Scores, highlights of area golf leagues

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The Beachcombers played a three nets tournament Friday at Cypress Bay. The winners at 190 (-26) were Jim Beairsto, Jim Ritter and Gary Gutheil and a player by draw (Sid Silver). In second at 196 (-20) were Dan O’Connell, Bob Healey, Ed Redman and a player by draw (Sid Silver). Gross: Sid Silver, 80; Gary Gutheil, 81; Bob Healey and Ed Redman, 88. Net: Ed Redman and Sid Silver, 66; Gary Gutheil, 67. Sid Silver is golfer of the week.

Brierwood LGA
Results for the game played Oct. 23 (odd-number holes). First flight: Sherry Pittman 32, Mary Jane Scrivani 33. Fewest putts (27) won by Sherry Pittman. The second flight was won by Sandy Bloom with a 30. Ruth Linder shot a 31 and had fewest putts (29). Chip-ins at No. 18 by Sue Janovic and Sara Lula and at 17 by Mary Jane Scrivani.

Brunswick Plantation MGA
Brunswick Plantation MGA results Oct. 30 (two low nets). Dogwood-Azalea: 1. Rick Pesavento, Chris Johnson, Fred Banta, Dean Weingard, -16; 2. George Lucyszyn, Ray Wiltbank,Roger Pogoda, Wyman Shaw, -12. Magnolia-Dogwood: 1. Steve Byrne, Andy Smyka, Vince Bateman, -23; 2. Gabby Grant, Bill Lemmon, Bruce Kertcher, Butch Cadman, -17. Low round: Steve Whitlach, 78.

On Oct. 29 at Heather Glen, Ron Doeblin, Bob Jaeger and Joe Gallo finished first at 156. The three-man teams scored a gross and net per hole. Placing second was the team of Sid Pennington, Steve Maiorca and John Ducey.
On Oct. 31 at St. James Founders Club, Jim Kennedy, Sid Pennington, Jody Serensits and Joe Gallo finished first at 140. Format for the day was reverse cha-cha-cha. In second was the team of Pete Scott, Steve Maiorca, Karl Pettersen and John Ducey.
On Friday at Heather Glen, Jim Kennedy, Ned Meier and Bob Levan finished first at 159. The three-man teams scored two gross on the par 3s and par 5s and a gross and a net on the par 4s. Sid Pennington, Steve Maiorca and Joe Gallo were second.

Calabash Elks
Results of the Calabash Elks Golf League match Oct. 31 at Carolina Shores: In the A flight, Bill Malloy was first with a 66. In the B flight, Jim Beairsto and Lynn Harbold were first with a 69. In the C flight, Bill Wilson was first with a 67.
Closest to the pin: On No. 3, Bill Toomey, 13 feet. On No. 7, Herb Johnson, 12-6. On No. 12, Kerry Jarrell, 15-0. On No. 17, Jim Barker, 15 inches.

Carolina Shores men
Results Friday of two nets. First at 113 were Glenn Ikens, Dick Boyle, Mike Donahue and 95-year-old Joe Meo. Second at 120 were Wayne Burchfield, Kerry Jarrell, Joe Clark and John Kain. Third at 122 were George Balbach, Jim Burke, Fen Loomer and Roger Thompson. Fourth at 124 were Ken Burczynski, Buddy Broadnax, Joe Fioravanti and Joe Broderick. Closest to pin: at No. 3, Glenn Ikens; at No. 7, Wayne Burchfield; at No. 12, Mike Donahue; at No. 17, Joe Clark.

DFC group
Stableford results Friday at Sea Trail Byrd Course: First Don Thompson, Don Fidura, Al Thompson (+8.5). Second: Adam Peters, Jake Mathieu, Joe Nance, Chaz Rowe (+5.5). Third: Bubba Prigge, Frank Celenti, Bill Southard, Joe Spanky (+4.5). Fourth: Pat Finnegan, Mike Naudus, Howie Murphy, Dick Turner (+3). Fifth: Ed Hobgood, Rick Ellwanger, Don Carlough, Nick Caldararo (+2.5). Sixth: Paul Hourigan, Dick Carter, Dan Bruscella, Duane Durbin (+0.5). Seventh: Ken Williams, Bob Wiltbank, Jim Milstead, Bill James (even). Super flight: Duane Durbin (+10).

