39. Cheryl Washburn was second 42. Laura Botto was third at 43.

Meadowlands Missfits
The Meadowlands Missfits Golf League played at The Farmstead Golf Links on Aug. 6. The game was two best par 5s plus two best par 3s plus five best par 4s, times two, minus handicap. Winners by flights: 1: T-1. Lorraine Heroux and Billie Ellwanger, 57; 3. Denni Maynard. 2: 1. Chris Faust, 56; 2. Jeannette Burton, 57; T-3. Dorine Stoecker and Phyllis Hurley, 58. 3. 1. Nancy Andrews, 54; T-2: Maggie Mitchell and Peggy Acree, 57. Birdies: Phyllis Hurley at 3, Pat Jackson at 5, Chris Faust at 6, Sally Manifold at 12, Lorraine Heroux at 15, Donna Phelps and Kaz Ratcliffe at 17. Billie Ellwanger had four birdies: at 5, 9, 14, and 18. Chip-in: Bonnie Johnson at 5, Grace Kim at 13.

Ocean Ridge couples
Results Sunday at Lion’s Paw (score one point for net par or better and one bonus point if all in foursome score net par or better). 1. Rick Kane, Sue Kane, Ron Sisk, Debbie Sisk, 53; 2. Howard Ray, Ruth Ray, Bob Plebanek, Colleen Plebanek, 44; 3. Tom O’Connell, Nancy O’Connell, Frank Burianek, Peggy Rowland, 44. Chip-in: Colleen Plebanek at 12.  Birdie: Bob Plebanek at 13. Net Ron Sisk, 65. Gross: Bob Plebank 86, Howard Ray 87.

Ocean Ridge men
Stableford results Aug. 6 Tiger’s Eye: 1. Roger Buck, 42 points; 2. Mel Scott, 37; 3. Rich O’Connor, 35. Gross: Rich O’Connor 74, Ed McCloskey 76, Roger Buck 77. Net: Roger Buck 64, Mel Scott 67, Bob Plebanek 67, Wayne Underhill 67, Rich O’Connor 68.  Closest to pin: at 11, Rich O’Connor; hole 17, Roger Buck. 
Results Aug. 6 at Lion’s Paw (count two best net scores per hole): 1. George Cassidy, Bill Smith, Bob Ludman, -14; 2. Terry Zuk, Carl Schuster, Glenn McLellan, -12; 3. David Roth, Sandy Lonsinger, John Lukasik, -10.
Players Golf Association
Cha-cha-cha results Aug. 9 at Farmstead: 120, Angelo Bertolozzi, Tim Biser, Roy Mayo, Rich Michaels; 123 (mc), Rocco Gangemi, Nick Samela, a draw; Denny Wise, Roy Teasley, Steve Jones, Dick Pearce; 126, Bob Butkevicius, John McCloy, Bill Kasper, a draw; 130, John Calabrese, Bob Lange, Joe Pagliaro, Wil Garvin; 131, Bill Russell, Mike Rivera, Don Clark, a draw. Closest to pin at 3 and 6, Bill Russell; at 12 and 17, Bob Butkevicius; at 15, Don Clark. Gross: 80, Rocco Gangemi and Rich Michaels.

The Renegades
The Renegades played on August 9 at Carolina Shores. Gross: Sue Hensler (74), Linda Mullins (91), Kathleen Hahl (92). Net: Sue Hensler (64), Kathleen Hahl (65 mc), Linda Mullins (65), Betty Weaver (65).Chip-ins: Pauline Millosky at No. 8. Birdies: Karen Hertling at No. 3, Pauline Millosky at No. 17, Linda Mullins at No. 5, Sue Hensler at No. 3, 8, 11 and 14. Putts: Sharon Clark (27).

Sandpiper Bay
Results Aug. 6 (4-3-2, repeat). Piper Bay: Bob Knisley, Louie Valenzuela, Jim Kearns and a draw were first with at -18. Butch Cunningham, Don Capretta Dick Eby and Jack Hinte were second at -17. Al Hooker, John Hooker, Don DeMore and John Wilkes were third at -15.  Bay-Sand: John Donnelly, Bob Eason, Mike Donovan and Ron Donley swept the field with a -24.  Second at -22 were Don Moore, Norm Burgess, Bill Sirk and Bill Pohlman. Third at -19 Frank DeStefon, Ralph Bowman, Bob Arace and Mike Casagranda.

Sea Trail couples
Sunday Oon the Jones Course, the Sea Trail couples golf group played the game of two nets. First at -19: Jenni and Greg Barratt and Denise Reiner and Scott Bernreuther. Second at -15: JoAnna and Dick Brawley and Diane and Gene Scheck. Third at -14: Mary and Dick Couch and Diane and Nick Carcich. Fourth at -11: Joan and George Scheidle and Joan and Bob Mason.