Scores, highlights of area golf leagues

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The Beachcombers played a Texas Scramble on Friday at Crow Creek. The winners with a score of 269 (-19) were Ed Nocella, Paul Michal, Bill McDavit and Gary Gutheil. Second were Sid Silver Jerry Simpson, Tom Culverwell and Ed Redman with a 274 (-14). Gross: Sid Silver 80, Gary Gutheil 81, Tom Culverwell and Jim Pfitzner 86, Hal Riebesehl 87 (his age), Bill McDavit 88 and Paul Michal 89. Net: Tom Culverwell 63, Sid Silver, Ed Nocella, Hal Riebesehl 65, Gary Gutheil, Bob Smith, Dick Cecil, Bob Brownley 66, Bill McDavit, Bill Cameron 68 and Ed Redman 69. Tom Culverwell is golfer of the week.

Brierwood MGA
On Oct. 25 the format was count two best balls. In first at -26, was the team of George Edwards, Bernie Gruzlewski, Jim Pope and Les Craft. In second were Al Bloom, Chuck Hornfeck, Dave Harper and Ron Arvidson.
On Nov. 1, the format was one ball on par 5s, two on par 4s and three on par 3s. The winning team at -32 was Al Bloom, Mike Prokop, Chuck Hornfeck, and Jim Pope.
Stableford results for Nov. 5: First at 97 was the team of Harvey Hundley, Mike Prokop, Paul Salerno and Tom Kronyak. Second was the team of Larry Boyer, Bernie Gruzlewski, Jim Pope and and a player by draw.

Brunswick Plantation
Results of net crisscross Oct. 29: 1. Celie Cionek (31); 2. Grace Byrne, Pat Haniquet and Mary Helen Naecker (33); 3. Evelyn Haley, Janet Iekel and Dianne Lucarelli (34).  Closest to pin:  Lori Schneider (Magnolia 4); Becky Seibert (Dogwood 4). Chip-in:  Trish Lemmon (Magnolia 8).

On Nov. 5 at Tiger’s Eye, Jim Kennedy, John Ducey and Greg Jensen placed first at 150. The three-man teams scored a gross and a net per hole. In second was the team of Steve Maiorca, Sid Pennington and Jody Serensits.
On Nov. 7 at Possum Trot, Pete Scott, Steve Maiorca, John Ducey and Joe Gallo placed first at 172. Teams scored a gross and a net on the par 3s and the par 4s, a gross and two nets on the par 5s. Karl Pettersen, Bob Levan, Tony Longquel and Sid Pennington placed second.
On Friday at Glen Dornoch, Jim Kennedy, Sid Pennington, Steve Maiorca, Rich West and John Ducey placed first at 242. The five-man teams scored two gross and a net per hole. Second were Karl Pettersen, Ron Doeblin, Joe Zalasko, Jody Serensits and Joe Gallo.

Calabash Elks
Results Nov. 7 at Carolina Shores. A flight: Jim Barker was first with a net 71. B flight: Earl Stone was first with a net 64. C flight: Bill Wilson was first with a net 74. Closest to the pin: on 1, Bob Schuster, 17 feet; on 7, Butch Cretara, 3-0; on 12, Rick Rix, 9-0; on 17, Jim Beairsto, 12-0.

Carolina Shores
In the Carolina Shores tournament Oct. 25 in flight A, Charlene Pietrondi was first in gross and Violet Collins and Betty Kibblehouse tied for second. Violet Collins was first in net and Virginia Ridinger and Betty Kibblehouse were second. In flight B, Lana Golden won gross and net. Halla Cramer was second. Chip-in: Doris Pearce, No. 10.
On Nov. 1 in flight A, Charlene Pietrondi was won gross and Susan Jarrell was second.  Susan Jarrell won net and Charlene Pietrondi was second. In flight B, Beverly Shaw won gross and net. Joanne Riedel was second. Susan Jarrell had a chip-in on No. 6.

