Scores, highlights of area golf leagues

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Brierwood MGA
The Charlie Stransky Memorial Scramble was played Dec. 1. In first at -7 was the team of Hollen Groff, Butch Viars, Jerry Lula and Chuck Hornfeck. Tied for second at -4 were the teams of Bill Tonking, Paul Salerno and Mike Prokop; and Al Bloom, George Edwards and Dave Harper.
In a Stableford match Dec. 3, first at 132 was the team of Al Bloom, George Edwards, Jack Gruwell and Dennis Shea. In second at 118 was the team of Harvey Hundley, Paul Salerno, Mike Prokop and a player by draw.
On Dec. 6, playing two nets, the first-place team at -26 was Harvey Hundley, Bernie Gruzlewsky and Dennis Shea.
On Dec. 10, the format was count one ball on par 5s, two balls on par 4s and three balls on par 3s. The first-place team at -34 was Larry Boyer, Jim Pope, Les Craft and Chuck Hornfeck. In second at -33 was the team of Harvey Hundley, George Edwards, Paul Salerno and Ron Arvidson.
Brunswick Plantation LGA
Results of league play Dec. 10. Dogwood-Azalea: 1. Diane Tufts (34); 2. Dianne Lucarelli (37); 3. Paula Gaudette (37); 4. Sue Chopard (39). Azalea-Magnolia: 1. Grace Byrne (35); 2. Brenda Kilgore (37); 3. Susan Kenny (38); 4. Celie Cionek (38). Closest to pin: Wanda Woodlief (Azalea No. 2); Kathy Toeppner (Azalea No. 4); Grace Byrne (Magnolia No. 4); Diane Tufts (Magnolia No. 7). Eagle: Nancy Smyka at Magnolia No. 8.
Brunswick Plantation MGA
Dec. 11 results in the annual Texas shootout. A flight: 1. Rich Pesavento, 2. George Tuccinard, 3. Steve Seibert, 4. Gary Abbondandelo. B flight: 1. Fred Poliniak, 2. Mary Krygiel, 3. Steve Tufts, 4. Bob Toeppner. C flight: 1. Pete Veum, 2. Rich Davis, 3. Tom Mizell, 4. Frank Suppa. D flight: 1. Dean Weingard, 2. Ed Usher, 3. Tom Buschmeier. E flight: 1. Rich Coffey, 2. Chris McCrory, 3. John Walsh, 4. Bill Rochford.
In a CFAG event on Dec. 10 at Panther’s Run, Joe Zalasko, Ned Meier, Jody Serensits and Sid Pennington placed first at 157. Team members were assigned designated holes for scoring and used a gross and net per hole. Placing second was the team of Karl Pettersen, Steve Maiorca, Frank Janton and Greg Jensen.
On Friday at Heather Glen, the winning team was Ned Meier, Steve Maiorca and Jim Kennedy with a score of 157. The game was a gross and a net on each hole. The team of Ron Doeblin, Rich West and Karl Pettersen finished second with a 162.
Crow Creek women
Net results Dec. 11. First flight: Bev Ibbott, 71; Dorine Stoecker, 72. Second flight: Sandi Pilney, 69; Ingrid Fallon, 72. Third flight: Sue Pennell, 76; Sharon Hall, 78. Birdies: Bev Ibbott at 8.
DFC Friday group
Rivers Edge Stableford results: First: Mike Naudus, Jim Milstead, Jake Mathieu, Joe Nance (+21.5) Second: Charlie Schreck, Paul Hourigan, Bill Cleaver, Bill Favro (+4.5). Third: Butchie Peters, Bubba Prigge, Dick Turner, Dan Bruscella (+2.5). Fourth: Ron George, Nick Calderaro, Russ Thompson, Bill James (-5) Fifth: Ed Hobgood, Duane Durbin, Al Thompson, Don Fidura (-9). Super flight: Jim Milstead (+8.5).
Grand Strand SMGA
The Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event Dec. 10 at Possum Trot Golf Club in North Myrtle Beach, S.C., and 116 golfers participated in seven flights. A flight: John Webb (76 gross), Jim Steed (70 net). B flight: Bill King (85 gross), Don Paulsen (71 net). C flight: Curt Miel (77 gross), Frank Hess (67 net). D flight: Jerry Bykowski (81 gross), Fred Welch (65 net). E flight: Bill Swanson (83 gross), Neil Clem (66 net). F flight: Bob Hurt (86 gross), Jere Arnold (65 net). G flight: Ron Tropauer (95 gross), Gary Crumling (66 net). Closest to pin, white tee: No. 6, Wayne Johnson, 18 feet 1 inches; No. 8, Joe Burmer, 3-3; No. 13, Stan Stevens, 4-10; No. 16, Wayne Johnson, hole-in-one. Gold tee: No. 6, Jim Murnane, 2-1; No. 8, Jerry Barczyk, 17-1; No. 13, LeRoy Phillips, 3-5; No. 16, Jim Lynch, 5-1.
