Shallotte: Bow hunting now legal within town limits

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By Rachel Johnson, Staff Writer

SHALLOTTE—Bow hunting is now permitted within town limits.

At the Tuesday, Feb. 5, regular board of aldermen meeting, aldermen unanimously passed a bow-hunting ordinance.

Before the vote, a public hearing was conducted. No one spoke.

The ordinance was passed with little discussion. It had been discussed in detail in previous meetings.

The new ordinance states: “Whereas there has been a significant increase in the white-tailed deer population in the Town of Shallotte and, as a result, there has been a substantial increase in motor vehicle accidents and to property caused by the deer and whereas, in an effort to control the deer population in the Town of Shallotte, the Board of Aldermen has determined that deer hunting by bow and arrow should be allowed under the conditions set forth in this ordinance…”

According to the ordinance, deer hunting by bow and arrow and crossbow is permitted with oversight meaning hunters must be in compliance with all federal, state and local laws, rules and ordinances regulating hunting. They must have a valid hunting license. Hunting must take place during the standard fall deer season. Landowners may hunt on their own property.

Hunters may hunt on other property if they get written permission of the landowner. Written permission is also needed to pass through another area of private property.

Hunting is permitted on a tract of land that is at least 2 acres in size; contiguous tracts may be combined.

Arrows may not be fired from, nor be propelled to, within 150 feet of any dwelling, school or other occupied building or road right of way.


Striping and crosswalks

“A number of citizens have come to me and talked to me saying they thought it would be safer and clearer if Powell Street were to striped and marked,” alderman Walt Eccard said. “The thought was that it would be a relatively straight forward inexpensive thing to do. It can be done for less than $1,000.”

The estimate is $700.

Another issue alderman discussed is installing a crosswalk crossing on White Street and Smith Avenue. An estimate from DOT for the crosswalk is $1,100.

The board discussed combine the striping project and the crosswalk as well as additional crosswalk projects hoping to bring the total cost of the projects to a lower price.

The thought was if a large expense of a single project is mobilization of the equipment, then the price might be lower if there were several projects in the same general area. Other areas discussed as potential areas for crosswalks include Mulberry Street and Wall Street. There are six locations being researched.

The town’s goal is to become more pedestrian-friendly and board members think these projects are in line with the town’s future vision.

Staff was instructed to see if there is room on Powell Street to put on-street parking in addition to striping the road. Staff was also instructed to proceed with the crosswalks as long as they were priced at $1,100 or less.

In other business, aldermen:

•Voted to permit the Bluegrass Festival to use Riverside Park on Saturday, May 25.

•Annexed 675 Lighthouse Lane per a petition for voluntary, contiguous annexation of .38 acres of land.