Scores, highlights of area golf leagues

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Brierwood MGA
On Jan. 17, playing two best balls, the team of Mike Prokop, Dennis Shea and Chuck Hornfeck came in first at -25.
On Jan. 21, the game was one best ball on par 5s, two best balls on par 4s, and three best balls on par 3s. The winning team was Chuck Hornfeck, Bob Nobes, Bernie Gruzlewski and Dennis Shea at -15.
Results Jan. 21 at Heather Glen: Bob Levan, Rich West, Bob Jaeger and Frank Janton placed first at 158. Teams scored a net and gross on the par 4s and par 5s and a gross and two nets on the par 3s. Placing second was the team of Pete Scott, Sid Pennington, Steve Maicora and Joe Gallo.
Results Jan. 23 at Possum Trot: Members played a Stableford format and Tony Longqell placed first at even on a match of cards over Steve Maiorca. Joe Gallo at -2 was third on a match of cards with Sid Pennington. John Ducey was fifth and Jody Serensits took sixth.
On Friday, at Heather Glen the team of Ron Doeblin, Geoff Griling, Joe Zelasko and Steve Maiorca placed first at 149. Teams scored a gross and net per hole. Placing second was the team of Mike Orloy, Jim Kennedy, Don Wagner and Sid Pennington.
Carolina Bogey Busters
Results Jan. 22 at Carolina Shores. Flight A gross: Dick Wilson 80, Ed Bier 86, Joe Burmer 86, Gary Wetherell 87. Flight B gross: Steve White 97, Ron Watson 98, John Ciemniewski 98. Flight A net: Dick Wilson 64, Ed Bier 71, Tom Ditzler 72. Flight B net: Malcolm Jaggard 68, Ron Watson 71, John Ciemniewski 73. Closest to pin at 3 in flight A was Dick Wilson; in flight B, Tom O’Brien. Fewest putts: Al Harms 29, Wilson 30, Bier 31, Jaggard 31, Watson 31, White 32.
Grand Strand SMGA
The Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association played its weekly event Jan. 21 at Tradition Golf Club in Pawleys Island, S.C., and 111 golfers participated in seven flights.
A flight: Wayne Johnson (74 gross), Eric Muller (72 net). B flight: Jim Mattei (84 gross), Bob Hanley (64 net). C flight: Rick Farrell (79 gross), Jeff Burgess (69 net). D flight: Tom Franchine (85 gross), Sam Conte (66 net). E flight: Neil Clem (90 gross), Ed Dolan (68 net). F flight: Don Layton (89 gross), Nick Lanza (69 net). G flight: Ed Eaton (104 gross), Dan Coll (73 net). Closest to pin, white tee: No. 2, Tim Miller, 16 feet 11 inches; No. 5, Bob Hanley, 12-7; No. 12, Doug McKeever, 7-1; No. 15, Tony Languell, 19-10. Gold tee: No. 2, Sam Conte, 8-1; No. 5, Ron Walter, 9-1; No. 12, Bud Lucas, 8-1; No. 15, Don Layton, 7-7.
Meadowlands men
Stableford results
Jan. 15 at Meadowlands: Front-nine winners: Ed Hobgood, Duane Durbin, Bruce Betner (+10). Back-nine winners: Ed Hobgood, Duane Durbin, Bruce Betner (+13) Overall winners: Ed Hobgood, Duane Durbin, Bruce Betner (+23). Second: Keith Heyn, Eric Wagner, Pat Lavacco (+9). Third: Bill Favro, Jim Poole, Bill Southard, Tony Mantini (+1). Flights: A: Ed Hobgood, (+8). B: Gary Cohen (+6). C: Bruce Betner (+9). D: Tony Mantini, Eric Wagner (+5.5). Super flight: Bruce Betner (+9).
Stableford results Jan 22 at Farmstead. Front nine: Adam Peters, George Jerome, Bruce Betner, Rick Rickert (+4). Back nine: Adam Peters, George Jerome, Bruce Betner, Rick Rickert (+3.5). Overall: Adam Peters, George Jerome, Bruce Betner, Rick Rickert (+7.5). Second: Dick Puskar, Jim Brink, Dick Carter, Tony Mantini (+1). Third: Jack Monahan, Spunk Gourley, Lou Frisco, Gordon Much (-1). Flights: A: Dick Puskar (+7.5). B: George Jerome (+3.5). C: Jay Hurley (+4.5). D: Dick Klesius (+4.5). Super flight: Dick Puskar (+7.5).
Meadowlands Missfits
The Meadowlands Missfits Golf League played o-n-e-s and fewest putts Jan. 14 Meadowlands Golf Course. Flight 1: 1. Donna Phelps, 32.5; 2. Eileen Reddy, 33.5. Flight 2: 1. Nancy Griffin, 31; 2. M. J. Labant, 32.5. Flight 3: 1. Yvonne Kaldahl, 34; 2. Anne Fiore, 35. Fewest putts: Flight 1: 1. Grace Kim and Sue Durbin, 32. Flight 2: 1. Jeanette Burton, 29; 2. Judy Zaenglein, Anna Merritt and Bev Farmarco, 34 each. Flight 3: 1. Bonnie Johnson, 28; 2. Pat DiRisio, 34.
Birdies: Nancy Griffin on 3 and 5, Jane Glemming on 3, Yvonne Kaldahl on 4, Jeanette Burton and Grace Kim on 5, Donna Phelps on 7, M.J. Labant on 15, Eileen Reddy on 16, Sue Durbin on 17 and Billie Ellwanger on 13 and 17. Chip-ins: Judy Hardin and Sue Durbin on 17, Judy Zaenglein on 15 and Bonnie Johnson on 8.
Results of crossover Jan. 21 at Farmstead Golf Links. Flight 1: 1. Mary Anne Kelly, 56; 2. Billie Ellwanger, 59; 3. Kaz Ratcliff, 60. Flight 2: 1. Anna Merritt, 48; 2. Jeanette Burton, Nancy Griffin and Libby Spivey, 56. Flight 3: 1. Bonnie Johnson, 54. 2. Joan Zimmerman, 59; 3. Linda Bye and Yvonne Kaldahl, 62.
Birdies: Billie Ellwanger and Libby Spivey on 5, Anna Merritt and Maureen Grant on 12, Judy Hardin on 13 and 14. Chip-ins: Jeanette Burton on 1, Judy Zaenglein on 4, Dorine Stoecker on 10 and Judy Hardin on 14.
Ocean Ridge couples
Results of two nets Jan. 27 at Panther’s Run: 1. Diane and Larry Wright, Sue and Rich Kane, 54; 2. Kathy and Guy Giancarlo, Colleen and Bob Plebanek, 57. Chip-in: Nancy O’Connell at 11. Gross: Guy Giancarlo, 91; Sue Kane and Nancy O’Connell, 94. Net: Sue Kane and Colleen Plebanek
Ocean Ridge Men
Net results Jan. 21 at Tiger’s Eye. Flight A: Jim Story, 70; Rich O’Connor, 74. Flight B: George Brooks, 65; Richie Liggera, 66. Flight C: Wayne Underhill, 69; Bob Plebanek, 76, Flight D: Joe Coffini, 72; Ralph DiVito, 73. Closest to pin: At 6, Rich O’Connor, 6 feet, 9 inches (made birdie); at 11, Richie Liggera, 5-6 (made birdie).
Results Jan. 21 at Lion’s Paw. Holes 1-6 one net, holes 7-12, two nets; holes 13-18. Three nets. First: Bill Carter, Vince Barbera, Glenn Hess, Paul Socha, -20. Second: Jim Miller, Bill Bixler, Jim Mitchell, Carl Schuster, -18. Third: Russ Burdette, John Olio, Tom Best, Glenn Hess (player by draw), -17.
Shambles results Jan. 23 at Lion’s Paw: 1. Gary Prock, Fred Bank, Vince Barbera, Ted Pounds, -23; 2. Jim Miller, Bob Plebanek, John Olio, Paul Socha, -21; 3. Jim McCombs, Bill Bixler, John Wehner, Eric Edgerton, -16. Closest to pin: at 6, Bob Larkin, 1-11; at 17, Carl Schuster, 3-5.
Ocean Ridge women
Results Jan. 23 at Panther’s Run. Format: Teams count one net score on par 5s, two net scores on par 4s and three nets scores on par 3s. Winning team: At -21, Sharon Simon, Colleen Plebanek, Patti Dugan and Juli Miller Second at -20: Diane Wright, Susan Carano, Maureen Craik and Debbie Sisk. Third: At -19, Susan Kane, Jan Cameron, Bev Furman and Joyce Edwards. Chip-ins: Susan Carano at 12, Kathy Giancarlo at 5, Jan Cameron at 5 and Patsy Mays at 15. Gross: Patsy Mays 91. Net: Juli Miller, 65.
Players Golf Association
Stableford results Jan. 24. Bob Lange, Ron Lavoie, Mike Rivera, Roy Teasley, -1; John Calabrese, Nick Samela, Bill Favro, Bill Kasper, -3; Rich Michaels, Jim Marsh, Steve Jones, Gary Cohen, -4; Jake Mathieu, Ernie Weeks, Bob Butkevicius, Ray O’Donnell, -7. Closest to pin at 5 and 15, Bob Butkevicius; at 8, Roy Teasley; at 11, Rich Michaels.