Grand Strand SMGA
The Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event on Oct. 29 at Eagle Nest Golf Club in North Myrtle Beach, S.C., and 93 golfers participated in six flights. A flight: Monte Beebe (80 gross), Tony Giresi (71 net), B flight: Brian Kasprzyk (87 gross), Bill Getler (73 net), C flight: Curt Miel (77 gross), Bob Benton (67 net). D flight: Bill Jackson (85 gross), Ed Kobierowski (65 net). E flight: Charles Radcliff (87 gross), Ed Dolan (67 net). F flight: Lewis Hunt (92 gross), Ed Carney (70 net). Closest to pin: white tee: No. 4, Bill Calhoun, 6 feet 3 inches; No. 7, Austin Overby, 4-11; No. 12, Brian Kasprzyk, 13-3; No. 18, Bill King, 14 inches. Gold tee: No. 4, Curt Miel, 2-2; No. 7, Angelo Bertolozzi, 3-0; No. 12, Angelo Bertolozzi, 12-0; No. 18, Harold Puckett, 2-6.       

Stableford flight championships Oct. 18 and
Oct. 25 at Farmstead/Meadowland. A flight, first: Don Boudreau (+7, +4 for +11); second, Dick Puskar (+5, -0.5 for +4.5); third, Keath Heyn (even, +2.5 for +2.5). B flight, first: Dick Carter (+3, +9.5 for +12.5); second, Bill Tenza (-4.5, +5 for 0.5); third: Ed Hobgood (-0.5, +0.5 for event). C flight, first: Bob Mackey (+8, +4 for +12); second: Bill Southard (+2, +2 for +4); third: Leo Lico (+8, -4.5 for +3.5). D flight, first: Howard Ratcliffe (+5.5, even for 5.5.); second: Dick Cecil (+1.5, -2 for -0.5); third: Gordon Much (-0.5, -0.5 for -1).

Meadowlands Missfits
The Meadowlands Missfits Golf League played odd-number holes
Oct. 29. Flight 1: Janice Ortmeyer, 66; 2. Phyllis Welch, 68. Flight 2: 1. Dorine Stoecker, 73; 2. Chris Faust, 77. Flight 3: 1. Yvonne Kaldahl, 71; 2. Ginnie Bradley, 72. Birdies: Judy Hardin on 8, Phyllis Welch on 14. Chip-ins: Janet Ortmeyer on 1, Linda Connelly on 12 and Judy Zaenglein on 18.

Ocean Ridge couples
Results Sunday at Tiger’s Eye. Foursomes count two nets on par 4s and par 5s and one gross and one net on par 3s: 1. Roger and Linda Buck, Bob and Colleen Plebanek, -24; 2. Ron and Jan Schneider, Tom and Nancy O’Connell, -16. Birdies: Bob Plebanek at 12; Ron Schneider at 7; Howard Ray at 8; Al Bassett at 11 and at 17; Nancy O’Connell at 11. Chip-ins: Linda Buck at 3; Tom O’Connell at 3. Gross: Ron Schneide, 77. Nets: Linda Buck, 64; Roger Buck, 69; Tom O’Connell, 69.

Ocean Ridge LGA
Results Oct. 29 at Lion’s Paw (teams count two low net scores plus earn a two-stroke deduction per person if the same ball is used all day and not lost). First: score of -16 team of Patsy Mays, Doris McLaughlin, Bev Furman and Kathy Bassett. Gross: Karen McCloskey, 90; Net, Kathy Bassett, 73. Chip-ins: Kathy Bassett at 3 and Bev Furman at 5.
Results Oct. 31 at Panther’s Run (captain’s choice team scramble to benefit Animal Protective Services of Brunswick County). First with score of net 62: Cathy Story, Pat Brooks, Sally Duffy and Karen Browning. Second at 63: Mary Lou Atkinson, Shirley Lukasik, Grace Loyack and Lana Johnson. Third at 64: Jan Henson, Carole Schuster, Mary Hankes and Marti Serensits.

