Sewer assessments set for Sunset Beach

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By Laura Lewis, Reporter

SUNSET BEACH—As the town nears the last of its sewer meetings with the county, a per-parcel assessment of $5,303.53 has been set for Sunset Beach.

Sunset Beach Town Councilwoman Carol Scott said at the town board’s meeting Monday that if total payment is made within 30 days of receiving the bill, there would be a 5 percent discount. For a 10-year payoff, there’s a finance charge of 3.95 percent.

“You’re paying in on the outstanding amounts each year,” Scott said.

A public hearing on the method of assessment—which in Sunset Beach’s case is on a per-parcel basis as approved by Brunswick County commissioners—is scheduled for Sunset Beach’s next monthly meeting April 1.

That is the time when any resident believing he/she should not be part of the assessment, or believes it is unfair, will have an opportunity to be heard.

“It’s not a time to complain about the sewer system,” Scott said. “It’s a done deal.”

The connection-fee waiver period for the island ends April 16. The connection-fee waiver period for the mainland ends Dec. 12.

Anyone obtaining permits prior to those dates and hooking up to the new wastewater collection system within six months thereafter will not have to pay connection fees, Scott said.

Those failing to get permits by those dates will have to pay the fees.


Jaguar’s Lair

Town councilwoman Karen Joseph said the next meeting for town and Jaguar’s Lair officials is scheduled March 28.

She said de-watering work was under way, “but as we all know, we’ve had a lot of rain so that added more water. So the de-watering and stormwater issues with the pond have been held up.”

The contractor is continuing to work on this, and some of the work has had to be redone because of the rain, she said.

The plan is to have stormwater pond work completed by the end of the week and the pond certified by the state, if the weather does not prohibit that, according to Joseph.

With the next meeting scheduled for March 28, it is “exactly the timeline we had indicated,” Joseph said.

She said they will move forward from there and direct energy to the next phase.



Scott said the streetscape committee, working with Brunswick Electric Membership Corp. (BEMC), is struggling to come up with specs for the lighting component of the town streetscape plan.

“I feel that they’ve been spinning their wheels for about three months,” she said. “Now is the time to move forward [and] start the process with DOT.”

Some poles are not what was wanted, but instead of $2,500 they will cost just $1,200 and will look just fine, she said.

The monthly electrical cost per pole is $12.50.

The town will save money if it pays up-front the $65,000 estimated cost, which Scott said would be made up in about three years.

“If it didn’t, it would be about $80 per pole, which quickly adds up,” she said. “The game plan is to get [council] approval for these lights, send to DOT in April and schedule a public hearing for the streetscape plan.”

Once it merits council approval, work can get started in September.


Rezoning request

The board also approved a public hearing for April 1 regarding a rezoning request.

Ilex Properties LLC seeks to rezone a 63.5-acre tract at 1435 Seaside Road from SB-RI-1 to MR-3 to develop a three-story multifamily building consisting of 1- and 2-bedroom units on four acres. The remaining 59.5 acres are proposed for future development and single-family

residential homes. The proposed development and uses are allowed in the MR-3 zone.

The proposal has merited the approval of the Sunset Beach Planning Board.

Scott said the two town boards have worked hard to reduce some of the height and density allowances in town.

“I question any change in zoning that increases density,” she said. “I suspect most people in our community would not be happy.”

Town attorney Michael Isenberg reminded council it cannot consider specific plans, but only whether the parcel should be rezoned to MR3.

Mayor Pro Tem Lou DeVita said plans are for a planned assisted living facility for the currently single-family zone.


Laura Lewis is a staff writer at the Beacon. Reach her at 754-6890 or email llewis@brunswickbeacon.com.