Renegades of Carolina Shores
Results Jan. 24 at Carolina Shores. The game was best two par 3s, best two par 5s and best five par 4s: Ruth Peagler (29), Martha Hannon (30, match of cards), Karen Hertling (30). Gross: Sue Hensler (86), Donna Watkins (102, match of cards), Martha Hannon (102). Net: Martha Hannon (69), Sue Hensler (73, match of cards), Pauline Millosky (73), Ilse Bateman (73). Chip-ins: Ilse Bateman at 7. Birdies: Ilse Bateman at 7. Fewest putts: Sue Hensler (28).

Sea Trail couples
The Sea Trail Mixed Couples Golf League played step aside on the Jones Course. The winning foursome at 69 was Diane Carcich, Sandy Campbell, John Barton and Tom Layden. Second at 72 were Cheryl Campbell, Mary Alice Jerome, Bob Campbell and Joe Carpinello. Third at 75 were Mary Cundiff, Flo Hill, Greg Barratt and Jim Gooding.

Miller scores ace
Bob Miller, of Sea Trail, score a hole-in-one Jan. 17 on 126-yard 12th hole of the Byrd Course. He used 7-iron.

True Lies
Results of two nets Jan. 26 at Azalea Sands: Rich Segotta, Alan Butterfass, Charlie Dugan and Glen Cassill, 121. Mike Orlo, Ralph DePinto, Leo Getgen and Ron Gag’ner, 125. Jim Bozzone, Rich Borakove and Bob Roberson, 126. Bob Rigoli, Carmine Federico and John Sittnick, 136, Ken Dierks, Butch Cretara and Dennis Sullivan, 136. Closest to pin: Charlie Dugan, Carmine Federico and Mike Orlo.