Send the cats somewhere else

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To the editor:
I recently read a Brunswick Beacon article about feral cats released on Holden Beach.
A couple of things caught my attention: 1. Of nine cats placed on the island, six are missing in action. 2. The cats were brought in to eradicate rats and so far, that is working, according to officials.
The Beacon article of Aug. 28, 2012, when this idea was announced, states: 1. The program consists of placing several small colonies of feral cats on private property on the island. 2. It has nothing to do with residents’ prior complaints about rats on the island. “I’m not aware of a rat problem here at the beach,” a Holden Beach official said. 3. It isn’t a “no-cost” program. One year of vaccines will be provided and paid for, but additional vaccines will be an additional cost.
I have a couple of questions. How do officials know the cats that are missing are helping to eradicate a rat problem we don’t have?
If the cats can’t be found, how are they to be vaccinated in the future?
Are we creating a potential health problem from stray cats that are not properly vaccinated?
I’d prefer to keep the songbirds, lizards and rabbits. Send the cats somewhere else, if you can find them.
Ted Rivenbark Jr.
Holden Beach