Senator Soles and his philanthropy

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

To the editor: I find it most interesting that many readers, such as myself, are always asking the media to print more positive stories and events. Yet, I am amazed at what the public and media try to make out of people doing good.

I saw that Senator Soles had said he set up a charitable foundation to do some good things after he died. The senator has said that he has been blessed financially. Why do we condemn and automatically become suspicious when he said he thought he would do some good while he was living?

Senator Soles and I may differ on political thoughts, but I am glad to see an elected official giving away their own money for a chance instead of the poor taxpayers. Ask your other elected officials how much of their own funds have they given to charitable or good causes.

Perhaps instead of ridicule of the man, you goodhearted Christians and self-righteous can learn something—give from your heart and own finances.

Who knows what the facts are, but be careful how you rush to judgment on things of this type.