Selfish drivers make crash response worse

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To the editor:

I was appalled to witness the worst mass selfish ignorance I’ve ever seen in my 57 years while bumper-to-bumper on N.C. 211 on May 19 because of the horrific school bus accident up the road.

As we sat there, many of us could hear emergency sirens coming up the southbound lane, and to our shock, dozens and dozens of vehicles in close pursuit taking advantage of their emergency “escort,” including countless business and contractor vehicles. The shock continued as the streamlining idiots going north in the southbound lane came to a halt as emergency responding vehicles tried to make their way back down N.C. 211, now gridlocked.

With nowhere to go, police escorts arrived and began to wave the idiots over as close to our vehicles as they possibly could while the emergency vehicles continued to pile up desperately trying to get their precious cargo to the nearest hospital.

To my knowledge, not one driver was cited, even though no less than 20 marked and unmarked police cars followed the last ambulances as they inched by the idiots. How hard would it have been for any of them to record the vehicle license plates and prosecute these lawless idiots? These are the drivers who cause accidents and should have their driving privileges revoked.

To the “#1 Mom” in the red minivan: What if your No. 1 son or daughter was in one of those ambulances and died en route to the hospital because someone like you was blocking the road?


Mike Shinder

Sunset Beach