Security malfunction at nuclear plant causes concern

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By Sam Hickman

 A minor security malfunction at Duke Energy Nuclear Plant in Southport has officials conducting an investigation of the facility, a Duke Energy spokeswoman said.

Officials are trying to determine how a security barrier came up from the ground Jan. 9 without being activated by authorized personnel on the property, Duke Energy spokeswoman Amy Strecker said. The barrier is a security measure that extends from the ground to prevent unauthorized vehicle entry into secured areas.

The particular barrier that was activated is past a security checkpoint on an access road leading into the facility.

No injuries were reported, and the facility sustained no damage.

The security vehicle barrier will remain out of service until a full investigation can be completed.

These types of security measures are in place to help prevent security breaches from reaching the plant, Strecker said. She also said that the public is not at risk because of the barrier being activated.

The plant will remain under normal operating conditions, Strecker said.


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