Meadowlands men
Stableford results Dec. 11. Front nine: Ted Fletcher, Herb Hannon, Jim Poole, Bill Kasper (+10). Back nine: Ted Fletcher, Herb Hannon, Jim Poole, Bill Kasper (+8). Overall: 1. Ted Fletcher, Herb Hannon, Jim Poole, Bill Kasper (+18); T-2. Rick Ellwanger, Bill Tencza, Dan Bruscella, Russ Thompson; Jake Mathieu, Dick Carter, Duane Durbin, Jack Monahan (+7.5); 4. Dick Puskar, Ed Hobgood, Dick Cecil, Bill Cleaver (+3.5) Flights: A: Jake Mathieu (+8.5); B: Herb Hannon (+4); C: Jim Poole (+7.5); D: Howard Ratcliffe (+7.5). Super flight: Jake Mathieu (+85). Shot his age: Jake Mathieu (78).
Ocean Ridge men
Results Dec. 10 at Panther’s Run (after drive, take best ball and then play your own ball through the putt): 1. Richie Liggera, Rick Wheaton, Ralph DiVito, Tom Waldron, -36; 2. Howard Johnson, John Olio, John Wehner, Al Bassett, -30; 3. Greg Kent, Tom O’Connell, Sandy Lonsinger, Ted Pounds, -29. Closest to pin: at 2, Greg Kent team; at 11, Howard Johnson team.
Results Friday at Sandpiper Bay. The game was individual net score with a closest to the pin competition on two holes. First place at -3 was Sam Milora. Second at -2 were Ed Apalinsli and Harvey Stratton. Fourth at -1 was Gordy Coulson. Fifth at even par was Don Capretta. Closest to the pin: at 2 Sand, Chris Christie; at 8 Piper, Gene McDonald.
Sandpiper Bay MGA
Results Dec. 10. The game was 4, 3, 2, 1. In Sand to Piper, a -20 by Sam Milora, Norm Burgess, Bob Arace and Tom Ioven took first place. Second place was a -18 by Andy Thorndyke, Jeff Smith, Joe McIlroy and Chuck Maglio. Third place was a -15 by Jim Creighton, Phil Whitaker, Doug Williams and Pat Dibble. In Piper to Sand, a -17 took first place by J.J. Whalen, Hal Foley, Gary Pollock and John Wilkes. Second place was a -7 by Gordy Coulson, Louie Valenzuela, Al Paynter and player by draw. Third place was a -6 by Joe Cramer, Mike Donovan, Walter Perron and Jack Dobson.
Sea Trail men
Dec. 11 results at Byrd Course (four-man teams, one net on par 5s, two nets on par 4s, three nets on par 3s. A flight: 1. Jim Arendt, Monte Beebe, Wendel Booth, Gregg DeCrane, 115; 2. Bill Baker, Dennis deLagarde, Ron Dubas, Jack Phillabaum, 122 (match of cards). B flight: 1. John Olson, Dave Salisch, Bo Sellers, Dick Sellers, 115; 2. Brian Blaine, Ron Cybyske, John Markatos, Skip O’Leary, 116; 3. Bob Craig, Bob Forrester, Tom Robbins, Neil Weiss, 117. C flight: 1. Brad Dague, Gary Fagan, Mike Hargreaves, Joe Carpinello, 114; 2. Gregg Barratt, Doug Bergere, Tom Layden, Frank Santisi, 116; 3. Buck Cranston, Pete Hauver, Jim Hitchcock, John Hogan, 123.
True Lies
Results Dec. 15 at Beachwood (one net, two nets, repeat): 1. Mark Segar, Butch Cretara, Glenn Cassill and Roger Le Brun, 80; 2. Jim Bozzone, Catfish Stowe, Bob Roberson and John Sittnick, 84; 3. Bob Rigoli, Ralph DePinto and Dennis Sullivan, 85; 4. Rich Borakove, Ollie Guthrie and Ray McDowell, 86; 5. Larry Bender, Charlie Dugan, Allan Butterfass and Ron Gag’ner, 87. Closest to pin: Mark Segar, Bob Rigoli, Dennis Sullivan and Allan Butterfass.