Shallotte crime report

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By Staff Brunswick Beacon

Shallotte Police officers investigated the following incidents and made the following arrests last week.

•Officers arrested Tambi Leigh Martin, 26, of Bay Village Street, on charges of driving while impaired, after stopping her on Whiteville Road.

According to the report, the arresting officer saw her tailgating the vehicle in front of her at a high rate of speed. The officer attempted to stop the vehicle on Main Street, but she did not pull over until Whiteville Road. The officer noticed a strong smell of alcohol emanating from the driver, and she had “very slurred speech, red eyes and was incoherent.”

•Identity theft at Wal-Mart; victim misplaced her address book with Social Security card. The address book was recovered.

•Vandalism/property damage on Whiteville Road; suspect cut cable and phone lines to a retail establishment, causing $1,500 in damages.

•Larceny of a personal check and obtaining property by false pretenses at Ritz Circle; suspect spent $600 using a stolen check.

•Obtaining property by false pretenses; suspect used the victim’s information to obtain an account at a local business and had $700 in outstanding charges.

•Breaking and entering an auto at Wildwood Village; suspect pried open victim’s passenger side door, causing $700 in damage.

•Breaking and entering and larceny of medication; someone removed $300 worth of Klonopin and $300 worth of Monopril from victim’s unlocked car.

•Vandalism/property damage on Main Street; suspect’s moped was pushed into the gulley, causing $500 in damage.

•Breaking and entering and larceny after breaking and entering at Sun Com; manager reported missing a $350 back door casing, $250 in cash, $25 cash box, $15 business keys and a $10 BB&T bag.

•Larceny from residence; suspect removed $400 in cash from victim’s purse.

•Harassing telephone calls at Paisley Drive; victim was harassed by the suspect by telephone.

•Using counterfeit currency at Joe’s Barbecue; suspect used a counterfeit $50 bill.