DFC group
Stableford results Nov. 9 at Eagles Nest: First: Jake Mathieu, Adam Peters, Don Thompson, Dick Turner (+5). Second: Joe Nance, Howie Murphy, Duane Durbin, Pat Finnegan (+1.5). Third: Bill Cleaver, Charles Schreck, Bill James, Ed Hobgood (-.5).
Fourth: Don Fidura, Al Thompson Mike Naudus (-1). Fifth: Bubba Prigge, Bill Favro,
John Carlough, Frank Celenti (-4.5). Sixth: Jim Milstead, Paul Hourigan, Ken Williams, Nick Caldararo (-5.5). Super flight: Jake Mathieu (+6.5).

Grand Strand SMGA
The Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event on Nov. 5 at Black Bear Golf Club in Longs, S.C., and 121 golfers participated in five flights. The following are the winners for this week. A flight: Monte Beebe (74 gross), Karl Pettersen (67 net). B flight: Roddy Funderburk  (82 gross), John Kupstas (71 net). C flight: Sam Conte (87 gross), Lenny Budd (69 net). D flight: Barry Nicol (89 gross), Ronnie Carter (68 net). E flight: Ed Barber (101 gross), Gary Crumling (70 net). Closest to pin from white tee: No. 3, Rick Thren, 5 feet 5 inches; No. 6, Steve Kim, 5-1; No. 13, Bill Getler, 6-8; No. 16, Jim Corcoran, 7-0. Gold tee: No. 3, Larry Etzkorn, 3-2; No. 6, Norm Melanson, 2-11; No. 13, Bill Harbin, 4-9; No. 16, Bill Harbin, 3-10.

Meadowlands men
Meadowlands men’s league Stableford results Nov. 6. Front nine: 1. Herb Hannon, Bruce Betner (+5.5). Back nine: 1: Ted Fletcher, George Stencil, Bill Kasper (+5). Overall: 1. Ted Fletcher, George Stencil, Bill Kasper (+6); 2. Herb Hannon, Bruce Betner (+4.5); 3. Ed Hobgood, Paul Hourigan, Gordon Much (+2). A flight: Rick Ellwanger, Dick Puskar (0.5); B flight: Ted Fletcher (+8.5). C flight: Gary Cohen (+6); D flight: Gordon Much (+5) Super flight: Ted Fletcher (+8.5).

Meadowlands Missfits
The Meadowlands Missfits Golf League played best nine holes Nov. 5 at Farmstead. Flight 1: 1. Mary Ann Kelly, 45; 2. Donna Phelps, 50. Flight 2: 1. Marje Roach, 48; 2. M.J. Labant, 51. Flight 3: 1. Chris Faust, 54; T-2. Nancy Griffin and Ginny Bradley, 55.   Flight 4: 1. Jeannette Burton, 46; 2. Jane Glemming, 52. Birdies: Marje Roach on 3 and Bonnie Johnson on 6. Chip-ins: Sue Hobgood on 2, Barb Sammons on 9 and Pat DiRisio and Bev Ibbott on 10.

Ocean Ridge men
Results Nov. 5 (two nets at Panther’s Run): 1. George Cassidy, Terry Bahnick, Earl Miller, Al Bassett, -22; 2. Vince Barbera, Bill Bixler, Bill Magee, Bob Ludman, -20; 3. Bill Walker, Bill Edwards, Bill Smith, Clyde Crowl, 20.  
Nov. 5 (net flights at Tiger’s Eye): A: 1. Richie Liggera, 72; 2. Al Keegan, 74, match of cards; 3. Rich O’Connor, 74. B: 1. Guy Giancarlo, 76; George Brooks, 78, mc; 3. Fred Bank, 78. C: 1. Joe Lavorgna, 73; 2. Hugh Carano, 75; 3. Tom O’Connell, 76. Gross: Al Keegan, 83; Rich O’Connor, 74. Net: Richie Liggera, 72. Closest to pin: A, team Al Keegan; B, team Guy Giancarlo; C, team John Wehner.
Nov. 7 at Panther’s Run, shortened to 9 holes: front nine: 1. Ed Sandidge, Dick Duffy, Joe Lavorgna, John Pugh, -7; 2. Jim Miller, George James, Dick Dwyer, Ted Pounds, -6.  Back nine: 1. Dennis Miller, Larry Wright, Bob Theiss, Bob Ludman, -11 mc; 2. Bob Dugan, Wayne Underhill, Rich Scaler, Carl Schuster, -11.