Ocean Ridge Men
Results Oct. 29 at Lion’s Paw (holes 1-9, teams A and C, B and D, best ball; holes 10-18, teams A and D, B and C, best ball. Closest to pin: hole 6, Ed McCloskey; hole 17, Craig Pennington. Gross: Ed McCloskey, 76. Net: George Brooks, 76; Rick Wheaton, 78; Craig Pennington, 79. Teams: 1. Ed McCloskey, Tom O’Connell, Ralph DiVito, Ted Pounds, -9; 2. George Brooks, Ed Gruver, Paul Jensen, Earl Miller, -1 (match of cards); 3. Kevin Fitzgerald, Bill Walker, Hugh Carano, Bernie Powers, -1.
Results Oct. 30 (one net per hole): 1. David Roth, Larry Wright, Dick Sherwood, Rick Kane, -18; 2. Joe Quaglia, Fred Bank, Bill Hall, Hugh Carano, -17; 3. Dave Janowski, Bob Dugan, Dick Duffy, Bob Ludman, -16. Gross: Ed McCloskey, 74. Net: Fred Bank 65, Guy Giancarlo and Ralph DiVito, 68, Bill Hall and George Brooks, 69.

Net results Friday: First with a 66, Ralph Bowman. Second with a 67, Chris Christie. Third at 68, Ed McTighe. Fourth at 69: Don Moore, Don Capretta and John Hannigan. Closest to the pin: at No. 5 Bay, Harvey Stratton; at No. 6 Sand, Don Capretta.

Sandpiper Bay club championship
The annual Sandpiper Bay Men’s Golf Association Club Championship was played Oct. 29 and Oct. 31 at the Sandpiper Bay Golf and Country Club. The tournament format gross and net in four flights.
Club champions: gross, Bob Knisley; net, Ron Robichaud.
Old Tom Morris flight, gross: first, Bob Knisley, 158; second, Lance Lewin, 160; third, Don Moore, 163. Net: first, Ron Robichaud, 135; second, Denny Sams, 138; third, Jim Creighton, 148.
Harry Vardon flight, gross: first, Don Capretta, 167; second, J.J. Whalen, 175; third, Hal Foley, 181. Net: first, Gene Forte, 142; second, Charles Richardson, 146; third, Ralph Bowman, 147.
Ted Ray flight, gross: first, Tom Townsend, 180; second, Bobby Bryce, 185; third, Gary Swanson, 186. Net: first, Bob Arace and Vince Niland, 143; third, Doug Williams 148. Francis Quimet flight, gross: first, Don DeMore, 187; second, Mike Casagranda, 188; third, Garry Pollock, 194. Net: first, Tom Ioven, 138; second, Frank Martorelli, 146; third, Brian Westcott, 150.
Closest to pin Oct. 29: Sand 2, Brian Westcott; Sand 6, Vince Niland; Sand 8, Doug Williams; Piper 3, Gary Pollock; Piper 6, Bob Eason; Piper 8, Greg Scalzi; Bay 3, Don Moore; Bay 5, Gary Pollock. Oct. 31 closest to pin: Sand 2, Gene Forte; Sand 6, Don Capretta; Sand 8, Bob Knisley; Piper 3, Gary Pollock; Piper 6, Harold Ramsey; Piper 8, Gary Swanson; Bay 3, Norm Kinne; Bay 5, Tom Ioven.

Sea Trail men
On Oct. 30, Sea Trail men played two-man teams, best net, on the Maples course. A flight: 1. Jim Halla, Mike Luff, 60; 2. Mike Jerome, Bill Muckridge, 61 (match of cards); 3. Dick Brawley and player by draw, 61. B flight: 1. Dennis deLagarde, Charlie Schorpp, 63 (match of cards); 2. Roy Cundiff, Bo Sellers, 63; 3. Paul Laputka, Dan Morrin, 63.

Winding River WGA
Winners for Oct. 30. Flight 1: Diana Wells, 93 gross, and Jane Schlesser, 93 gross; Kathy Mack, 73 net and Dawn Cloutier, 79 net. Flight 2: Susan Charles, 94 gross; Carol Rogers, 73 net and Mimi Benson and Pat Wepprecht, 103 net. Flight 3: Cathy Genander, 102 gross; Carol Loof, 71 net; Judy Proffitt, 72 net; Nancy Salerno, 74 net.