Players Golf Association
Results Friday at Farmstead (1-2-3 and gross on Nos. 9 and 18): Rocco Gangemi, Ken Locotteli, Bill Russell, Angelo Bertolozzi, 148; John Calabrese, Dick Pearce, Ernie Weeks, Jake Mathieu, 153; Nick Samela, Ray O’Donnell, Bob Martin, Bob Lange, 154; Bill Favro, Tim Biser, John McCloy, Ron Lavoie, 156; Joe Pagliaro, Steve Jones, Roy Teasley, a player by draw, 158. Closest to pin: at 3 and 12, Rocco Gangemi; at 6, Ray O’Donnell; at 15 and 17, Jake Mathieu. Gross: Rocco Gangemi, 79.

Sea Trail Couples Golf
The Sea Trail Couples Golf Association played a couples tournament Sunday on the Maples Course. Forty members played a cha-cha-cha (1,2,3) format.  First at -18 (match of cards) were Linda and John Hogan and Gene and Diane Scheck. Second at -18 were Paula and Bill Jones and Sharon and John Markatos. Third at -17 were JoAnn and John Barton and Maureen and Frank Hunter.

Sea Trail LGA
Net results Nov. 7. Flight 1, gross: Joan Mason, 87, Mary Alice Jerome, 92, match of cards. Net: Pat Gooding, 71, Linda Perna, 75, mc. Flight 2, gross: Karen Rastocky, 94, Bobbie deLagarde, 98. Net: Birgit Carpenter, 83, Mary Lou Dunbar, 84. Flight 3, gross: Ellen Bombolis, 100, Jeanine Berger, 104, mc. Net: Mary Lou Miller 75, JoAnn Barton, 77, mc. Flight 4, gross: Roz Dahlen, 107, Nancy Santisi, 109, mc. Net: Jenni Barratt, 78, Marilyn Ferguson, 79. Flight 5, gross: Ruth Apalinski, 104, Maureen Foley, 113. Net: Sandy Campbell, 77, Jo Cambria, 79.
Birdies: Nancy Flaherty at 2, Sandy Campbell at 5, Maureen Foley at 5. Chip-in: Linda Perna at 3, Jenni Barratt at 12, Mary Lou Dunbar at 14, Nancy Santisi at 17. Closest to pin: Mary Alice Jerome at 2, Roz Dahlen at 13, Maureen Foley at 5, Jeanine Berger at 17.

Sea Trail Niners
Sea Trail Lady Niners played their November couples tourney Nov. 11 on the Byrd Course. Front nine: 1. Maria and Earl Geary and Anne Roberts and Dan Davis; 2. Pam and Jim Hardee and Gloria and Bill Taylor; 3. Pat and Wendell Booth and Denise and Larry Whiteleather. Back nine: 1. Darlene and Gregg DeCrane and Judy and Mike Hargreaves; 2. Carol and Bud Myers and Georgia Phillabaum; 3. Pat and Keith Steinke and Lucy Imondi and Anita Clark.

True Lies League
Results Nov. 10 at Beachwood: 1. Ollie Guthrie, Ray Dowling, Charles Dugan and Roger Le Brun; 2. Rich Segotta, Bob Roberson and Rick Joy. Closest to pin: Rich Segotta, Ralph De Pinto and Allen Butterfass.